Ryan Friedlinghaus Net Worth

Net Worth: $20 million
Age: 43
Full name: Ryan Friedlinghaus
Born: April 22, 1975
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2019


Who is Ryan Friedlinghaus? What is Ryan Friedlinghaus’ net worth? What is Ryan’s salary per year? These questions swarm the search engine daily.

These and many more questions are often asked about the popular Pimp My Ride star, Ryan Friedlinghaus.

This article has been carefully documented to provide answers to pressing questions about Ryan Friedlinghaus.


Ryan Friedlinghaus is the co-founder of a car repair shop ‘West Coast Customs’ that specializes on customizing vehicles.

He founded the company alongside his friend Quinton Dodson in 1994.

Ryan reportedly started the Automobile repair business with $5,000 loan from his grandfather although some publications have claimed he raised the said amount while working at his Father’s store.

Ryan’s Automobile repair business is currently a multi-million dollar establishment thanks to the patronage by popular U.S celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Sean Combs which the store enjoyed during it early days.

Also, appearing on the reality TV show titled ‘Pimp My Ride’ on MTV exposed Ryan’s store to the world making him gain lots of clients and a corresponding increase in Ryan Friedlinghaus’ net worth.

In addition to the patronage from top celebrities, Ryan’s company also works with popular brands such as Virgin, Nintendo, and Microsoft and the company prides itself as one of the best Automobile customizing company all over the world.

Although, like most companies all over the world, West Coast Customs also has it short comings as the company has been accused of not meeting up with deadlines as well as producing low quality customized vehicles.

What is Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Age?

Ryan Friedlinghaus was born in Southern California, USA on April 22, 1975. He is currently 43 years old as of the time of this publication.

What is Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Height?

If you were asked to take shot at Ryan Friedlinghaus’ height, what would your guess be? In a million guesses, would you ever have thought 5 feet 51/2 inches?

Well, there you go, because that’s Ryan Friedlinghaus’ height.

Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Wife

Questions like ‘who is Ryan Friedlinghaus’ wife? The question “Is Ryan Friedlinghaus currently is a relationship”? has often found its way to Ryan’s social media pages.


These questions are often asked by his female fans and we think we should put any questions about Ryan’s relationship status to bed once and for all.

The Pimp my ride reality TV star is currently married to the love of his life named Megan Friedlinghaus and couple have two children together.

Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Sons

The reality TV star is father of two boys and Ryan Friedlinghaus sons include Ryan Jr. and Dylan.

The second son is known as Dynamite Dylan he is currently making a name for himself through his YouTube channel.

Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Wiki

Several years ago when Ryan conceived the idea of rolling out his Automobile pimping company, one could only imagine if he had the slightest idea of how massive the company would become.

West Coast Customs has been up and running for over 20 years now and it is considered as one of the largest custom car shops in North America.

The company has lots of workers on it pat roll with over 40 employee offering variety of custom services such as branded merchandising, customising cars, offering trade school course and other franchising products.

Ryan’s company also has a reality TV show called ‘Street Customs’ which airs on discovery channel.

The show is known to thrill its audience with the entire process of vehicle assemblage as well as it auction and selling.

The company has extended it services far beyond the shores of the United States with stores in countries like Malaysia, Japan, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and China.

His establishment outside the U.S has widely been credited to his appearance on reality TV.

After the season one of MTV’s Pimp My Ride, people trooped to the company’s social media page with questions of whether the company has plans to erect branches outside the United States.

The questions and request from fans outside U.S inspired Ryan to roll out branches outside the U.S.

This move has been a masterstroke with Ryan Friedlinghaus’ net worth increasing significantly ever since.

Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Shops

Currently, Ryan Friedlinghaus is planning on opening franchises in Canada and Australia.

In spite of the many positives about West coast customs, the company has also suffered it share of criticism.

The company has been accused of employing an aggressive promotional and sales tactics, producing low quality vehicles which are potentially risky and unsafe to drive.

Ryan has also been dragged by his ex-employees for his alleged ill employment practices.

Notwithstanding, West Coast Customs is currently one of the biggest car repair companies in the world with a wide network of automobile stores spread over the United States and other European countries.

Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Reality TV show

Are you a fan of the popular MTV car show called pimp my ride?

If yes, then you probably would have seen the entrepreneur Ryan in one of the episodes.

Given the success of car pimping company, Ryan was approached by MTV for a potential reality TV show and after negotiations Ryan and MTV went into partnership.

It has been said that the show favoured Ryan better than it did Ryan although there is no proof to back such claims.

The show which was hosted by the American rapper Xzibit became an instant hit with wide viewership all over the world.

This ultimately became the reason why Ryan opened up shops outside the United States.

Ryan Friedlinghaus’ Net Worth (2019)

What is Ryan Friedlinghaus’ net worth? The pimp my ride star has been in the car repair business for about 24 years but the question remains how has the company transformed Ryan Friedlinghaus’ net worth?


Ryan Friedlinghaus’ net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2019 and most of his income has been accrued through his auto-repair company.

In 2008 alone, Ryan’s company reportedly made $10 million in gross income and the figure has reportedly been on a constant increase all over the years.

Call him all you want, but Ryan is currently the smartest auto-repair dealer in the whole world.



Apart from a few negatives about his business strategies, Ryan has proven to be a smart businessman.

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