Sue Aikens Net Worth



Net Worth: $500,000
Age: 55
Full name: Sue Aikens
Born: July 1, 1963
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: TV Personality
Last Updated: 2018


Sue Aikens’ Bio

This article explores the life and career of world renowned hunter, Sue Aikens. Sue Aikens’ net worth, career, family, everything about her over the years up till 2018, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Sue Aikens?

Sue Aikens is a US TV personality. Sue is one of the casts of American documentary TV series Life Below Zero aired on TV station, National Geographic Channel.

Apart from her current show, Sue had previously featured on the Television series Flying Wild Alaska.

Sue Aikens’ Age

Susan (Sue) Aikens was born on July 1, 1963 in Mount Prospect, Illinois USA. Her age is pegged at 55.

Early Life

As a kid, she moved a lot and lived in different places. She once said in an interview that she lived at an island she can’t remember the name.

While growing up, her mother left her father and took little Sue to far away wilderness of Alaska.

Her mother had the habit of always moving and leaving people and it would soon be the turn of little Sue.

At 12, Sue Aikens’s mother left her in the cold wilderness at the mercy of wild animals.

She began to carter for herself even before she turned a teenager.

If there is an award for “survival of the fittest,” the award should be given in honour of Sue Aikens. Sue is a survivor.

She strived in the adverse climate of Alaska where fuel, food, and even sometimes potable water are a luxury.

The height of Sue’s adventure in the Wilderness was in 2007 when she engaged a bear in a fight.

The bear attacked her and injured her, leaving her for dead.

But sue was resilient enough to strike back and killed the bear before the paramedics came in for help.

Sue Aikens’ Husband

Sue has been involved with 3 men all her life. However, it is not stated if she was legally married to any of these men or they were just partners.

Sue is currently not with any of her partners- Sue has no husband.

Two of them reportedly died while one left her for a younger woman according to sue.

Her union with her partners produced three children, one son and two daughters. Her children are all grown and have a family of their own.

Sue Aikens’ Son

The Television personality has a grown son whose name is currently unknown to the media. Not much about her son is known.

However, we can confirm that her son is battling the deadly disease of cancer.

The young man who recently walked down the aisle with his long-time girlfriend is battling to beat cancer.

Sue Aikens’ Daughter

Sue has two daughters from her relationship with her partners and like her son, her daughters names are not known to the media.

However, we can confirm her daughters are married and living with their husbands.

Sue Aikens’ Career

Sue doubles as a hunter and a Television personality. These two professions are different but related to Sue.

Sue Aikens’s hunting expeditions are documented, covered and aired by a Television station, making her fit the description of both a hunter and a TV personality.

Hunting has been Aiken’s means of livelihood since she was a kid. She began hunting at the tender age of 12, when she was deserted by her mother in the cold wilderness.

As a means of survival, she developed hunting skills for feeding and for defence. Sue Aikens net worth today is credited for her self-developed hunting abilities.

In 2010, Sue Aikens made her bow as a Television personality when she featured in Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

For some reasons, she appeared barely a year on the show. But the show exposed Sue to the world.

The world caught a glimpse of what she was capable of in her 1st show.

In 2011, she began another TV show. Sue featured on Flying Wild Alaska, showing her life as a subsistent hunter.

She appeared on the TV series for a year ending in 2012. By this time, Sue Aikens’ net worth is no longer accumulated from hunting alone.

She earns salary from these TV stations as well

Sue Aikens on Life Below Zero

In 2013, Sue Aikens began her 3rd TV show. Together with other Alaskans, sue features on Life Below Zero.

The TV series covers the activities of daily living of hunters in the cold wilderness of Alaska.


The show is produced by BBC Worldwide and aired on National Geographic Channel

The TV series contains over 90 episodes per season and it is currently on its sixth season

Kivik River Camp

Kivek River Camp is Sue’s hunting fortress. It is Located at 197 miles from the Arctic Circle, and some distance to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The camp has become popular over the years and serves as destination site for both explorers and hunters.

According to Sue, the success of Kivik camp serves as an extra motivation. That is why she still into hunting.

Sue Aikens’ net worth is usually earned within a short period of time. She hunts between June and September before winter sets and cut her from the rest of the world.

Kivik camp offers a special type of hunting for visitors. Visitors are guided during hunting and the fishing trip is done with Aviation Services.

The Kivik camp has been up for 13th year in spite of the near death encounter Sue had with a bear and it is fortified with modern fishing and hunting equipment.

Sue Aikens’ Net Worth 2018

Sue Aikens’ net worth like we have learnt is majorly from her hunting expedition at Kivik camp.

Her net worth is currently estimated to be $500,000 in 2018.

Sue Aikens’ net worth is amassed through the following means;

How Sue Aikens Makes Her Money

Hunting Expedition

Given the success of the camp, explorers apply in large numbers yearly to hunt and fish with Sue.

However, the camp can only host a given number of people yearly, making admission into the camp competitive and restricted to membership.

Even at that, admission into Kivik camp is on a first come first serve basis.

Sue Aikens’ net worth has greatly increased by the Kivik camp.

Adventurers are admitted in the warmer months of hunting season and they are provided with food at a cost.

The cost include; $350 per night and US$4500 per week. Apart from her salary from the national Geographical Station, Sue makes a lot of money for herself.

Television Series

Being contracted by the national Geographical channel means Sue earns salary from the TV station.

The Series is currently on 6th season and still counting. You can imagine how much she has amassed from the show.

Sue Aikens’ Salary

It is not clear how much Sue makes from the show. However, reliable sources have stated that she makes up to $100,000 annually from the show.

Casts Of Life Below Zero

Sue Aikens and Agnes Hailstone

Agnes Hailstone lives with her husband together with her 7 children at Riverside also called Kobuk.

Over 20 years ago Agnes and her husband visited Alaska for a fishing and hunting expedition.

Their experience at Alaska appealed to them and they decided they would make there their permanent residence.

Agnes Hailstone has settled for fishing and hunting as a career. She has been in her new career for 20 years, together with her husband.

Together with her husband, their motto is Live for the day but plan for tomorrow.

Agnes has found herself in a lot of dangerous moments but she said her awful experience does not make her scared.

She is always on the watch, she always moves with weapons for defence and for hunting.

They all move frequently as a family, pitching their tents on the ice or in the snow, tracking and hunting animals and also picking the remains of animals to trade.

Agnes hunts for animals and fishes like bear, bison, seal and whale. Together with her family, they sell and feed on their catch.

Agnes Hailstone’s net worth is estimated to be $250,000.

Jessie Holmes

Jesse Holmes lives alone in Alaska. Not much is known about his family.

Apart from fishing and hunting, Jessie also is a dog sled racer. He has over 50 dogs.

Jessie is also good with carpentry works which have sustained his remote life style.

In the summer, Jessie fetches over an average of 3,000 fishes. This helps him to survive greatly as he feeds his dogs and sale the rest.

Jessie uses his carpentry skills to haul woods which he uses to build his tent.

In the winter, he goes to the land in search of food.

He survives by trapping furs and trades by barter with people in the neighbouring Nenana community.

Jesse and his dogs are mutually beneficial to each other, as he feeds the dogs and they payback with good protection.

Jessie Holmes net worth is estimated to be $200,000

Other casts on life below zero include;

Glenn Villeneuve’s Net worth – $200,000

Andy Bassich’s Net worth – $200,000

Erik Salitan’s Net worth – $200,000



Sue Aikens has done so well in her career. She has made the cold wilderness a destination for tourists which have fetched her good fortunes in return.

We expect Sue Aikens net worth to hit the million dollar mark be 2020 as she continues to feature on the TV series.