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There’s nothing as painful as having a sibling or a child who can’t easily get along with others. Be it in communicating, playing, or participating in group activities. It can be hard on parents to see this, but it’s not as bad as it used to be(I might be wrong). Today, there are lots of social apps for disabled people.

These apps exist to make things easier for them to carry out certain functions on their own. While the apps may not be the real deal but they help.

If you have an idea of what the tech space is like, you’d know there are lots and lots of these apps. This would make it easy to choose sometimes. Therefore, we’d be looking at some that have stood out in this article.

According to the CDC, 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability. Out of this, 26 percent (one in 4) of these adults in the United States have some type of disability.

The number is staggering no doubt and this is why the importance of these social apps for disabled people cannot be over-emphasized. While some of these apps are disability apps for android, some are or could be seen on iOS devices.

Social Apps For The Disabled In 2021

Below are some of the best social app for disabled people and what they are used for:

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#1. Voice4u AAC

Voice4u AAC is an app that provides a picture-based communication system for people with speech challenges. The Augmentative and Alternative Communication app comes with over 180 pre-loaded icons, and also allows you to make yours.

The app is suitable for non-verbal people with autism, people suffering from stroke, and those with other forms of communication issues.

The app is paid for at $60 and when you look at other alternatives, it’s quite affordable. So if you’re for disability apps for android, Voice4u ACC is a good bet.

Available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android phones and tablets.

#2. Proloquo2Go

This is another AAC app created to be a daily communication tool for people with challenges.

Proloquo2Go has more than 100 free natural-sounding text-to-speech voices and 25,000 built-in symbols, and you can add your own photos. At $250, it’s a bit expensive for an app; but it’s still more affordable than standalone devices.

Currently available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch).

#3. Be My Eyes

This app connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers through live video calls. The sighted volunteers assist with guided problem-solving. For example, it can be used to help find lost or dropped items, describing pictures, reading labels, shopping at stores, and navigating new places.

The app is available for both iOS and Android and is free.

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#4. FuelService

Getting cars refueled can be very demanding for people using wheelchairs, but with this app, they can get assistance when they need it.

The app helps you search for and choose station from a list or map. It also helps you contact the station to to know if they can be of assistance to you, and how long it’s gong to take.

It also includes a rating system that helps you know gas stations that have been helpful to others.

FuelService is available for both iOS and Android devices. Therefore, if you’re looking disability apps for android users specifically, that wold help a disabled person refuel his or her car, FuelService should on your list.

#5. Subtitles Viewer

Since most TVs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer built-in subtitle functionality, this app might be best used in the movie theater – provided you can use it without disturbing other moviegoers.

Powered by the OpenSubtitles database, this app lets you view subtitles on your iOS device while watching TV or at the movies – which makes it one of the most entertaining apps for disabled people.

The Subtitles Viewer is available on iOS devices only and costs $9.99.

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#6. Access Now

Access Now is another social app for disabled people that helps them check out restaurants, museums, and centers of attractions and their accessibility ratings.

The community-driven app makes use of interactive maps to pinpoint these areas. You’re encouraged to drop your own rating to help others in the community that might have a need for it.

The Access Now social apps for the disabled are completely free, and, are available on iOS and Android devices.

#7. CoughDrop

CoughDrop is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that allows users who might have issues with verbal communication to communicate better.

People with conditions such as Down’s syndrome, Angelman syndrome, cerebral palsy, and others will find this app very helpful.

#8. Speak For Yourself

Designed by speech pathologists, it’s yet another Augmentative and Alternative Communication app.

It functions almost like CoughDrop and allows people with speech disabilities to communicate with others.

#9.Snap + Core

With a high rating in the Apple store, Snap + Core is the next on our list. It’s an AAC app that helps users unlock speech functionality in conjunction with a Tobii Dynavox device.

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#10. ModMath

If you’re looking for an app that would help a kid with autism or dyslexia learn math ModMath is one of your best shots. The tool was designed by parents of children with learning disabilities to help other parents in the same situation as them get by.

The software provides virtual graph paper and is pencil-free, which is ideal for people who struggle to read their own handwriting. It’s available on iOS devices (iPad) and is free.

#11. NotNav GPS Accessibility

NotNav is a free GPS app for the visually impaired. The app goes a step beyond traditional GPS systems by announcing your direction, the nearest street address, and nearby cross streets.

This GPS app is special in that it was designed “by the blind, for the blind” and assists users with walking, not driving. And it’s free!

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No one would be lying when they say it’s difficult being disabled. The challenges most disabled people have to go through just to get by are unfathomable. It’s for these reasons that these social apps for the disabled exist.

They are to serve as means of communication to those with autism or any medical issues that have affected their speech. Some of these apps also help children with disabilities learn as the conventional ways of learning might be difficult for them to cope with.

Whatever need you might have as a disabled or someone caring for a disabled person, there’s an app out there that can do just what you want.



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