Russell Howard Net Worth

Net Worth: £5 million
Age: 38
Full name: Russell Joseph Howard
Born: March 23, 1980
Country of Origin: Britain
Occupation: Comedian, Actor, TV Personality
Last Updated: 2018


Russell Howard is best known for his TV shows and his comedy. One question remains unanswered “Is that all there is to this amazing personality”? Join us as we take you on a journey to discover Russell Howard’s net worth, family and secrets.

Russell Howard’s Biography

Russell was birthed in the South West England city of Bristol on March 23 in 1980. He is the first child of his parents, Ninette and Dave Howard whom brought him up along with his twin brother and sister.

Perins School, a high-performing academy for kids between the ages of 11 and 16, was home to Howard for a few years.

The school is located in Hampshire, a market town found in Alresford. He also attended Alton College also located in Hampshire before moving on to further his education in Bristol.

Russell earned a degree in Economics from the University of the West of England.

Russell developed a huge liking for football at a very early age and became a Liverpool Football Club fan. His love was so great that he also joined a club under the Southern League Premier Division, the Basingstoke Town Football Club and played for some years before venturing into comedy.

The seemingly multi-faceted Howard is also a part of Friends of the Earth, an organization geared towards environmental care.

A DVD record of Wonderbox, a stand-up comedy tour he went on in 2014, revealed that Russell is indeed an atheist.

The social media personality currently resides in Camden, London. He shares a house with Cerys, his live-in-girlfriend and Archie, their beloved dog. Cerys is a qualified Medical Practitioner (she studied Medicine and Surgery).

Russell Howard’s Sister

Entertainment seems to run in the family’s blood, at least for 2 out of 3 of the three siblings.

Russell’s only sister is named Kerry Elizabeth Howard; she was born on March 24 1982 along with Daniel, her twin brother.

She graduated from Edge Hill University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama at the age of 21.

Kerry got married to Gabriel Vick in 2012 at Prior Pack Chapel.

The couple have two sons together, the first, Wesley, was born on April 15th 2014 while the second, Callum, was born in June 2017.

Kerry is an Actress of English descent and has featured in some comedy series, television movie and series.

Her debut appearance was as Dan’s girlfriend in the 2009 TV movie called Things Talk.

She has about 21 filmography credits to her name for various roles including The Wedding Video (as Mrs Ring Pillow in 2012), Give Out Girls (a 2014 TV series) and Judge Romesh (as Clerk Kerry in 2018). Kerry Howard is really famous for her role as Laura in Him & Her, a comedy series shown on BBC 3.

Russell Howard’s Brother

Daniel Howard is the younger brother to the Entertainment guru, Russell Howard. He is the twin brother of Kerry Howard.

Russell showed support for the Epilepsy Society when he participated in a London Marathon geared towards raising fund for the group.

Daniel and Kerry, also ran for the charity marathon race. Daniel actually has epilepsy and his siblings support him every step of the way.

In some of Russell’s videos, he makes mention of his brother’s health condition.

Daniel’s epilepsy is as a result of an injury to the head which he sustained at the early age of 10.

He was out cycling with his elder brother, Russell, when the accident occurred and left him with sharp headaches for about a year.

His siblings were the first to find him during his first seizure and after that, the seizures came months apart until medications were able to subdue them considerably.

Daniel completed his high school education and moved on to study Modern Economics History.

During the summer holiday after his second year in the university, Daniel suffered a major fit, the worst ever, which influenced the decision of his withdrawing from school.

His move back home was a really emotional one for him as his driving license was collected from him since he couldn’t drive in the village where they live for security reasons.

He also had to give up the life (and friends) he was already building up in college.

Gradually, however, Daniel has fallen in step with his ‘new’ life especially with the massive support received from his siblings and parents.

When the siblings participated in the marathon event, it was in a bid to collect funds for Epilepsy Society and they were able to raise about £7,000.

Amazingly, Daniel still leads an interesting life as the Manager of a football team and also as a player.

This is because he understands the importance of a good health care regime.

