Undertaker Net Worth

Net Worth: $17 million
Age: 53
Full name: Mark William Calaway
Born: March 24, 1965
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Professional Wrestler
Last Updated: 2018


For WWE fans, one of their most thrilling moments is when Undertaker steps into the ring. His entrance theme, his pose, his walking step all excite the amazing audience that watch on. In this article, we will intimate you with truths about the Undertaker such as his net worth, family, career etc.

Mark William Calaway popularly known as undertaker, aged 53 is an American professional wrestler, who is regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers of all time.

He retired in 2017 from professional wrestling but has made a comeback. Mark William Calaway’s net worth is $17 million; he owes most of his net worth to the World Wrestling Entertainment, he’s the 8th highest paid wrestler in the world wrestling entertainment.

He has a luxury house in Austin which is said to have World Wrestling Entertainment ring, this is the same house in Cedar Creek ranch, which he rented to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for the making of a movie, called the Tree of Life.

The undertaker is a big fan of bikes, and all his bikes are customised to his preference, his car collection includes a 1978 Mercedes, a SUV from Mercedes Benz, and a Mustang.

Undertaker is a fan of mixed martial arts and boxing, he has earned a black belt in 2011 from his practice of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Personal Life

Undertaker was born in Houston, Texas, to Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Catherine Truby on March 24, 1965.

He has four male siblings namely David, Michael, Paul, and Timothy. Undertaker growing up attended the Waltrip High School, where he belonged to the  football and basketball teams, after graduating in 1983 he moved on to Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas for further studies, his studies was funded by a basketball scholarship.

Later on he enrolled in Texas Wesleyan University in Texas, in 1985 where he studied sport management and played centre in basketball for the Rams during the 1985–1986 season.

Undertaker dropped out from the university in 1986, to place more emphasis and focus on his career in sports, before deciding to settle for professional wrestling, he considered a career in professional basketball.

Undertaker’s Relationships

He got married in 1989 to Jodi Lynn his first wife, their marriage was blessed with a son, who they named Gunner Vincent in 1993, Undertaker and his first wife went their separate ways in  1999. He went on to marry his second wife Sara in 2000; they had two daughters named Chasey Calaway and Gracie Calaway on November 21, 2002 and on May 15, 2005 respectively.

The pair called it quits in 2007, and Undertaker Calaway went on to become romantically involved with former wrestler Michelle McCool, they later got married on June 26, 2010 in Houston Texas, making Michelle his third wife, the couple have a child together, a girl called Kaia Faith Calaway, born August 29, 2012.

The Clique

Undertaker formed his own clique in the 1990’s consisting of fellow wrestlers Rikishi, Savio Vega, The Godwinns, Charles Wright, and Yokuzuna, their group was called the Bone street Krew, every member of the group had to tattoo the initials of the group on their bodies, that of undertaker was boldly drawn on his stomach.

Undertaker’s Businesses

Undertaker also has interests in business as he invests in real estate, with his business partner Scott Everhart, they both finished a construction on a building in Loveland, Colorado, and it was a $2.7 million construction, Called ‘The Calhart’, a portmanteau of their last names.


Undertaker and his second ex-wife established an organization called the Zeus Comptom Calaway Save the animals fund at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical sciences to assist in payment for lifesaving treatments for big-breed dog owners who cannot afford the payment. This was done in honour of their dog a mastiff named Zeus, who died of a rare disease in 2004.

In 2013, he raffled off his prized motorcycle the West Coast Chopper, truly customized, as Jessie James designed it, and it is called the Ghost, and every penny from the raffle draw is going to a support group called the America’s Mighty Warriors veterans support group and the Lake Hills Church SPUR Compassion Ministries in Austin.

Professional Career

Calaway, the undertaker has had a wrestling career like no other Joining the World Wrestling Federation now called World Wrestling Entertainment in 1990, and has been a favourite for two generations now. Calaway got the ring name the Undertaker in his world wrestling federation debut in 1990, and that has been his most popular ring name till date.

The Undertaker started his wrestling career in 1984 working under various ploys for the World Class Championship Wrestling and other associated promotions, before he got his breakthrough courtesy of Hulk Hogan, at his debut he got the ring name Texas Red.

He has debuted various names under various gimmicks, he has debuted as The Master of Pain, a character that just got released from the United States Penitentiary, Atlanta after doing five years’ time, most of the time in solitary confinement for killing two men in a fight.

