Tom Segura Net Worth

Net Worth: $3 million
Age: 39
Full name: Tom Segura
Born: April 16, 1979
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Comedian, Podcaster
Last Updated: 2018


In a bid to get close and personal with Segura, fans usually ask tons of questions about him. His fans are quick to ask question like what is Tom Segura’s net worth?

This article answers the above question and contains all you need to know about Tom Segura. His career, family and financial profile are detailed below.

Tom Segura’s Age

Tom Segura was born on April 16, 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Tom Segura age is currently 39 as at 2018 and his birth sign is Aries.


Tom has multiple ethnic origin including Peruvian, part French as well as Spanish ancestry.

Tom Segura’s Bio

Tom Segura is an American comedian and podcaster known for his natural ability to make people laugh and sometimes for his controversies.

Tom also has a career in acting, and his popular for the NetFlix series titled Completely Normal and Mostly Stories.

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio but raised in Florida. He lived in different cities including, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Vero Beach, Florida while growing up.

The comedian was raised by his parents along with his two sisters. He reportedly had a normal childhood, attending basic and high school like every other kid.

The comedian had always shown his hilarious talent while growing up but he never imagined making a career of it.

Segura made the decision to major in comedy after graduating from Lenoir-Rhyne University and it turned out to be one of the best decisions in his life.

The comedian recently stated that he decided to do comedy as a means to check his challenges and numerous frustrations in life.

Truthfully, the comedian made the best decision as comedy has not only helped in beat frustrations but has also helped his fans facing similar challenges.

Tom Segura is often touted to have gotten the funny side of him from his father who is a big fan of Tom and regularly contributes to his comedy shows.

During a recent interview, the comedian confessed about an ugly incident that almost claimed his life as a teenager.

He reportedly overdosed on some drugs when he was 18 and was rendered unconscious by the strong effect of the hard drugs.

Tom would forever be thankful to his sister who found him unconscious and called in ambulance that came to his rescue.

Paramedics came in and stabilised him before taking him to the hospital and it was reported that Tom survived the harsh drug effect because he was fat.

The comedian has not been without controversies as some people find his jokes to be offensive and some have written NetFlix to censor his shows on their channel.

He has been accused of hate speech by individuals and some organisations including the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

Tom Segura’s Family

Tom Segura’s Wife

The comedian walked down the aisle with his long-time girlfriend in November 2008.

Tom Segura wife is Christina Pazsitzky who is also a comedian and the couple co-host a popular podcast show called Your Mom’s House.


The couple is blessed with two children and we hope they grow up to become as hilarious as their parents

Tom Segura’s Sons

Tom has two children from his marriage with Christiana and they are both boys. His first son named Elis Segura was born in the early 2000s.

The second son named Rowe Segular was born on July 21, 2018. Fans of Tom’s shows would be hoping the boys grow up fast to join their parents in comedy.

Tom Segura’s Career

The comedian has achieved a lot in comedy and has regularly brought laughter to homes, at least to those who don’t feel offended by his jokes.

Segura hosts some popular shows on Television and radio stations in the United States and he is most popular for his Netflix specials ‘Completely Normal’ and ‘Mostly Stories.’

Apart from his personal shows, the comedian has also casted for TV shows such as Conan, Workaholics, Happy Endings, The Late Show, How To Be A Grown Up.

Also, the multidimensional comedian is a regular in stand-up comedy shows across the U.S and Europe as he is highly sought after for his top notch jokes.

The comedian has performed at numerous comedy festivals in U.S including The Comedy Festival-Las Vegas, and The South Beach Comedy Festival.

Outside the United States, Segura has performed at ‘The Melbourne International Comedy Festival’ and ‘The Hong Kong Comedy Festival.’

Fans always troop out in their numbers whenever Tom is billed to perform at shows as they can never get enough of the hilarious comedian.

Also, Tom is a regular feature on the XM radio comedy channels as well as the popular Bennington Show where he entertains listeners with jokes.

Tom Segura is one comedian who exploits all media platforms to keep in touch with his fans and audience waiting to be entertained.

