Thomas Bangalter Net Worth



Net Worth: $70 million
Age: 43
Full name: Thomas Bangalter
Born: January 3, 1975
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Musician, Singer, Film Director
Last Updated: 2018


Who is Thomas Bangalter? What Is Thomas Bangalter’s net worth? What’s his nationality? These and many more, make up the FAQ about our star personality.

This article details the complete biography of Thomas Bangalter. As you read on, you would learn about Thomas Bangalter net worth, career, Family and many more.

Thomas Bangalter is a singer, music producer, songwriter, Disk Jockey, composer and movie director from France.

The following contains all you need to know about the multi-dimensional entertainment personality.

Thomas Bangalter’s Age

Thomas Bangalter was born on January 3, 1975 in Paris, France, to Jewish parents although he has described his family as not being religious.

For those who want to know Thomas Bangalter’s age, he is currently 45 years as at 2018.

Thomas Bangalter’s Height and Weight

The musician has a height of 6′ 2″ (1.88 m)

And weight of about 152 pounds.

Thomas Bangalter’s Bio

The musician was born in the capital city of France, Paris to a father, Daniel Vangarde and mother whose name in currently unknown.

His father was a popular songwriter and music producer who worked with famous performing artist like Gibson Brothers, Ottawan, and Sheila B. Devotion.

The musician began his journey into the music world as early as when he was six years old, taking lessons about the art of several musical instrument from his father.

He recently stated in an interview that he never wanted to follow in the footstep of his father by writing songs or becoming a musician, but he was taught musical lessons nonetheless.

At the age of six he began to learn how to play piano and his parents were reportedly strict about the routine even when he showed little interest.

Then, the rapper thought of his parents as being too harsh on him given his tender age, although he has since realized and appreciated the importance of such lessons.

In his early teenage years, the musician attended the Lycée Carnot School, where he would meet his band partner, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo in the mid ‘80s.

The duo soon became close friends and learnt about their mutual interest in classical films and music of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Their friendship continued to grow with time and they soon met Laurent Brancowitz and eventually decided to form a band which they called, Darlin.

The band had interest in indie rock with Thomas Bangalter performing bass guitar for the band.

The musician as since described his experience with the band as being too hasty. He felt they were young and rushed into music too early like several other kids who wanted to do music.

The band had a musical style that was very unique and different from what was obtainable in the early 90s, making them enjoy little attention from fans.

A popular magazine, Melody Maker once called their music a daft punky thrash and the negative remark inspired Bangalter and de Homem-Christo’s new band name.

The young band paid no interest to the negative review from the magazine as they continued to pursue their passion and dream to becoming top musicians.

At the age of 18, Daft Punk became interested in a different kind of sound, electronic music, which made Brancowitz depart the group to join Phoenix.

Bangalter and his friend continued to develop as a band and their effort began to show in 1993 when they released their first single titled, The New Wave.

Daft Punk broke into limelight when they met Stuart Macmillan of Slam as well as Daniel Vangarde who gave the duo valuable advice and insight of the music industry.

Since then, the band grew in popularity making a lot of chart topping songs as well as winning several musical awards including the Grammy Awards.

Apart from Thomas Bangalter’s Daft Punk, the musician has released songs as a member of the trio Stardust, the duo Together.

Also, Bangalter has worked as a solo artist and he is popular for composing the sound track of the film Irreversible.

Several musicians across different genres have confessed that Bangalter has influenced their style of music and they see him as a role model.

Thomas Bangalter has a record Label, Roule and he is known to have interest in other ventures apart from music.

Bangalter is also a film director and a renowned cinematographer.

Thomas Bangalter’s Family

Thomas Bangalter has mastered the art of mixing and balancing career with family. The musician also excels in his family life apart from his success in music.


He is currently married to French actress Élodie Bouchez, and their union is blessed with two kids and both are boys.

Their first son Tara-Jay was born in 2002 and the second, Roxan was born in 2008.

In 2004, the family moved to a home in Beverly Hills, California because of his wife’s career as a Hollywood actress and Thomas’s interest in filmmaking.

Bangalter has since relocated to Paris although his band, Daft Punk’s offices are still in Los Angeles.

