Shmee150 Net Worth

Net Worth: $1 million
Age: 31
Full name: Tim Burton
Born: September 17, 1987
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Vlogger
Last Updated: 2018


As a lover of fast cars, you would know Vlogger Shmee150. What else do you know about him? Do you know Shmee150’s net worth? His career, family etc.

This post has all the above information and more. Read on!


This piece is for the lovers of fast cars and viewers of cars on YouTube. Shmee150 is a YouTube car Vlogger that features fast cars and beautiful cars from all places of the earth.

This private brand, Shmee150 is owned by a car enthusiast, Tim Burton and the brand name has taken over the handsome man’s real name in the media.

With a goal to travel around the world, gathering extensive knowledge about automotive content, this car lover is living every car lover and traveler’s dream.

Shmee150 has a substantial social media followership of car lovers who spend good money on expensive cars.

Through the brand, Burton shares his experiences and gives honest and unbiased opinion about automobiles.

With full understanding that supercar lovers are part of our audience, we put together this piece to unravel the birth, early life, education, career and lifestyle of Shmee150.

Shmee150’s Early Life and Education

Tim Burton (which will be referred to with his brand name, Shmee150) was born on the 17th of September, 1987.

Shmee150 is from England, and his age currently stands at 31. When he was at an early age, he left school to go into the business sector which he believed held a better future for him.

In January 2010, he started a brand under his name. The brand’s startup coincided with the time Lamborghini LP670-4 model and Ferrari 458 Italia was injected into the automobile market.


He made a short vlog of these two cars and the reaction trailing this film inspired him to start up Shmee150, a YouTube channel.

The channel has grown in popularity and has become successful in featuring various events concerning luxurious cars.

The channel is also known for providing reliable reviews about these cars.

The YouTube channel also contains Shmee150’s blog where he gives his followers an in-depth knowledge of the automotive world.

To project his brand, Shmee150, to more heights, Burton had ensured his brand gets excellent social media coverage by having an active social media presence on almost all social platforms.

He is known for traveling to various parts of Europe with his car and also reaches across to all parts of the world.

He has owned several cars like the Porsche 911 GT3, Renault Clio 1.2, McLaren 675LT, etc. Shmee150’s cars are known for reflecting his style and class when it comes to automobiles.

Shmee150’s Career

His business which is his career has to do with featuring supercars and the lifestyles of people that own them.

He takes his fans through experiences with the finest, luxury and expensive supercars and sports cars that he locates all around the world. He also highlights on some fast cars which he buys and uses, himself.

Through Shmee150’s YouTube channel, he gives his followers extensive knowledge of sports cars and supercars.

He doesn’t stop there; he takes his fans along on his travels and road trips.

Shmee150 includes shoots and vlogs of his travels across the world to various car events.

Also, it contains details about rallies, events, showcases, and motor shows that he wants his fans to be informed about.

It might interest you to know that Shmee150 started out with opening his own retail electronic business in London.

This business became profitable and still runs as an online store which gives him income.

Earlier in his days, he left London to New Zealand where he was learning to become a ski instructor.

However, he had a significant injury and had to quit that road to becoming a ski instructor. He returned to the United Kingdom after then.

Following his return to the United Kingdom, he was in and out of jobs both as a full time and as a freelancer; who would have guessed he was being prepared for something more significant.

Currently, Shmee150’s YouTube channel has subsequently developed ferociously, now covering selective occasions reaching all across the world, shooting what many will describe as the most mind-blowing extravagance auto videos ever.

Shmee150’s Personal Life

This young man has proved that living in the fast lane can be exciting; however, we don’t know a lot about his private life.

Anything asides his life on the road and with supercars, he keeps it to himself. One thing is sure; he is in love.

He is in love with beautiful and exotic cars. Shmee150 owns three of them which he calls the Shmee Fleet.

Shmee150’s cars as mentioned earlier include a McLaren 675LT, Ferrari FF and a Porsche Cayenne GT4 which he bought himself and uses them privately.

