Wiley’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $6 million
Full Name: Wiley (Richard Kylea Cowie Jnr.)
Date of Birth: January 19, 1979
Age: 39
Place of Birth: Bow East London
Country of Origin: Bow East London
Occupation: English Rapper, Songwriter, Record producer, and a Dj
Last Updated:  2018


The London superstar Richard Kylea Cowie Jnr. is better known by his stage name Wiley. The English rapper, songwriter, record producer, and a Dj was born on 19th January 1979 in Bow East London. The rapper has a wife and two daughters.

At a point in his career he used the name Wiley Kat as his stage name, this name was derived from a character in the cartoon Thundercats.

However, the kat is not officially used by him anymore, only being mentioned loosely in some of his songs.

Wiley’s Early Life

Wiley’s father Richard Cowie Senior was a reggae artist during Wiley’s teenage age in the 1980s. He introduced Wiley to early hip-hop such as the sugar hill gang.

This triggered his interest in music when his father introduced him to the drums.

Wiley moved around London a lot as a child with his father before moving to Chathamkent to live with his grandmother when he was ten.

Wiley spent a year in Chatham with his grandmother but didn’t like the idea of staying away from his family stating that he felt abandoned.

Wiley eventually moved back to Bow to live with his father when he was eleven years old.

As a teen in the early 1990s, he began to sell crack cocaine and heroin. Wiley was introduced to drug dealing from a Dj friend who was making a lot of money at the time.

Wiley stopped dealing drugs when a local drug dealer who was older than him began to threaten him and his friend.

Wiley’s Career

Wiley’s earliest recordings date back to 1997 when he featured on pirate radio rapping over jungle beats.

The multidimensional rapper started as a Dj and eventually began rapping, incorporating garage music, drum, and bass into his produced instrumentals which led to the creation of his first ever Grime beats  ”Eskimo”.

He made a broadcast of his productions over Pirate radio station and Rinse FM.

In order to take his music to the next level, Wiley joined ”The Hit Squad” garage crew with school friends Dj Target and MC Maxwell in 2000.

However, after their success on the UK garage scene, they decided to combine with rival crew ”Pay as u Go” to become ”Super Crew” which was made up of the ladies Hit Squad members, Dj Slimzee, MC’s Major Ace and Plague.

Wiley's Early Life

Shortly afterward God’s gift from deck collectors crew, Flow Dan and Riko joined them. In 2002, they collectively achieved a top 40 hit with ”Çhampagne Dance”.

Unfortunately, the new crew didn’t last due to their individual indifference in their perception of the crew.

The disbandment of the crew didn’t stop Wiley as he went on to form ”The Roll Deep Collective” which had new members including Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder as MC’s.

His famous instrumental single ”Eskimo” signed him a deal with XL record label. In 2004, Wiley released his debut album, ”Treddin’ on thin ice” with his new record label, XL.

The album had super singles which included ”Wot do u call it?” and ”Pies”.

In 2006, Wiley released his second album ”Da 2nd phaze” on the boy better know the label. The album consists of 20 tracks that have been put together by Wiley from past three years of his career.

This was followed in by Wiley’s third album ”Playtime is over” on big dada records, an album which followed his Eskibeat roots.

Wiley’s Achievement

After the release of his fourth album, he had a problem with his label ”Asylum label” where he was unhappy about the production of his album.

He left them afterward and decided to open up his own record label which he named ”Eskibeats Recordings”.

Now on his own label, Wiley went on to make another album, ”Race against time”. This was released eight months after his previous album in June 2009, on Eskibeats recordings where he had far more creative control.

In 2012, he released his studio album ”Evolve or be extinct” for his 33rd birthday.

It became number 86 on UK album chart and in the same year, he released his single ”Heat Wave” which peaked number 1 on UK singles chart and the song received major radio play and got more than 2million hits.

It became his first number 1 solo hit.

In February 2010, Wiley formed a UK supergroup called A-list.

This consisted of R&B singers and some of his old crew members from roll deep including a producer and a Dj.

A-list released their first music video on 23rd March 2010 called ”Midnight Lover”, featuring Captain but despite receiving airplay, the single was never released.

Wiley also received wide recognition for his UK garage record ”Nicole’s Groove” which he produced under the stage name phaze one.

Wiley’s Threats

It is said that old habit is difficult to let go. Though Wiley stopped selling drugs, he still associated with criminal gangs and took part in criminal activities.

This led to Wiley been involved in many situations that were life-threatening.

At one time he argued with the person who owed his friend money and eventually Wiley was ambushed when attending a show, this led to him been stabbed.

Several weeks later, the same people attacked Wiley outside of a sports retail store, which led to Wiley almost dying in a hospital in Hammersmith.

Wiley has been stabbed several times in his life and has been in numerous other life-threatening situations including been chased by a man with a samurai sword and been shot at with shotguns.

Wiley’s Net Worth (2019)

Wiley's Net Worth 2019

Wiley remains one of the biggest and wildest talented artists in the industry.  Wiley has a net worth of $6 million.

The source of his wealth can be linked to his deals with several record labels and not leaving out his self-owned label.


The talented artistic rapper always had a great presence on the Grime scene as he was referred to as the King of the Grime.

He is one of the greatest Grime artists with eleven records in his pocket and many great projects to come.

He is an inspiration to many upcoming artists.