Top 10 Biggest Gangs in The World


Gang is a group of people who are very dangerous and work with intentions of robbery, killing and other activities. There are gangs everywhere. Gangs can be formed by anyone who has little power. The members in the gangs are very harsh. There are many types of gangs in the world. There are many gangs which are very famous and very popular. A gang is formed to perform mischief in the society and take control. Every gang is led by a gangster. The gang members do not expose themselves to the outside world. The general population of the packs are to a great degree unsafe as they for the most part need to butcher individuals. They have unrivalled guns with them which can be utilized for killing the general population. These groups do kill and additionally they do all kind of unlawful works.

Here is the list of the Top ten biggest gangs in the world involved in smuggling, trafficking, robbery, killing and other activities:

10. Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

mara salvatrucha, Top 10 Biggest Gangs in The World 2017

It is one of the biggest gangs in the world 2017. The gang was found in 1989. The gang is spread in Central America, Spain, U.S, Great Britain, and Germany and also in Canada. This gang is known for medication and sneaking. This gang is very big gang. The gang has nearly 10000 individuals in it. The gang is very dangerous. The gang works under a main leader.

09. Bloods


This gang is from Los Angeles. This gang is the adversary gang of Crips. The gang members force the people to join their gang. This gang is very famous for their criminal activities. This gang members wear red shading as a symbol of their gang. The each individual in this group commits a numerous criminal offense. For these they are very famous. They force individuals to join them.

08. Crips


At the 8th position in the list is Crisps, which is a well-established gang. This gang was found in 1969. This gang was started with few 16 year old individuals. This is one of the largest and able gangs in the world. This gang is found in U.S. There more than 300000 individuals. The gang is very famous and even dangerous. This gang is well-known for wearing blue shading. This gang is one of the most famous and deadly gangs of U.S.

07. Texas Syndicate (Texas 7)


At the 7th position of the list of Top 10 Biggest Gangs is Texas 2017. This gang is very famous and very popular in California. The importance of this gang’s name is self-insurance. This gang is very much aware that is doesn’t allow any outsider to join them. This gang was found by Mexican detainees. In the year 2000 the gang had about 1000 individuals inside prison and around 830 individuals outside.

06. La Neuestra Familia


This gang is a Mexican American gang. This gang was formed in Northern California. The main aim of this gang is securing and safeguarding the Chicago society. The main work of this gang is medication supply and sex exchange. The individuals of this gang are called as the serious hoodlums. In this gang there is no permission for women to join this gang. But women are used sometimes for supplying medication. It has been in the news occasionally and is placed in sixth position of top ten biggest gangs in the world.

05. Black Guerrilla Family (Black Family, Black Vanguard)


It is one the biggest gangs in the western part of the world 2017. This gang was found in the year 1966. This gang is connected with African-American race. This gang is known as seasoned gang. This gang was established to keep up the dark nobility. At present this gang has around 50000 individuals. Some of the individuals of this gang are also connected with other gangs and involved in various anti-social activities.

04. Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC)


At the 4th position is the PCC gang, found in Brazil. This gang was found in 1993. Even now this gang is exceptionally dangerous. The gang was formed by eighty detainees. This gang is known as the smallest gang. This gang is against government guidelines. In 2006 this gang have done 300 assaults in people in general.

03. The mungiki (Kenya mafia)


The mungiki gang has been named the third biggest gang in the world. This gang was found in 1980. The gang is also famous as ‘cells’. This gang has 50 individuals. The main work of this gang is racketeering. This gang is totally against Christianity. This gang have killed many people including some of the police. This is a very dangerous gang and have involved in some serious killing, robbery issues. This gang is one of the most cruel gangs in this list.

02. Mexican Mafia (La eMe)


Mexican mafia is the second largest gangs in the world. This gang is a Mexican gang. This gang was found in the year 1950. From the date of origin this gang has become very famous. This gang is very famous in murder of their adversaries. This gang is also famous for many other criminal cases. This gang also supplies medication. This gang is also indulged in blackmailing and homicide.

01. Aryan Brotherhood (AB, The Brand )


This gang is the biggest gang in the world. This gang is a U.S gang. This gang is famous for killing numerous people in the prison. The gang does 26 percent of homicide. Mainly this gang has two gatherings. The few percentage of individuals were gathered from the prison and few others were gathered who were in the jail for small period. This gang is known for ruthless murder. This is the biggest gang in the world and is known to have the highest members and cause biggest threats.

These were the Top 10 Biggest gangs in the world 2017. This kind of gangs are spread around the world. Some gangs are very big and very wealthy. Some gangs are well-known for killing, robbery and some are known for their one or the other mischiefs.