The Game Net Worth 2018: Age, Movies, Income and Songs

Net Worth: $25million
Age: 39
Full name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor
Born: 29 November 1979
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Last Updated: 2018


Are you a lover of Hip Hop music? How much do you know about West Coast Hip Hop? If you are a follower of rap, then the name ‘The Game’ needs no introduction.

The Game net worth, studio albums, films, family and all you need to know about the West Coast hip hop star from the year back till 2018 are discussed extensively in this post. presents to you, the earnings and net worth of The Game. Before we discuss The Game net worth, let’s take brief look at the background of the rapper.

Who is The Game?

The game is an African American Hip Hop rapper. The rapper is popularly known for his affiliation with the legendary producer and Aftermath’s Record Label CEO, Dr. Dre.

What is The Game’s age?

The Game was born on November 29, 1979 in Compton, California, U.S. He is currently 38 years old. The rapper’s birth name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor.

Early Life

Early life for the hip hop star is filled with hardship. A rapper was once granted an interview where he labelled his family as dysfunctional.

The Game was born in Compton, California where crime, drugs, theft and all social vices are hallmark of the city.

The Game’s father, Taylor has a multi-ethnic ancestry. The Game, being an African American has Mexican and Native American ancestry.

The Game reportedly experienced hardship while growing up. The rapper once reported being placed on foster care.

A young rapper was placed in foster home when he was 7.

At 15, the rapper moved in with his mother after she applied and got him removed from the foster home.

According to the rapper, living with his mother was difficult at first but they soon got along.

While in foster care, the rapper lost one of his elder brothers, Jevon. He died of a gunshot wound.

The Game attended Compton High School, in Compton, California. The athletically built rapper was actively involved with a number of sporting activities in high school.

Game played basketball and was active in track activities.

The Game and the College Rumour

Did The Game attend college? Well, the hip hop rapper claimed he was admitted into the Washington State University.

He claimed he was rusticated from the school after he was caught with hard substance.

Almost immediately, he claimed he was admitted on a basketball scholarship.

However, Washington State University refuted claims of ever enrolling any student with the name, Jayceon Terrell Taylor.

The School refuted expelling any student with such name on the basis of drug possession.

Allegedly, the athletic department of the school also denied enrolling the rapper on their athletic programs.

The Game taking a selfie
The Game taking a selfie

In early 2000‘s, the rapper was already rooted in street life, drugs, gang wars and he got into trouble with the authorities.

The rapper is among the lucky handful, shaped for great fortunes by street life.

Now the rapper is worth millions in US dollars. The rise to glory from the scratch begs the question, what is The Game’s net worth?

How does The Game Generate His Income?

This section answers all questions about the Game’s wealth.

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, who goes by the stage name – The Game, makes his earnings from hip hop rap music, acting, and brand endorsements.

The Game, well known as a rapper makes most of his income from the music industry.

The rapper has also starred in a number of films and was rewarded handsomely for his appearance on films.

The Game makes part of his money from appearing on TV series too.

The rapper, thou well known for his exploits on the stage, is multi-talented and a jack of all trades.

He is a hustler, no wonder the mother nicknamed him ‘Game’. The mother coined the stage name for the rapper.

The mother called him “Game” because she was convinced her son was game for anything.

What is The Game’s annual salary?

The Game, like most entertainers, does not earn a constant amount per year. His annual earnings depend on his work and record sales.

Let’s run you through The Game’s earning since his debut album in 2005

  • In 2005, the game made a sound announce in the world of music when he dropped is debut album titled ‘The Documentary’.

The highly successful album sold 5 million copies. The game made an estimated $5,700,000 from sales of the album.

  • The following year, The Game released his second studio album titled ‘Doctor’s Advocate’.

Giving the success of his first album, the rapper was already a fan’s favourite, the Doctor’s Advocate enjoyed success but not as good as the first album.

The Doctor’s Advocate sold 3 million copies worldwide and the rapper reportedly made an estimate of $3,400,000.

  • In 2008, The Game returned with an album titled ‘LAX’. The album fell short of expectations. Giving his previous works, fans judged the rapper by his own standard.

The ‘LAX’ album attracted lot of criticisms. Fans expressed their disappointment.

It is interesting to note album sold 765 thousand copies, a far cry from his two previous sales.

