Vanessa Villanueva


Full Name:

Vanessa Villanueva
Date of Birth: N/A
Age: N/A
Place of Birth: Texas
Country of Origin: United States of America
Home Town: Texas
Education N/A
Occupation: Actress
Last Updated: 2019


Vanessa Villanueva is the ex-wife of celebrity guitarist Chris Perez of this Tejano band “Selena Y Los Dinos”. She was with Chris Perez for close to 10 years as she had been his second wife.

Vanessa Villanueva career

Though a great deal of discussing Chris has occurred, there’s minimal information regarding his ex-wife and mother of two.

Therefore why don’t we try to figure out about this lady who signed up to be an actress in Hollywood..

Vanessa Villanueva’s Early Life

Vanessa’s date of birth isn’t known. It’s presumed she is in her late thirties while Chris is 47.

Villanueva’s parents are Mexican immigrants although she was born in the States.

There isn’t any information concerning her education, parents & siblings.

Vanessa Villanueva & Chris Perez

Chris Perez had a girlfriend while in San Antonio when was taking care of the band with Selena.

He became drawn towards her and his strive to distance himself from her was ineffective.

Selena’s father, Abraham failed to approve of their relationship when he got wind of it.

The love birds were heartbroken and eloped to go and have a secret wedding in 1992.

Later Abraham accepted that the relationship told Chris to compose songs for your group.

Back in 1995, Abraham discovered that Yolanda Saldivar had been managing the finances of Selena’s clubs and boutiques had cheated them.

Selena and Chris met with her at a hotel to recoup the records for taxation purposes.

However she passed on the erroneous documents and after called Selena exclusively into the hotel.

She strove to deliver some obscure explanations and Selena broke off her partnership with her.

Yolanda who was embittered shot Selena who was hurried into the hospital but died immediately after.

Back in 1998, Chris met Vanessa Villanueva through his friend John Garza, and they liked each other.

They started dating. He also formed a new group and signed up with record labels for albums and songs.

In addition, he won awards. This had been the summit in his entire career period.

The couple had two kids; Cassie and Noah. They got married in 2006 however by 2008 their union and relationship had become sour.

It had been stated that Chris’ alcohol dependence, hard-partying manners were the most important reasons for the separation.

Vanessa Villanueva’s Career

Vanessa didn’t work when she had been married to Chris. However, after her divorce, she began to complete some jobs in the entertainment market.

She’s remembered for her job Memphis Growing: Elvis Returns at 2015.

Vanessa Villanueva also acted in memories from 2015. She’s claimed to possess a net worth of approximately $100,000.

The mother of two hasn’t remarried and is neither dating at the moment.



The mother of two enjoys the company of her children and still allows her ex-husband to see them.

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