Susan Mikula Net Worth

Net Worth $5 million
Full Name Susan Mikula
Date of Birth 1958
Age 60
Place of Birth New Jersey, New York
Country of Origin New Jersey
Education Hampshire College
Occupation Photography
Last Updated 2019


Susan Mikula

The talent they say is the ability to be good at something, especially without being taught. Some individuals are born for something while others learn to do that same thing.

We can’t make a list of the talented artist without including this gorgeous lady. She is no other than the famous Susan Mikula.

She is a rare talent in artistry and is famous for her unconventional vintage art gallery. She uses older technology to produce her photograph.

Among her tools are pinhole camera and Polaroid cameras.

The artist is currently 60 years of age but even at such old age, she looks absolutely gorgeous.

She weighs around 80kg on a body height of 5.5 feet. She has that simplistic smile plastered always on her face which makes her look all the more adorable.

The wealth circle has carefully selected all the necessary information ranging from her early life to her career and even her love life which are all important questions asked by fans.

Susan’s Early Life

 Susan Mikula net worth

Susan Mikula is an American artist and photography. She was born in New Jersey before relocating to New Hampshire at a young age.

She attended college at the Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and got her bachelor degree in Colour Theory.

Susan’s sister is a medical photographer in Boston.

Susan’s Career

Unlike the modern photographers, Susan did not actually receive any formal photography education.

She is a self-taught photographer who chose her own photography medium and learned all the mechanics of the artist herself.

After learning the art in such manner, she is actually able to free herself from the restraints that conventional artist often faces.

According to her, her life as an artist has allowed her to creatively think out of the box. As the mathematics of accounting, she sees everything being disserted into minute parts right down to their very essence.

Susan started her career by serving time as an Art Jury.  After years of working in the art industry and serving on an art jury, she had her first solo photography exhibition in 1998.

Her published landscape photography collections have been displayed in both solo and group exhibitions in New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The artist began her professional photography career in 2007. She loves to take pictures and is passionate about photography. Susan exhibited ”large-scale digital duraflex prints” at the New York statehouse in 2007.

In 2008, she opened her first show in New York. She had an exhibition in 2009 at the TJ Walton Gallery in province town with Rachel Maddow and Suzanne Westenhoefer attending.

In 2010, Susan had her first photography show, American device recent photographs, in San Francisco.

A year later, Susan released a three-part industrial landscape series titled ”American bond”. These American vistas spanned images of America from Texas to California to Massachusetts.

Her 2013 series, U.X, were inspired by the Lascaux cave paintings.

In 2015, she released a series of psychologically enigmatic pigment prints titled ”photo book”.

The artist more Pittsfield focused photography galleries were also on display at the Ferrying Gallery.

Due to her superior art expertise, she was hired by US consulate. Her work was to do some specific work related to Art in Embassies Program.

She did the work for the US consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Some Susan’s works were purchased by the United States embassy art in embassies (Nuevo Laredo Mexico) for their permanent collections.

Susan takes photographs in natural light and does not crop or employ any image manipulation technique that is the major reason why her work stands out and portrays its uniqueness.

She published an artwork collection of landscape photography. it is said that her photography collection is a complex, beautiful and ambiguous one all at the same time, but it testifies an intuitive mind of the artist behind the camera.

The famous artist is a multi-talented one. Out of the love for her career, she decided to take it to a whole new level.

In order to give back to society and at the same time be an inspiration to other artists, she poured her heart towards writing.

She released her first book, Susan Mikula: photographs back in 2008. Afterward, she published several other wonderful abstract portraits collections such as American Breakbulk #13, American Device #49, and American Vale #17.

Susan’s Personal Life

What do you know about the famous artist’s love life? Did you know she has a female partner? The wealth circle will not leave any stone unturned in revealing the information on this great artist.

Susan is the longtime partner of Rachel Maddow who happens to be one of the renowned TV hosts, political commentators, and author in America.

They met each other back in 1999. Rachel was doing her doctorate at that time and had just hired Susan to do some work in her yard and they went on to date before they became partners.

Their first date was at the ”ladies day on the range” event hosted by the national rifle association. They reside in pre-civil war farmhouse in western Massachusetts and an apartment in west village Manhattan

Susan’s Net Worth

Susan has been in the art world for nearly two decades which was due to the fact that she took to art at a later stage in her life.

She is a respectable artist and photographer who have shown uniqueness and professionalism in her works.

The self-taught photographer earns an attractive sum from her professional career. She has an estimated net worth of $5 million.


Susan Mikula enjoys a simple lifestyle despite been a millionaire. Unlike most photographers of today, Susan took a start of her photographer career later in her life.

Everyone has something to offer, it is a matter of identifying it. Embrace your talent and pursue it, you won’t believe what you can accomplish.



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