Thomas Bangalter’s Career

The musician launched his musical career in the early ‘90s when he released the single The New Wave, with his band Daft Punk.

This was shortly followed by another single titled Da Funk before the duo ultimately released their full length album titled, ‘HomeWork’ in 1997.

The album was widely received by fans all over the world, setting the tone for the band which has gone on to become a household name worldwide.

After their debut album release, the band toured around Europe and U.S promoting their songs as well as their young musical career.

Their next album would come 4 years later when the band released the album titled ‘Discover’ in 2001.

The album was greatly received by fans and it contained hit songs like The New Wave and Digital Love. The duo also put forth a collection of remixes, Daft Club (2003).

Apart from being a member of Daft Punk, Bangalter owns a personal record Label, Roule and he doubles as an act for stardust to release the single ‘Music Sounds Better With You.’

Aesthetically, the band has created a niche for itself and this initiative has made Daft Punk standout from other bands.

The duo are known to mask their faces with superhero-inspired robot helmets, evoking a “sci-fi glam” look, as Bangalter said in a 2013 Rolling Stone interview.

In 2005, the band dropped their 3rd studio album titled ‘Human After All’ and the album enjoyed commercial success as well as topping several European musical charts.

In 2007, Daft Punk released the album, ‘Alive’ which eventually became their most successful album, winning the Grammy award for Best Electronic/Dance Album.

The band later ventured into soundtrack works with the Tron: Legacy in 2010.

The band became widely accepted by fans worldwide in 2013, when they dropped the album titled ‘Random Access Memories.

The studio album with it blend of warm soul, dance and electronic sounds featured on Billboard album charts peaking at #1.

It was their 1st album to feature on Billboard charts after more than twenty years in music.

A single in the album titled Get Lucky was co-written by popular US artistes Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers and it reached the #5 of the charts.

Apart from music, Thomas Bangalter is also known for his interest in film productions

Thomas Bangalter’s Movies

Thomas Bangalter is known to have produced the soundtrack of numerous movies. He is also a cinematographer with a lot of works to his name.

Some of Thomas Bangalter movies include;

  • Britain’s Got More Talent
  • Twoja twarz brzmi znajomo
  • Hoy nos toca
  • Travel Guides
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
  • Cannonball

The musician is credited to have worked in over 70 movies.

Thomas Bangalter’s Songs

Together with his band member Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Bangalter has released several hit songs including Billboard charting singles.

Some of Thomas Bangalter’s songs include;

  • Aerodynamic
  • Alive
  • The Game of Love
  • Get Lucky
  • Overture
  • Phœnix
  • Contact
  • Nocturne

Bangalter has written several other songs for Daft Punk and other musicians.

Thomas Bangalter’s Albums

Thomas Bangalter’s Daft Punk has some studio albums to their name. The band has released the following albums throughout their musical career;

  • HomeWork released in 1997.
  • Discover released in 2001
  • Human After All released in 2005
  • Alive released in 2007
  • Random Access Memories released in 2013

Thomas Bangalter’s Net Worth (2018)

What is Thomas Bangalter net worth? Is the musician richer than is actress-wife? How is Thomas Bangalter net worth accumulated?

This section answers the above questions about Bangalter’s fortune. But before we state Thomas Bangalter net worth, let’s take a peek at how he accumulates his wealth.


How Thomas Bangalter net worth is accumulated;

Record Sales

Like many other musicians, Bangalter has made the bulk of his fortune from the sales of his records.

Daft Punk has fans all over the world given their kind of electronic music, which means they have recorded high album sales throughout their career.

Their earnings from record sales have contributed massively to Thomas Bangalter net worth.


Daft Punk is known for it numerous sold out concerts worldwide. The band has embarked on several tours across the European countries and North America.

Proceeds from touring, also adds to Thomas Bangalter net worth.


Daft Punk also have some high profile endorsement to their name and it is widely reported that they pocket nothing less than six figures in dollars for brand endorsement.

Thomas Bangalter’s net worth is currently estimated to be $70 million as at 2018.



Daft Punk with their unique style of music has scaled against the odds to become successful in world music.

Their resilience, dedication and determination should serve as motivation for up and coming artists.

And finally, Thomas Bangalter net worth of $70 million is expected to increase continuously with time given his work in music, and movies.