Theresa May Net Worth

Net Worth: £2 million
Age: 51
Full name: Theresa May
Born: October 1, 1956
Occupation: Politician
Last Updated: 2018


Theresa May is the current prime minister of Britain. Since the Brexit saga, questions such as “What is Theresa May’s net worth”? How old is Theresa May? Have flooded the internet.

For this cause we prepared this article about Theresa May. In this article are details about Theresa May, her family, net worth, political career etc

Margaret Thatcher also known as Iron Lady was the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a position she attained in 1979 and retained for about 11 years and 7 months (till 1990) becoming the seventh longest serving prime minister.

She also made the record of being the only prime minister to be victorious in three successive election terms in the 20th century.

It took another twenty six years for Britain to get another woman as Prime Minister, the first in the 21st century, in the person of Theresa May.

Theresa May Wiki

Hubert Braiser, a Clergyman of the Church of England & Eastbourne Hospital Chaplain, welcomed his first (and only child) with his wife, Zaidee Mary nee Barnes, on the 1st of October 1956. The baby girl was born in Eastbourne, Sussex and named Theresa Mary May. Hubert went on to become the Vicar of Enstrone and then the Vicar of St. Mary’s, Wheatley. Zaidee, on the other hand, was known as one of the Conservative Party’s strong supporters.

Their daughter, Theresa, had her primary school education at Heythrop. She also attended St. Juliana’s Convent School for Girls in Begbroke.


At age 13, she moved to Holton Park Girls’ Grammar School (now known as Wheatley Park Comprehensive School following the reorganization of the education system in Oxfordshire).

On completion of her high school education, Theresa earned a spot to study Geography in St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford. She graduated as a second class BA holder in 1977.

For the next 6 years upon graduation (1977 to 1983), Theresa was a staff of the Bank of England. Her parents gave her away in marriage to Philip May in 1980 but a year later in 1981, her died passed in a fatal car crash and was followed soon after (in 1982) by his dear wife, Mary. Her mother’s death was linked to the condition she suffered, Multiple Sclerosis.

In 1985, she became a Financial Consultant with the Association for Payment Clearing Services where she also doubled as an International Affairs Senior Advisor (1985 to 1997).

Theresa also served the London Borough of Merton in various capacities; as a Durnsford ward Councillor (1986 to 1994), as Education Chairman (1988 to 1990) and as Housing Spokesman & Deputy Group Leader (1992 to 1994).

In 1992, she contested for and lost the North West Durham Labour seat in the general election to Hilary Armstrong.

She also lost the Barking by-election in 1994 to Margaret Hodge. Her victory came in 1997 when she was picked as the candidate of the Conservative Party and she won the newly created seat for Maidenhead.

As a member of the Parliament, she became the Shadow Spokesman in 1998 for schools, Women and Disabled People, a position she retained for a year. In 1999, Theresa was made the Shadow Secretary for Education and Employment and then Transport Secretary in 2001.

July 2002 saw her emerge as the Conservative Party Chairman, the first female ever.  In 2003, she was appointed as the Transport Secretary of State and sworn into the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.

Other positions she held include: Secretary of State for the Family in 2004, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in 2005, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons also in 2005 (December, under David Cameron) and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in 2009 (January). Her re-election as Maidenhead’s MP came on May 6 2010 with a majority of 60%.

On May 12th 2010, David Cameron appointed May as Home Secretary as well as the Minister for Women and Equality.

As Home Secretary, she made a lot of important decisions such as the Identity Document Act 2010, incidents surrounding the Cumbria shooting and the ban of Zakir Nak, an Indian Muslim clergy, from the U.K (all in 2010).

She also made sterlings contributions to the police and crime, drug policy/control, media, immigration, education system amongst others as well as reached important deportation decisions for the nation under the then Prime Minister David Cameron.

As the Minister for Women and Equality, Theresa faced opposition from the LGBT community.

Yet, on 1st October 2010, the Equality Act 2010 was made effective in Scotland, Wales and England.

Maria Miller took over this position in September 2012.

Theresa May remained Home Secretary till 2016 when she contested to fill the vacuum of the Conservative Party leadership created by David Cameron’s retirement following results of the (Brexit) referendum.

After winning the first and second voting rounds and with the withdrawal of her only remaining opponent Andrea Leadsome, Theresa was declared the Leader on July 11 2016.

Two days later, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Mrs. Theresa Mary May as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

She promptly made a cabinet reshuffle to ‘suit’ supporters of the brexit and this saw 9 Ministers under Cameron either resign or get fired.

As Prime Minister, she has led so many changes but the most important yet is the U.K’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) which is still ongoing.

Theresa May Brexit

In 2016 July, a new department was created in the government of the United Kingdom and called the Department for Exiting the European Union.

This department oversees all Brexit matters and became imperative when 51% of Britain’s voters supported the exit in the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum on the 23rd of June 2016.