Shmee150’s Awards and Achievements

Shmee150 has proved beyond doubt his love for cars, and through the brand, Burton is living every car lover’s dream.

Notwithstanding his busy always on the road schedule, he has managed to write a book which he released in 2016 and was immediately sold out.

What was Shmee150’s book about?

His book was about traveling and crash. He titled the book, “Living the Supercar Dream.”

His channel has millions of viewers who love to watch his thrilling lifestyle with amazing supercars.

Interesting Facts about Shmee150

You’ll agree with us that this car lover has a lot of interesting facts about him that catches the eye.

Not only does he spend most of his days on the road, but he plans his routine so excellently that he is always on the ground for every event he wishes to attend.

Shmee150’s first car was a silver Renault Clio 1.2 which he is still sad he sold. He always says he would have kept the car.

He made his first video about a car after he spotted two supercars at Top gear event. Shmee150 felt a burning desire to say something about the cars, and he did. Little did he know that was the start of a career.

He wrote a book about traveling and the cars he saw. He called his book, Living the Supercar Dream, published in 2016 and was sold out among car lovers and his fans.

Now, this is interesting; all Shmee150’s three cars are made in personalized blue paint color. He did this so there wouldn’t be any other care like his in the entire world.

All of his license plates are 87 TB. This shows the year of his birth, 1987 and his initials, TB for Tim Burton.

Why the Name Shmee150?

A lot of questions have been raised by fans on why Tim Burton answers Shmee150.

According to him, he used the name, Shmee, when he was rounding off his first decade on earth, and it stuck since then.

The 150 had to be added because Shmee was already taken as at the time he entered the business. Additionally, the number is connected with some car facts.

Shmee150’s Family and Girlfriend

Little is known about Shmee150’s family as the car lover prefer talking only about cars than any other topic. One thing is for sure; he was born in London to Londoners.

Though little is known about his private life, Shmee150 gave his fans a peek into his relationship life when he introduced them to his girlfriend.

Who is Shmee150’s girlfriend?

Shmee150 showcased his girlfriend in a video he called “MsShmee Drives the R8 Spyder”.

The video got almost 100k views and was a success. However, little is known about this mystery girlfriend Shmee150 is dating.

Her first name wasn’t even revealed as MsShmee150 was used in the video.

Shmee150’s girlfriend also has her own YouTube channel, MsShmee150 which has a pink Aston Martin as the profile picture.

It might interest you to know that all videos disappeared one day from this channel leaving fans with unanswered questions like, “Did Shmee150 break up?”, “What happened to MsShmee150?” among others.

Shmee150’s Social Media Handles

Shmee150 made his fame and fortune on YouTube. Ever since creation, the YouTube channel has grown from height to height, currently covering exclusive events around the world and filming the best of the best of luxury cars around the world.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, he has also expanded his network to include his blog where he posts the latest content and discussions from the web allowing his fans to follow his adventures through the exclusive automotive world.

He has expanded to other social media platforms too. Shmee150’s Facebook page reaches 50 plus millions of people every month, and his Instagram page is growing as fast as his fame.

Shmee150 is also on Twitter with both his business account, Shmee150, and his personal account, MrShmee150.

Shmee150’s cars have been mentioned earlier; he discussed all his cars on a single page on his website.

How Did Shmee150 Make His Money?

Most of Shmee150’s money comes from his YouTube channel where he posts videos of luxury cars and his lifestyle going about talking about these cars.

He also earns through sponsorship advertising and also gets income from other social media platforms where he has fame also.

Asides his income from his passion for cars, Shmee150 earns from his electronic retail business which he started before harnessing his love for fast cars.

Shmee150’s Net Worth (2018)

The answer to the question, “What is the net worth of Shmee150 in 2018?” is finally due to be answered. The YouTuber is estimated to be around $1 million.



With Shmee150’s YouTube channel and other social media pages soaring higher and higher and with more supercars and fast cars upcoming, Shmee150 is expected to have an increase in his net worth in the coming years.





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