Tanner Fox Net Worth

Net Worth: $500,000
Age: 18
Full name: Tanner Fox
Born: December 22nd, 1999
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Vlogger
Last Updated: 2018


Tanner Fox is an American YouTube celebrity, he was born on December 22nd, 1999. His net worth in 2018 has been a frequently asked question by his fans.

He grew up in San Diego, California. He grew up with his parents and his sister named Lindsay. He attended San Diego High School.

As a child, he was quite fascinated with equipment like scooters, hoverboards and skateboards.

His family could make him go to the Charter school only for two days in a whole week.

Finally, his parents decided that he would started homeschooling.

Throughout his life, he has practiced using scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, etc.

For now, Tanner resides with his family at his own home in San Diego.

He is mainly known for his vlogs, where he broadcasted his daily life experiences.

His first video was published on 9th September, 2011, the title of his first video is “District V2 Deck Snap!!!!”

Tanner’s most popular video is titled “INSANE 7 YEAR OLD HOVERBOARD TRICKS AT THE SKATEPARK!” This particular video went viral, having over 24,000,000+ views.

His most popular video is a disc track titled “We Do It Best” which currently has 49,000,000+ views.

Tanner Fox was roasted by RiceGum‘s “God Church” on 23rd July, 2017. Currently he has 8,000,000 (Eight Million) Subscribers in his YouTube Channel.

He was featured together with Harry Main in a YouTube video titled “BMX vs SCOOTER”.

Tanner lives in a mansion with YouTubers like Maverick (Monstermav), Jordan Beau, and some other social media influencers.

On June 30, 2018, He participated in the ACE Family Charity Basketball Event with a couple of other YouTubers.

Their team consists of: Austin (ACE Family), Kristopher London, Ryan Swaze, Landon (L&S Gang), Tre Carter, and JC Caylen.

Tanner Fox Profession & Fame

Tanner can be depicted as a professional stunt scooter rider, a YouTube Star who has demonstrated his craft for more than 8 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel.


Although his phenomenal abilities on the scooter play a pivotal role in his success, it is his intelligence and hustling mentality that has allowed him to reach new heights with his fan base.

An unwavering love and deep devotion towards his fans has also contributed to his overall success so far.

Tanner Fox being a famous guy today, he started by creating his YouTube channel under the name MTFilms in September of 2011, posting his first videos at that time as well.

All his videos are uniquely replete with interesting clippings that people get addicted to watching.

Tanner is among the most successful YouTube tycoon at quite a young age.

He loves riding scooter and is very passionate about skateboard featuring.

He also likes to spend quality time with his companion and best friend name Jake Angeles who is equally passionate and interested in riding scooters with a lifestyle similar to his best friend, Tanner Fox.

This two young YouTube stars have been dealing with this uploading business for a longer time and have been quite successful in their chosen career.

They have really left a strong imprint on the viewers and the subscribers featuring their videos with such brilliant and excellent riding performances.

Jake Angeles has been strongly influential in making Tanner a successful YouTuber who features his video solely for entertaining his viewers and almost makes them bound to subscribe his channel.

Tanner had come to learn about several strategies and techniques. He is very much interested in learning new skateboard techniques and making himself updated with the latest scooter riding skits.

As he is homeschooled, he had plenty of time with him to look for the better ways in which one can upgrade oneself.

Fox plays an exemplary role in making people to be aware of the fact that one can follow the rides dream to achieve the desired goals even though a hundred hurdles come on one’s way.

Tanner Fox’s Family Life

Tanner is from San Diego, California. His mother’s name is Rhonda Fox (age 50, she celebrates her birthday on 25th April every year).

He has a sister named Lindsay Fox.

He had a dog named “Kirby Fox” who sadly passed away in July 2018, Tanner wished his dog on its birthday on 19 April 2017.

His older sister, Lindsay Fox, 20, is a YouTube star too. She has more than 311k followers on the Instagram account and 372k YouTube subscribers.

He doesn’t know much about his dad but in one of his videos, Tanner had introduced a man known as Steve as his dad.

He later clarified that Steve was his mum’s boyfriend.