The U.K might become the first member state to withdraw from the E.U by 29th March 2019 as the government triggered article 50.

Article 50 which gives a member state the power to decide to withdraw was evoked by the nation in March 2017.

The Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, was against the exit and he subsequently resigned upon the result of the referendum upon which Theresa May succeeded him.

She duly began official talks in June 2017 with the E.U which aims at finalizing the agreement for withdrawal by 18th October 2018.

As time passes, fears abound that a no-deal Brexit might occur and several industries have begun to predict what this might mean for the State.

The biggest manufacturer of insulin in the U.K announced on 3rd of September that it is stockpiling insulin for four months to ensure appropriate treatment of diabetes in such an occurrence.

The finance, insurance, car, shipping, creative and other industries have cried out.

A transition period of 21 months (from 29 March 2019 till 31 December 2020) has been agreed upon by both parties during which free movement can continue.

As for what happens in the long term, the world waits to see what Theresa May, the woman ‘in-charge’, brings to the table.

Theresa May’s Age

The current United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Mrs. Theresa Mary May, will mark her 62nd year in a few weeks. Records of her birth show the 1st of October 1956 as her date of birth.

Theresa May’s Height

Theresa May’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, synonymous to 1.68 metres. She weighs about 66 kg (146 lbs.)

Theresa May’s Husband

Theresa Brasier attended a student disco for Conservative party members and was introduced by Benazir Bhutto (who became Pakistan’s Prime Minister) to Philip May.

A mutual love for cricket hastened their bonding and on the 6th of September 1980, Mary walked down the aisle to meet her beau.

Philip John may was born to John and Joy May on the 18th of September 1957 in Norwich, Norfolk and brought up close to Liverpool. His father was a sales person for a shoe wholesale outfit while his mother, Joy May nee Miller, was a French Teacher.

Philip schooled in West Kirby in Calday Grange Grammar School and also attended the University of Oxford. He graduated from Lincoln College with a degree in History and went into the finance industry upon graduation.

Philip is also a successful individual seeing as he has built a remarkable financial career. He has previously put his expertise to use for Prudential Portfolio Managers, Deutsche Asset Management and De Zoete & Bevan.

Over the last 10 years plus, Capital Group were opportune to have him as their relationship Manager. Philip has also had his hand in politics at a time.

For a while, he was the chairman of Wimbledon Conservative party association. As a college student, he was the President of the Union’s Society in 1979.

The couple has enjoyed a relatively happy family and Philip has continued to support May even with her being the PM.


He has taken well into the position of spouse of the Prime Minister and at an event even got talking with other world leaders spouses.

Theresa refers to her husband as her most trusted adviser and ‘rock’.

Theresa May’s Children

Since her married in September 1980 to Philip May, she has had no children. Theresa has once voiced her regret in not bearing children due to some health reasons.

This has however had no effect on their marriage as friends say that Philip and Theresa have remained in love and good friends to each other over the years.

Theresa May’s Diabetes

Theresa also made another record when she was diagnosed with diabetes Type I and came to be referred to as the first world leader to have that diagnosis.

While this might not be totally true, we do know that as the Home Secretary, she lost some weight and caught a cold in 2012 November. These prompted a blood test and a diagnosis of Diabetes Type II was made by the Doctor. When her medications showed no improvement to her condition, a further test was done and a misdiagnosis discovered, Mary actually had Diabetes Type I.

Since her diagnosis, this ‘super lady’ has adjusted her lifestyle to manage the condition. She has also taken it upon herself in certain measures to ensure that young children and others with Diabetes Type I manage their health better.

She revealed that the she has to have her insulin injection about five times daily and also urged other diabetics to step up and stop diabetes from controlling their lives.

The PM said she was inspired by a quote from Sir Steve Redgrave, an Olympian and Diabetic, where he stated that rather than him learning to live with diabetics, it had to learn to live with him.

With the right diet and adequate management of blood sugar level, she insists that one can go on living an interesting life.

Theresa May’s Net Worth (2018)

Theresa May’s net worth can be estimated if all her assets and salaries are taken into consideration. As an MP from 1997 and now a PM since 2016, Theresa reportedly earns £143, 462 as salary annually, and an additional £65, 737. Her London home is valued at a whopping £1 million while that in Berkshire is worth £600k.

Other bonuses that come with her position of Prime Minister include use of official cars, free accommodation and travel and of course, a massive 50% of her salary as pension when she leaves the office.

It shouldn’t be a shocker then that Theresa May’s net worth has been estimated at £2 million in 2018.

Theresa May Twitter                 

As is expected of a prime Minister and Leader of the Conservatives, her tweets are made up of government, political matters and the likes.

Her over 623,000 followers obviously enjoy getting first hand details from her and yeah, they keep her timeline engaged with comments and retweets.



Theresa May has set a great standard for women all over the world, she remains an icon for younger women to look up to.