The comedian also conveys his jokes and messages to fans through podcasts. He is a regular guest to some of the highly downloaded comedy podcasts in the world.

Segura is a regular participant in popular podcasts shows such as ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and ‘WTF with Marc Maron.’

Additionally, the comedian has a podcast shown called ‘Your Mom’s House’ which he co-hosts with his wife and the podcasts enjoy huge followership in U.S.

Your Mom’s House made the final rounds for Best Comedy Podcast at the Stitcher Awards and profiled by VICE.

Segura recently thrilled fans when he released his 3rd stand-up comedy album and the album sits atop iTunes and Billboard comedy charts for some weeks.

Before his third album, Segura had two comedy albums titled ‘Thrilled’ and ‘White Girls with Cornrows’ which peaked at #1 on comedy charting platforms in U.S.

Tom Segura’s House

Tom Segura house is comedy podcast show titled Your Mom’s house, hosted by the comedian and his wife Christina Pazsitzky.

Various subjects are discussed on the podcasts including the events and daily life of the couple as well as comedy topics.

Your mom’s house began through the American network, Deathsquad, under Brian Redban and it became instants success, gaining massive downloads all over the world.

After 40 episodes, Tom and Christiana took upon themselves to produce the show with the help from an anonymous producer nicknamed Blueban.

People have always asked what inspired the title of the Podcast and Tom have replied saying the name Your Mom’s House has nothing to do with their home.

In 2012, the podcast was a finalist of the annual Stitcher Awards postcast and radio shows along with Smodcast, and The Adam Carolla Show.

Also, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Nerdist, and WTF with Marc Maron completed the finalist in the comedy category.

Apart from co-hosting Your Mow’s House, Tom’s wife, Christiana has another podcast titled That’s Deep bro.

Tom Segura’s Movies

Segura has accepted a handful of comedic scripts throughout his career to appear on the big screens and his films are documented below.

In 2010 Segura made his film debut with Thrilled and the film enjoyed public acclaim.

In 2012, the comedian was seen for the second time in films when he featured in popular ‘White Girls With Cornrows’

In 2014, tom starred in ‘Completely Normal’

In 2016 and 2018, the comedian starred in the Netflix stand-up comedy specials ‘Mostly Stories’ and ‘Disgraceful.’

Tom Segura’s Television Timeline includes;

In 2007, he appeared on the TV show titled Live at Gotham and the following year, Tom appeared on BET’s Comicview.

In 2009, Tom starred in ‘Gary Unmarried,’ ‘Atom TV,’ and ‘Russell Peters Presents’ where he played roles as ear Suit Guy, Cutman, and Employee respectively.

In 2011, Tom appeared in four Television shows including, Mash Up, Hollywood’s Top Ten, Comedy Central Presents, and Conan.

In 2012, He featured on Funny as Hell, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and BET’s Comicview,

In 2013, Tom appeared on Happy Endings and Russell Peters Presents.

In 2014, Tom was last seen on TV when he appeared on How to Be a Grown Up.

Tom Segura’s Net Worth (2018)

What is Tom Segura net worth? Well the comedian has done quite well for himself financially.

He has amassed wealth over the years through his numerous comedy shows. Tom makes money through a number of ways including;


Tom and his wife make a decent amount of money through their podcasts called Your Mom’s house.

Earnings generated from their podcasts contributes to Tom Segura net worth, also tom gets paid to feature on podcasts of other people.


The comedian also has some films to his name however small. Tom has featured in about six films and earnings from films have boosted his fortunes.

Tom Segura net worth also stems from his endorsements. The comedian is known to have some endorsements in the United States.

Tom Segura’s net worth is currently estimated to be in the region of $3 million as at 2018.



Tom Segura has been in comedy for more than ten years with lots of works to his name. However the comedian cannot be ranked as an A-list comedian in U.S.

The comedian adds new fans to his ever increasing fan-base on a daily basis and we hope to see the hilarious man grow in the comedy business to become an A-list comedian.

We expect Tom Segura’s net worth to hit the $5 million mark by 2020 given his increasing popularity outside the United States.