The Game made an estimated sum of $771,000 for the album

  • Giving low sales from his 3rd album, The Game took some break from the studios. He didn’t release any album until 4 years later.

But during these 4 years, the rapper was busy with shows and concerts. He made several tours and earned good sum despite not releasing studio album.

  • In 2011, the rapper released his 4th studio album. The album was titled ‘The R.E.D’. If his 3rd album was a disappointment, judging by his set standard, then his fourth album should be called a failure, according to music critics.

His 4th album is the highest low for a rapper of The Game’s standard. The R.E.D album sold only 20 thousand copies. He earned an estimated $23,000 from the album sales.

  • 2012 was still a far cry from The Game’s standard but it was better than 2011. The Game released his 5th studio album in 2012. The album was titled ‘Jesus Piece’ and made a total sale of 281 thousand copies. An improvement from the 2011 sales. The album earned the game an estimated $285,000.
  • In 2015, The Game bounced back. Thanks to the title ‘The Documentary’. The game returned with ‘The Documentary’ in 2015.

Giving the success of his debut album, The Game tasted success again. He released two versions of the documentary.

After that he released ‘The Documentary 2’ and ‘The Documentary 2.5’. He reportedly earned over $3 million from the combined sales of these albums.

  • The Game’s latest work is titled ‘West side story’. The Rapper released the album in 2018 and the album is still on sale. There is no estimate for the album yet.

The Game’s Net Worth in 2018

Having highlighted The Game’s earnings from record sales since his debut album in 2005, the answer to the frequently asked question – what is The Game’s net worth, shouldn’t be a far fetch.

The two time Grammy award nominee, The Game is currently estimated to have a net worth of $25 million as at 2018.

Giving his recent project, The Game’s net worth is expected to increase.

The Game’s Music Career/Songs

The Game started from the scratch like many other African American rappers. Growing up was tough for the Game.

He grew up in the low-income city of Compton.

After living the street life involving in drugs and other vices, the rapper decided to give hip hop a try.

In 2002, The Game released a mixtape he called ‘Know What It Is’. He promoted the mixtape and it caught the attention of producer, Dr. Dre.

The Game met Dr. Dre and after negotiations, the rapper signed to Dr. Dre’s under Aftermath Ent. Label.

Under Aftermath Ent, The Game released his debut album in 2005.

The Album was called ‘The Documentary’. The album topped charts all over the world for months. ‘The Documentary’ was said to hit double platinum in March 2005.

At 48th Annual Grammy Awards, The Game had two nominations. He was nominated for ‘Grammy Award for Best Rap Song’ and ‘Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group’.

The Game the rapper
The Game the rapper

In 2006, the rapper released is second studio album titled ‘Doctor’s Advocate’ and the album enjoyed success.

The Game was place in G-Unit by Dr. Dre. He worked with the 50 cent’s owned record label for a while before a feud ensued between the rappers.

The Game departed Aftermath records and G-Unit to sign with Geffen Records.

Subsequently, The Game released albums under his new record label but he is yet to enjoy success like he did under Aftermath.

The Game’s Movies

The Game has a few movies to his name. As a rapper he has featured in a number of Hollywood Gang star films. Some of The Game’s movies include;

  • Waist Deep. The movie was done in 2006 and The Game played the character of ‘big meat’.
  • In 2006, the rapper starred in another film titled ‘Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club’. The rapper played the main role in this movie playing the character of ‘G’
  • In 2007, The Game starred in is 3rd movie titled ‘Tournament of Dreams’. He played the character of Troy in the movie.
  • Also in 2008, the rapper starred in two films. The first was ‘Street Kings’. The Game played a supporting role as ‘Grill’ in the film.
  • The second film in 2008, was ‘Bigg Snoop Dogg’
  • In 2012, the rapper starred in ‘House Arrest’. He played the character of ‘Deandre’

Also, The Game has featured in numerous TV programs. Some TV series that have casted the rapper include –

  • Change of Heart in 2000.
  • The rapper featured in some episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, between 2005 and 2015


Giving the above highlights about the rapper; The Game, we can conclude that he still has some years in the entertainment industry.

Subsequently, the net worth of The Game would sure increase if the rapper stays clear from subpoenas.




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