Tiff Needell Net Worth

Net Worth: $7 million
Age: 67
Full name: Timothy “Tiff” Needell
Born: October 29, 1951
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: TV Personality, Former British Racer
Last Updated: 2018


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Before we learn about the career and biography of Needell, let’s take a peek into his early life, family, and personal life.

Tiff Needell’s Age

The former British racing driver and television presenter was born Timothy Needell on October 29, 1951 in Havant, Hampshire, England. Tiff Needell’s age is 67 as of 2018.

Tiff Needell’s Family & Personal Life

Needell Tiff is married to wife Patsy and the couple is blessed with three sons namely; Jack, Harry and George and the family live in their Wiltshire mansion.


Needell’s younger brother named Chris is currently following the footsteps of Tiff although in different capacity. Chris is the team manager of Barwell Motorsports which race the Lamborghini Huracan GT3.

In 2006, Needell was the court for speeding related offences although he was cleared of all charges against him after being defended by Nick Freeman.

Tiff Needell’s Biography

The following is the timeline of Tiff Needell’s biography;

The former car racer was born and raised in Havant, Britain where he attended his high school before proceeding to obtain a degree in Civil Anatomy.

After graduating from college, Tiff gained employment to work with George Wimpy & Co Ltd as structural engineer in 1975.

He worked with the company to generate a Method Ford Lotus F69 and later he became the champion of ‘Townsend Thoresen’ Method Ford.

In 1977, he decided to try-out racing and ultimately became a professional and a year after Tiff attained the best position of Grand Prix Drivers with several outings for Group Ensign.

While in the group, Needell leads to hard car were equally effective as that of his teammate who was the lead member.

Needell participated in several Grandprix events although he never really hit the heights.

His best result includes third classifications twice, a fourth, fifth and sixth finishes at the world tournaments.

Apart from racing, Needell also excels in other career fronts. He has authored a best seller and he is currently a television personality.

He made his foray into the world of writing in the ‘80s when he wrote several show stories and he currently works with some British dailies as a columnist.

Tiff began his TV career with occasional features on the BBC motoring programs known as Best Gear and Gear Motorsport.

In the fall of the 80s, Needell became an official member of BBC’s motor race commentary group and he has since worked with Murray Walker who is an anchorman.

Tiff Needell’s Career

Tiff debuted in racing in 1970 when raced at a driving school at Brands Hatch.

He then proceeded to compete at the Formula Ford where he raced with the Lotus 69 FF which he had earlier won at a Autosport Magazine competition.

Shortly after, he sold his Lotus and used proceeds from the sale to acquire and race in Elden MK10.

His time in the Formula Ford helped him buy a Crossie 25F which he used to enter the Kent Messenger FF Championship which he ultimately won.

Tiff’s success and increasing popularity helped him secured a paying drive in the Formula Ford 2000 Championship in which he performed awesomely well and is fame even soared more.

His display in the competition provided by McKinstry Racing caught the attention of bigwigs in the racing industry and he was provided with a springboard into Formula 3.

The remainder of the 1970s saw Needell as a front-runner in the British Formula 3 series and then in the Aurora British Formula One championship.

In the fall of the 70s, licensing issue prevented Needell from graduating from the F1 World Championship but the Briton never allowed the issue stoped him from racing.

Tiff came back a year later when he drove driving two Grands Prix for Ensign, qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder.

Although an engine problem prevented him from completing the race and he was ultimately disqualified for the Monaco Grand Prix.

In 1988, Tiff participated at the British Rallycross Grand Prix in a Metro 6R4 hosted by Will Gollop’s motorsport team and his performance was praised in the competition.

Tiff finished in the 4th position in what was his ever first appearance in the Rallycross event.

Tiff Needell’s Later Career

The following year, the competition was cancelled due to the presence of a massive fog which hindered visibility during the practice session.

In 1981, Nedeell teamed up with Tony Trimmer to take part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans championship where they drove Ibec-Hesketh 308LM but the pair failed to finish.

The following year, he teamed up with Bob Evans and Geoff Lees driving an Aston Martin Nimrod NRA/C2, again, Nedeell’s team failed to finish.

In 1983, Needell participated in the competition for the third time in a Porsche 956 and this time around, he completed the competition although at the 17th position.

In 1985, Tiff participated in the competition in an Aston Martin EMKA C84/1 and he momentarily led the competition but eventually, he finished at the #11 position.

His best finished at the competition was in 1990 whe he finished at the number three position.

Tiff had some years in the British Touring Car Championship when he was in the payroll of the automaker, Nissan before eventually departing in 1995.

After leaving Nissan, Tiff drove a Porsche at Daytona and a Jaguar XJ220 at Le Mans before going on to drive Porche again for 3 years, reaching 3rd overall at Daytona in 1997.

In 1998, Nedeell competed in the GT1 championship where he finished as runner up, winning the Silver Golden Jubilee Trophy race.

Tiff Needell’s Cars

Tiff Needell has had the opportunity to drive some luxury cars through his career and they include;

  • Aston Martin
  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • Nissan

Tim Needell’s Awards

The British former car racer has no award to his name having failed to win any major race.

Tiff Needell’s Net Worth (2018)

What is Tiff Needell’s net worth? Having had a modest career as car racer and presently excelling in another career as a TV personality, fans usually ask questions about his fortunes.

Tiff Needell net worth is estimated to be $7 million and the celebrity car racer has accumulated his wealth from different sources.

Having retired from his career as a car racer, Tiff Needell net now stems from his career as TV presenter.

Also, some part of Tiff Needell’s net worth is gotten from endorsement.



With no major career win, Tiff Needell had a modest racing career.