Susan Mikula Net Worth



Net Worth: $2 million
Age: 60
Full name: Susan Mikula
Born: 1958
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Photographer
Last Updated: 2018


This article digs deep into the profile of Susan Mikula – Susan Mikula net worth (2018), Susan Mikula’s relationship, her age, career, family etc, we’ve got you covered.

Susan Mikula’s Bio

Susan Mikula is an American with an interest in Fine Art. She is a successful photographer and artist.

The renowned photographer was born in New Jersey. A few years after her birth her family moved to New Hampshire town where she was raised by her parents.

After high school, she enrolled into Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts where she obtained a degree in accounting.

She worked as an accountant for a few years but was not satisfied with her profession. Susan felt she was practicing the wrong career, she wanted Art.

Then she enrolled to study colour theory. Susan only took classes for colour theory for just a year before embarking on self-teaching.

She read a lot of books to develop herself as an artist. After learning for years, she began a career in Art, starting with photography.

Her kind of Art is quite unique, using a blend of old and new technologies to construct her art works.

Susan Mikula’s net worth is in millions of dollars today because she certainly knows her Art.

While Susan is noted to be fantastic with photography and artistry at large, it is her sexual orientation and relationship that brought her to spotlight.

Susan Mikula is in a same sex relationship with US Television personality, Rachel Maddow. The two have been dating since they met in 1999.

A lot have been said about Susan’s sexual orientation, and she occasionally receives backlash from some section of the media.

But the lady and her partner have managed to stay strong despite the media pressure and their relationship continues to wax stronger.

Susan currently lives in two cities because of her love and work. She shuttles between Western Massachusetts and New York City.

What we do for love right? Let’s learn more about her family, career, relationship, and Susan Mikula net worth.

Susan Mikula’s Family

For some reasons, Susan has managed to ensure details about her background remains private.

Not much is known about her family or her childhood.

Susan Mikula’s Birthday

Susan Mikula birthday is one of the most searched questions about the artist. Her exact birthday is not known as she never talks about her birthday.

However, she is known to be born in 1958.

Susan Mikula’s Age

Mikula’s age is pegged at 60.

Susan Mikula’s Career

Susan began her career in Art in 2007, starting with photography. Before Art, she had earlier worked in some companies as an accountant.

Her favourite colour as an artist is green. She has taken numerous pictures and made many art works with the green colour.

Mikula is not just good at taking pictures or constructing art works, she also excels in story writing.

She is popular for writing and sharing stories online. When writing, she likes to make use of pictures of old toys when writing to convey her message.

Susan has 3 publications to her name and they include; Susan Mikula; American band, Susan Mikula; u.X and Susan Mikula photographs.

She is well known to create art works using, a combination old and new techniques to form beautiful portraits

Susan’s unique way of work include; utilizing available light, modifying vintage cameras, stocking up on film that isn’t made anymore, and experimenting with new instant films.

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Susan Mikula’s Net Worth 2018

Susan Mikula net worth is very impressive when you consider are work and how long she is been into art.

She has amassed quite a fortune and she is currently among the most celebrated artists in US.

Susan Mikula’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million as at 2018.

How Susan Mikula Makes Money

Art is Mikula’s major source of wealth. She makes money through;


Top jobs in photography are reserved for the likes of Mikula.

As a celebrity photographer, she charges quite a fortune to work for her clients.


Mikula is known to take beautiful and cinematic pictures of people, objects and places.

She makes beautiful portraits out of these photographs and exhibits the portraits for auctioning.

Majority of Susan Mikula’s net worth have been accumulated through this particular means.


Susan is also a very good story teller. She writes beautiful stories and embeds pictures of old toys to help hold her readers spellbound.

She is simply gifted at writing and makes a living out of it too.

Susan Mikula’s Girlfriend; Rachel Maddow

Susan Mikula’s girlfriend is no other than the Television host Rachel Maddow. Their love story has headlined some dailies across the United State.

It all started like one of those fairytales we see in Movies. The two first met when Susan moved into a new apartment.

She wanted someone to help with the cleaning. Then Rachel who just completed her Doctoral Degree without a job yet did all sort of menial jobs to make ends meet.


To cut the long story short, the two met in 1999 and have been in love since then. They live together but are not yet married.

Let’s take a brief look into the life and career of Susan Mikula’s Girlfriend, Maddow Rachel

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow is an American medial personality born in April 1, 1973. She is popular for her self-named TV show, The Rachel Maddow Show, aired on MSNBC.

She is also a co-host with Brian Williams on the Cable network. Rachel also runs a radio version of her TV program.

Rachel obtained a doctorate degree in Political science from the University of Oxford.  She is political analyst and runs political commentary on her shows.

She became popular when she revealed her sexual orientation on live TV. Rachel is currently dubbed to be the 1st open lesbian to host news in US.

Rachel is also a writer and has a handful of books to her name. She is a multiple award winner for her outstanding anchoring abilities.

Rachel Maddow’s Net Worth 2018

Rachel is one of the richest TV personalities in US. She has been into radio shows since 1999 and has amassed wealth over the years.

In 2005, she began her career as Television personality working with MSNBC and the cable network.

Rachel Maddow’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $20 million.



Susan Mikula’s net worth is expected to keep increasing as she is still in her heydays even though she is gradually aging.

We hope she continues to stay happy in her relationship with Rachel.