Vikki Gulvanson Net Worth 2018: Family and Business

Net Worth: $7 Million
Age: 56
Full name: Vicki Gunvalsonicki Gunvalson
Born: March 27, 1962
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Televsion Personality/Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2018


Who is Vicki Gunvalson of the popular American TV series- The Real Housewives? Such a question can only be asked by folks who are not privy to U.S Television. She tries to tag along with her million dollar net worth as one of the richest television personalities in 2018. She however seeks to focus more on her family than her business.

The name Vicki Gunvalson pops up on the internet frequently, thanks to her role in the highly entertaining TV series.

Vicki has made headlines in recent time for both the good and the bad reasons. This article details the life of the famous American celebrity, Vicki Gunvalson.

Vicki Gunvalsonicki Gunvalson was born 65 years ago on March 27, 1962 at a small suburb of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

The TV personality was born in a family of 5 children by father, Williams J. Steinmetz and mother, Joanne Steinmetz.

Williams J. Steinmetz was an engineer, he owned a construction company while the mother was a house wife.

Vicki lived a pretty drama free life while growing in the suburb of Chicago. She got married to her 1st husband at the early age of 21.

The union was blessed with two children.

However, the marriage lasted for just 8 years. as Vicki and Michael J. Wolfsmith went their separate ways in 1992.

In 1994 Vicki Gunvalson married Donn Gunvalson. Her second marriage lasted for two decades ending in 2014.

She reportedly made good fortune from her marriage with Donn Gunvalson. As a couple they founded Coto Insurance and Financial Services.

Vicki Gunvalson is an accomplished entrepreneur and a successful business woman.

Vicki Gunvalson in a show
Vicki Gunvalson in a show

Given her accomplishment as an entrepreneur and her success as a TV personality, discussions of Vicki Gunvalson’s wealth and net worth is often a question of public discuss.

What Is Vicki Gunvalson’s Net Worth In 2018?

Popularly called the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson has featured in the 12 series of the popular American TV show – The Real Housewives.

She is the longest serving cast of the Bravo hit TV series

What is Vicki Gunvalson’s Business?

The reality TV star has amassed majority of her wealth from her company Coto Insurance & Financial Services.

The Insurance Company is in the Orange County of California, founded in 2006.

Also, proceeds from her appearance in The Real Housewives over the years, since 2004 has increased the wealth of the reality TV star.

Vicki reportedly earns in the region of $500,000 per season for “Real Housewives,”

Significantly, Vicki Gunvalson’s net worth is widely estimated by Forbes to be $7 million in 2018.


Vicki Gunvalson Husband

Who is Vicki Gunvalson’s husband? Is Vicki Gunvalson currently married?

Well, this section of the popular celebrity profiling website, answers your questions about the marriage life of the reality TV star.

Reality TV star, Vicki Gunvalson has been married three times. Vicki first got married at 21 to Michael J. Wolfsmith.

Not much is known of Vicki’s first husband Michael.

Vicki once said her first marriage is best left a forgotten memory. She spoke of her first husband, Michael in harsh tongue.

On many occassions, she recounted her ordeal during her marriage with Michael. She accused Michael of being abusive.

Vicki spoke about Michael during an interview saying – “It was a very hard life.

I can’t fix his abusive nature and his screaming and his lies…it really gave me the initiative to go out and make a better life for myself, for my children.”

She admitted to be too young to be married to Michael who was also young. Vicki said they were not prepared for marriage and were incompatible.

Subsequently, she reported they could not face challenges as a couple and they caved at every slightest pressure.

Who is Donn Gunvalson?

After her divorce, to Michael in 1992, Vicki moved to California in 1994 with Donn Gunvalson who she would go on to marry.

She once admitted in an interview to have known Donn when she was 21, before her marriage to Michael.

The TV reality star married Donn in 1994 and the marriage lasted for 20 years ending untimely in 2014.

According to Vicky, it was a nasty divorce because it almost cost her hard earned money. She had since confessed to regretting her divorce with Donn.

She blamed her busy schedule with The Real Housewives for her failed marriage.

Being a role model who fans look up to and hope to be like someday, means that everybody related to you would likely enjoy a bit of media attention.

Fans want to know everything about their favorite actress, the OG of the OC.

Who Is Vicki Gunvalson’s Son?

Named after his father, Michael Wolfsmith Jr. is the son of Vicki Gunvalson. Michael was born in 1985 from Vicki’s first marriage.

Who Is Briana Culberson?

If you a fan who keep up with the popular American TV series, The Real Housewives of Orange County, you probably just might have seen the beauty, Briana in one of the episodes. She is the daughter of Vicki Gunvalson.

Though not a constant feature, Briana has starred in The TV Series, particularly in the 2006 series.

Briana Culberson, Born was born Briana Gunvalson on April 8, 1987. She was born from Vicki’s first marriage to Michael.

She has reported not to have fond memories of her father.

Brianna is Currently married to Ryan Culberson. They got married about 7 years ago and are blessed with two kids.

Her kids are Troy William Culberson and Owen Culberson. She has two boys born in 2012 and 2014.

In 2012, fans and followers of the Bravo TV series where thrown into shock when Briana Culberson was diagnosed of Lupus.

Fans took to her various social media platforms to show support to the 31 year old diva.

The actress had a surgical procedure in 2012 to treat lupus.

Her fans all over the world were relieved when she announced that her surgery was successful. She appreciated her fans for the show love.

However, in 2015 there was a relapse of the lupus. The cancer of the thyroid gland re-appeared.

In November of the same year, she went under the knife, to have her cancerous lymph nodes removed.

She has been pronounced cancer free since 2015 to the delight of her fans.

Few years ago, Vicki was sad to learn that Briana was relocating to North Carolina with her husband.

The move spelt the end to any possibility of seeing the actress in the TV series. However, her fans had hoped that she would return to the TV Series.

Vicki recently slammed on social media by her son in-law for not showing up for her grandson’s birthday.

They traded words on social media before Vikki went North Carolina to visit her grandson.

What is Vikki Gunvalson’s Official Instagram Account?

Are you a fan of OG of the OC? Do you which to keep an update about happenings in the life of Vikki Gunvalson?

Vicki poses for a picture
Vicki poses for a picture

Vikki is on Instagram it is her pleasure to have fans know more about her.

Follow Vikki Gunvalson on Instagram @vickigunvalson



Vikki Gunvalson remains an ever thrilling personality whenever she appears on the television series.

For news on celebrity net worth and happenings, we will make sure we keep you updated.









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