Russell Howard’s Wife/Girlfriend

Russell isn’t in a married relationship yet but he does live with his girlfriend of some years, Cerys Morgan.


She is the sister of a friend of his and they actually met and began dating when he was 21 much to her brother’s chagrin.

Cerys brother later ‘gave his blessing’ to their relationship and they have remained friends, Howard was even an usher at his wedding.

Russell Howard’s Career

BBC Radio 1 commissioned Russell to be a part of The Milk Run show as a Singer, Writer and Performer in 2004.

BBC Radio 4 also gleaned from his talent as it hired him to appear in shows like Political Animal and Banter.

Fame however really set in in 2006 when he began co-hosting his self-named show with Jon Richardson, another Comedian, on BBC Radio 6 Music.

He however left the show which was titled The Russell Howard Show a while later and returned in 2009.

He later gave reasons for leaving the show as finding the show too restrictive for his talent and not getting the crowd’s reaction.

Following the works of some famous Comedians like Frank Skinner and Lee Evans made Russell Howards discover his passion for comedy.

Richard Pryor also had a hand in inspiring Howard’s comedy career. In his first years, he was seen regularly on Mock the Week, a television show, as a Panelist.

He also made appearances on comedy shows like Live at the Apollo, 8 Out of 10 Cats and Would I Lie to You.

The Russell Howard’s Good News began airing on BBC 3 in October 2009. It entailed Howard relating the highlights of the weekly news and saying his opinion on them.

It was no surprise when with Howard news became more like comedy earning him great respect and popularity.

An event was done to mark the BBC 3’s 10th anniversary and several awards were dished out including the network’s best show which was won easily by Russell Howard’s Good News.

In 2015, the Russell Howard’s Stand Up Central came on air with Russell as Presenter but it aired for about a year only.

Howard began a travel documentary show on Comedy Central in 2016 which showed him and his mother as they journeyed through different parts of the United States.

The show was called Russell Howard & Mum: USA Road Trip and it recorded quite some success.

Howard Russell’s acting career began with A Gert Lush Christmas, a comedy drama that he co-wrote (with Steve William) and featured in as the star Actor in 2015.

He has gone on tour to different countries of the world. His first tour, Adventures, was in 2007 and was released on a tape the following year.

In 2014, he did a tour called Wonderbox  for stand-up comedy in Australia, Britain, the United States of America, Ireland and Zealand. His fifth tour titled Round the World was done in 2017 and included USA, New Zealand, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland. All of his tours have been documented and released in individual DVD tapes.

Russell Howard Stand-Up

As a master presenter that he is, Howard also began another show called Russell Howard stand-up central which was shown on Comedy Central.

It ran for two series in 2015 and 2016 but a 3rd series couldn’t be done in 2017 following tour commitments.

His spot on the show was then given to a replacement in the person of Chris Ramsey.

Russell Howard Good News

He created a comedy show which airs on BBC 3 called the Russell Howard’s Good News. It was made to appeal to young persons below the age of 25 and seven episodes were aired.

An additional two episodes were also shown, one as a Christmas special and the other as a ‘best of’. The show which first aired on October 29 2009 grew so well that it won the spot of the Best Show ever to be shown on the channel.

The success of the show led to the commissioning of two extra seasons in 2010. Subsequently, more series were added until 2014 when the 9th began showing on a new station, BBC Two.

Russell Howard YouTube

The Comedian joined YouTube on the 26th of July, 2006 and began posting funny videos. He currently has over 630,000 subscribers with over 100 million video views.

Russell Howard Awards

Russell’s first award was given to him in 2006 at the Chortle Awards as the Best Compere. He was also nominated that year for a comedy award following his performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (in 2005) though he ended up not winning.

Russell Howard Net Worth (2018)

It’s commonly said that talk is cheap but when you are Russell Howard, a successful Television Comedian and Presenter then talk definitely isn’t cheap.


This Englishman has his net worth estimated at a starling £5 million in 2018. This is definitely a long way from his beginning days in 1999.



With a lot of shows ans events going on, Russell is bound to thrill us and make us merry in laughter.

We expect to see more of his exploits in the coming years.