The Best Time of the Year to Buy a New TV Set

Do you know you can get a well built 4K Ultra HD TV at a fair cost? yea! It’s very possible if you buy it during the best time of the year.

Let me share a little story with you. Some time ago, I visited a friend I met not too long ago and I realized he had a brand new TV from one of the popular brands. I could not hide my admiration because I always wanted one for myself.

I asked him how he was able to afford such a beautiful set, it was about 43 inches or so and he replied saying he bought the set during a promotion when the price was cut down.

Right there and then, I made up my mind to get a TV set of my own and I wanted a big and beautiful TV like the one I had just seen but the question about how to afford such a luxury troubled me for a while.

This made me began to search for the best time of the year to buy a new TV set. I asked friends and family and surfed the internet until I became well informed. 10 years later, I have bought four more new TV sets all at cut-down costs.

If you’re looking to purchase a new TV at a highly subsidized rate, read through to gain expert advice on your next move.

The Best Time of the Year to Buy a new TV Set

There are different categories of TV you might need to buy and these sets come in different prices with some costing as low as $200. Keep reading to learn the hack I have employed over the years when buying new TV sets.

#1. Black Friday

Black Friday has got to be the best time of the year to buy not just a TV set but anything you wish to buy at a subsidized rate.

It is that time of the year around the world where retailers cut down the cost of their merchandise so that people, especially the less fortunate can buy what they need.

Some retailers cut down the prices of their goods by 5% while some may do an extreme cut down of about 90%. The Black Friday has always been the best time to buy goods at affordable prices and it tops my list of the best time to buy a new TV set.

Where do I shop for a  new TV set on a black Friday one might enquire; if you fall into this category I recommend you checkout Amazon for the best buy.

There are other massive stores where you could get TV good rates, but I think Amazon stands out for me considering the facts it is the biggest store in the world.

Also, I wish to let you know that manufacturers as well as retailers put out only a limited items for sale on black Fridays so you have to be alert and know when the yearly black Friday is approaching. You most assuredly guaranteed to get best offers with some TV sets going with a discount of 50%.

#2. Online Promotion

Do you have a specific store where you frequently buy goods online? If you have a store where you buy stuffs like gadget online then you might as well get good offers for a brand new tv set.

A friend recently purchased a TV from an online vendor who was promoting and appreciating his online customers for years of loyalty and patronage.

A TV set that normally would have gone for a $1300 was purchased for as low as $550. It is surprising the deals one could get from these online vendors.

I suggest you start following some of these vendors on social media like Facebook. Search for ‘electronics fan page’ and like some pages to get the best deals.

Also, one needs to be careful not to fall into the hands of some con artists who might be looking for means to defraud unsuspecting people.

#3. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is another period to buy a new TV set, though not as popular as Black Friday, Cyber Monday has continued to soar in relevance and popularity as vendors reduce the price of their merchandise to allow people afford the products of their choices.

The prices of goods are cut down by 20 – 50 % during Cyber Mondays and many have attested to this unpopular fact.

Like Black Friday, the best place to shop for Cyber Mondays is the online store has the best deals for shoppers who are looking for the best time to buy a new tv set.

Also, be aware that offers are extremely limited on Cyber Mondays so that you may need to compete for products with other shoppers who are looking to buy TVs at subsidized rates.

#4. Amazon Prime Day

Amazon is the biggest store in the world and the best place to buy about anything you wish to buy. It has several packages for its shoppers as well as a reward program for its loyal customers.

The Amazon prime day is a period where the online store rewards its customers with amazing offers. To qualify for Amazon prime promotion one needs to be a prime customer at There tons of amazing deals to reward amazon prime customers on the prime day.

During the Prime day, prime customers are assured to get up to 40% discount on the product of their choices including brand new TV sets.

#5. During Spring

This the period where manufactures roll out their new techs and people flock in their numbers to catch glimpses of some of the latest inventions in the world. Early spring is usually the period and these new inventions go for mouth-watering prices.

If you are a tech freak and got the financial backing to purchase the new products, then, spring is the best time to buy a new tv set for you. Also, for people like me, who are on the look-out to purchase TV at a subsidize rate, early spring also spells a good period for us.

How so? This is because when these tech giants roll out new products, reduce prices of their previous edition in order to clear their counter make way for their new inventions. It is win-win situation for all.

The above represent the best time to buy a new TV sets at affordable prices. But as there is a best time to buy a new TV, there are times when people should not buy TV and when is the best time not to buy a TV set?

Best time not to buy a TV set

#I. After an Event

Immediately after an event such as those described above. Events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. After such events where retailers sell products at subsidized rates, some retailers look to recuperate their loss and as such increase the prices of their products. This is one of the best times to afford to buy a new Tv.

#2. During Launching

Another period to avoid buying a new TV set is during launch. For some reason beyond my comprehension, the launch of products are usually the best time to avoid buying these products because their prices are so high and not affordable for the common man.

So you may need to wait a little longer after the launch of a product if you want to get these products at decent prices.


Best Time of the Year to Buy a New TV Set or any electronic item are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Online promotion, Amazon prime day, and during spring. The best buy details on our page will guide you on how to get started.

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