Calaway joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as a villain with the ring name Mean Mark Callous, a name formulated for him by Terry Funk.

He was shown as a dark character; who wore mainly black ring attire and was described by the announcer Jim Ross as someone who has a soft side for snakes as pets and the Ozzy Osbourne music.

He debuted in World Wrestling Federation as Kane the undertaker on November 19, 1990. This character was portrayed as a western mortician, his attire was a trench coat, striped tie, Stetson hat, gloves and boot spats, the predominant colour of his attire was grey, his character was shown to be pain resistant, The undertaker featured in several crucial storylines and matches as the world wrestling federation maintained a flourishing period, one of the wrestling matches he was called just The Undertaker, the name ‘Kane’ was omitted, the name was dropped soon after match and some seven years later, the name  Kane was given to another wrestler and he went on to be the undertakers brother in a gimmick, and they were collectively known as brothers of destruction .

His previous Undertaker character transitioned into a biker in the early 2000’s before coming back as a refined version of his previous ploy in 2004, this refined version became known for the streak, winning 21 straight victories at the Wrestlemania.

He debuted at the wrestlemania during the wrestle mania VII. He became a crowd favourite for the first time when he stopped his Ally Jake Roberts from attacking Randy Savage’s wife Miss Elizabeth with a steel chair.

His well-known rivalry with Yokozuna climaxed in a WWF championship casket match, during that match Yokozuna sealed him in a casket, with the help of other villainous wrestlers and this happened at the Royal rumble in 1994, later the Undertaker will defeat Yokozuna in a casket match rematch at Survivor Series. He gained tremendous popularity as the horror themed undertaker; He became one of the prominent figures of the attitude period.

The Brothers of Destruction

The brothers of destruction are a professional tag wrestling team, made up in one of the storylines of the World Wrestling Federation, the brothers are the Undertaker and Kane, and they are in no way related in real life. Kane’s name in real life is Glenn Thomas Jacobs.

The brothers fought together and against themselves on and off from the year 1997, they won three tag team championships, namely one WCW Tag team Championship and two WWF Tag Team Championship.

The undertaker retired from professional wrestling after his final match at the wrestle mania 33 on April 2, 2017.

Undertaker’s Championships, Awards and Recognition

The Undertaker has gotten a lot of awards and recognition, throughout his 33 year long career as a wrestler he has held a total number of 17  Championships, a onetime WWE hard core Champion, one time WCW tag team Champion, one time USWA Texas Champion, a onetime USWA Unified World Heavy weight Champion, six time WWE tag team champion, seven time WWE champion.

According to the WWE, The Undertaker has 101 World Wrestling Entertainment Pay per View victories, which is more than any other WWE wrestler in history. He was voted in 2013 in a spy digital poll as the greatest world wrestling entertainment wrestler ever, Luis Paez-Pumar of complex magazine wrote that his undertaker character is easily the best gimmick in the history of professional wrestling, sports illustrated Luke Winkie listed him as the fifth greatest wrestler of all time, he has been called the world’s greatest professional wrestler and sportsman by so many people in their own terms, people like the wrestler Big Show, Jim Ross the WWE hall of famer, and Tom Fordy, he is the favourite wrestler of Mark Henry and the WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

Guinness World Records gamer’s edition mentioned him as having the most consecutive winning streak at Wrestlemania.

Other Media Ventures

The undertaker made his film debut in 1991, in a movie named Suburban Commando, where he played the character Hutch, he played guest roles in Celebrity Death match and Poltergeist: The Legacy. For WWE 2K14, 2k Games introduced a special edition, that included undertaker-themed extras.

Short series of comic books based on his character and other characters associated with him such as Kane his half-brother and Paul Bearer were published every month by Chaos Comics, from 1999 to 2000. The 10 issues that were published were written by Beau Smith, and illustrated by Manny Clark. The series were later made into a paper back from 2000-2001 and the paperback was published by Titan Books. The paper back was titled WWF Presents: Undertaker.

The undertaker has appeared in numerous endorsement deals which includes ESPN commercials, Domino’s commercial, No Drugs campaign tagged ‘There’s no hope with dope’, and SPUR Ride & Rally commercial, also he has featured on posters of many events of the world wrestling entertainment.



The Undertaker made a major comeback to the WWE recently. He is set to feature in a match against Triple H. This is bound to be a thriller.