Top 10 Most Beautiful Sounding Musical Instruments


There is something about live instrumentation that can really speak to almost anyone. While there are certainly a few things that don’t really sound all that great all on their own, there are several instruments that really stand out in a big way when they are left unaccompanied. Below you will find the top 10 most beautiful sounding instruments and a large reason for each of these submissions as to what makes them such beautiful instruments is that they don’t need a backup to enhance them.

So here you have it;

Top 10 Most Beautiful Sounding Musical Instruments

10. Electric Guitar



While some people might find classic rock solos and metal shredding on lead electric a beautiful sound, this is really not why the instrument managed to break into the top 10 list of beautiful sounding musical instruments.

The truth is the subtleties of this instrument, as well as its versatility with filter use, can provide some of the most beautiful stringed guitar sounds known to man.

There is an infinite amount of tones that any electric guitar is capable of when you incorporate the gear it runs through and the amplifier that is selected. Make no mistake about it though, the electric guitar is quite a beautiful sounding instrument.

9. Clarinet



Woodwind instruments, or reed instruments, are among the most beautiful family to a person’s ears. Whether it is with an entire orchestra or just as a standalone performance, the clarinet really adds a middle tone beauty to a live sound. Many people start this instrument as part of a school’s marching band, and it is one that truly takes years to really master. Some of the top clarinet players have been honing their craft over a lifetime of performances. Even with the common nature of this instrument, its sound is unmistakable and uniquely beautiful.

8. Saxophone





While there is certainly a lot of variety to the saxophone, namely in its range of notes, the instrument itself is really quite soothing.

Being a foundational instrument to the jazz genre, the saxophone has also been key to the successes of easy listening.

Artists like Kenny G have become household names simply by playing this relaxing and beautiful sounding instrument with an unmatched artistry.

7. Cello


Hailing from the string family, the cello is the close cousin to the violin. While the violin is featured a little higher up on the list (and rightfully so) this does not counteract the amazing instrument that the cello is.

Much like the violin, the cello is played using a bow that glides across the strings. These strings are more like bass guitar strings, offering a much more baritone sound out of the instrument than you would likely hear from other instruments within this same family.

The cello plays a huge role in movie scores and in modern indie music, adding a depth that a simple bass guitar simply cannot measure up to.

6. Ukulele/Mandolin



These two instruments are featured together because of the fact that they are quite similar in both sound and the way that they are played.

While both of these instruments are quite basic, and average playing of these instruments is mediocre at best to the common ear, the mastery of these instruments provides a very different sound indeed.

Considering that often these are deemed accompanying instruments, to have them sound good enough to be played apart from everything else in terms of a song, can really give a listener the true range and depth that both of these instruments are able to bring to the table.

5. Violin


The violin is an instrument that is almost famous for its ability to wow a crowd. True skill with this stringed instrument provides a truly unique experience with unmatched range and an infinite amount of possibilities.

While the instrument is most commonly used as a lead instrument to acoustic based artists these days in major music genres, the instrument is one that can easily stand apart all on its own.

When played well, it has the ability to leave audiences speechless, and to truly show the musical abilities of the performers using them.

The mastery of this instrument can take many years, as even the most amateur of players take a good bit of time to become comfortable playing it.

4. French Horn


The French horn is one of the very oldest instruments which was used specially to draw attention.

This instrument has overtime evolved and modernized into a beautiful sounding instrument.

Therefore, don’t be surprised why it is at this spot because it has sure transcended borders and times.

3. Piano



The piano is deemed a classical instrument. Its place throughout history is unmistakable. Some of the most beautiful pieces of music that have ever been created have been written exclusively to be played on the piano.

This should give you an idea that there are few instruments that can really compete to the beautiful sound that a well-played piano is able to produce.

With the 88 keys on the keyboard, each note is able to be included in a dazzling array of rhythm and lead parts playing together seamlessly from a single performer.

Combine this artistry with #4, and you have a truly remarkable event indeed.

2. Acoustic Guitar



While the electric version of this instrument managed to just make it into the top 10 list, the acoustic guitar is something else entirely.

While this is not necessarily speaking specifically about someone strumming out a rhythm portion of a song on the instrument (though admittedly that does still sound pretty good), but a complex lead performance done on an acoustic guitar is literally among the best sounds that you ears are ever likely to hear in all of music.

Apart from the number one most beautiful sounding instrument of all time, it is about time all of us took another listen to a masterfully played acoustic guitar.

1. Harp



The harp is an instrument that is not as widely played as a lot of the other selections for this list. Part of the reason is that to play this instrument well, you have to devote a lot of time into your styling.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the sound of a full harp being played. This instrument has a wide range of individual notes, and the most common form of playing it relies heavily on plucking numerous strings in unison with one another.

This adds to the complexity of the instrument, but adds a depth and beauty to its already rich sound that makes all other instruments pale in comparison.



These are the few instruments that are truly remarkable to hear played without any added accompaniment.

While there are certainly plenty of other instruments that are easy on the ears, these ten make up a wide range of musical styles and appeal to the most people overall.

While some of these instruments are rather complicated to learn to play in a remarkable way, some of these instruments you could begin to adequately play in the span of a single evening with the right aptitude.




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