Tanner Fox’s Relationship

Tanner Fox has been into relationship with his girlfriend, Taylor Alesia (a social media sensation), who has earned more than 2.2 million followers on her Instagram account.

They were seen together in many entertaining YouTube videos and other social media platforms.

Recently, Tanner broke up with her. They ended on good terms and now remained as friends.

He even surprised her by visiting her family house in Arizona in 2017. He spent the Christmas with Taylor’s family members in 2017.

He also gifted Taylor her dream car for Valentine’s Day according the video he posted on 14 February 2018.


The pair gave a pre-information about their break up in 2017, which was merely pranked to their fans.

He announced his amicable breakup with her on 5th May 2018 on a YouTube video titled breaking up with my girlfriend, this seems to be the final straw in their relationship.

Reportedly, he is single and looking forward in life with new hopes and dreams.

Social Media Details

He has more than eight million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, 3.6 million followers on Instagram where he documents his many adventures such as riding various motor vehicles, sky diving and messing around on trampolines.

You can still get in contact with him on Facebook, you can still get in touch with him via Twitter. He is a social media sensation.

His Popularity and Other Events

His sponsorships allowed him to perform various demos and promotions which further increased his net worth.

In the process of boosting his popularity, he began by collaborating with other popular YouTubers, including Harry Main, Jake Angeles, and Roman Atwood with whom he produced various videos.

He also formed collaborations with other celebrities, including Justin Stuart, Casey Neistat and Carson Leuders and consistent post on his YouTube channel which has grown continuously like a wide fire.

Tanner’s Car

This successful YouTuber gets a lot of revenue from the online advertisements and several sponsorships.

He bought Nissan GT-R 2010 for himself. In September 2016, he changed the exhaust of his car and got new ones louder than the stock parts.

In November 2016, he posted a video where he was seen with another car which he had gotten in exchange for his Nissan GTR 2010.

In the video, he explained that he had gone to get his car checked and got a sweet deal.

It was a 2017 Nissan GTR Premium he got in exchange for his Nissan GTR 2010.

In the same month, Tanner and his friends Maverick and Danny were involved in a car crash.

They were driving in Maverick’s car, a 240SX when they lost control and the car fell off a cliff. Fortunately, they all came out alive.

Fox had a split chin, broke his leg and had marks on his shoulders. He later had a surgery on his leg.

Tanner’s Net Worth (2018)

Tanner Fox has accrued a net worth of $500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) in 2018. He derives his wealth mainly from his profession as a scooter stunner.

He also collect gains funds from his personal YouTube channel.

The social media sensation also earns a heavy sum of money from his Instagram account, where he endorses several brands.

He also collects his earnings from his own t-shirts, brand called TFox, 8 sticker packs, and FOX Dad Hats, which he sells on his website, the brand is also being marketed and distributed across the globe.

Biography and Fast Facts

Full Name:            Tanner Fox

Date of Birth:        22nd December 1999

Birth-sign:            Sagittarius

Birth Place:           San Diego, California, United States of America

Residence:            San Diego, California, U.S.

Nationality:           American

Married:                Not Yet

Awards:                N/A

Profession:            Social Media Star, Professional Stunt Scooter Rider

Height:                 1.67m (5′ 6”)

Weight:                 62 kg

Net worth:             $2 Million

Ethnicity:              white

Religion:               Christian

Father name:        Not Yet

Mother name:       Rhonda Fox

Brother name:       N/A

Sister name:                   Lindsay Fox

Marital status:       Unmarried

Girlfriend:             Taylor Alesia

Children:               N/A

Pet own:               Kirby (Dog)

Body:                             N/A

Hair Color:             Dark Blonde

Eye color:              Blue

Shoe Size:             N/A

Dress size:            N/A

Distinctive Features:N/A

His Favourite Locations For Vacations

His favourite place to visit during vacations in Barcelona. He has said in one of his interviews that Spain is his most favourite area to spend quality time.

He still has a long way forward to reach the apex of his life.

Height and Weight

Tanner Fox is tall at the height of 1.67m (5′ 6”) with approximately 62 kg weight.


He holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.



At just 19, he has made a good name for himself. His net worth is bound to increase if he stays on the same path.

For more news on net worth and latest updates, we are mandated to keep you informed.