Ruby Rose Net Worth 2018; Movies, Age, House and Career

Net Worth: $2 million
Age: 32
Full name: Ruby Rose Langenheim
Born: 20 March, 1986
Country of Origin: Australia
Occupation: Australian Model, DJ, Recording Artist, Actress, Television Presenter
Last Updated: 2018

This article contains Ruby Rose net worth in 2018 and all you need to know about the versatile Australian lady.

Ruby Rose is a multi-talented TV personality with interest that cuts across the width of entertainment in Australia.

Rose began her journey to stardom with a career in modelling, before switching to the studios to become both a Disk Jockey and a recording artist.

She had since go on to feature in films, both in her country Australia and offshore, Hollywood.

You won’t be wrong to address Ruby rose as a TV presenter as she was MTV’s VJ for some years.

Ruby Rose is best known in her country, Australia as a TV presenter.

Her smile, charm, and ability to coin words made her hosted popular Australian TV programs such as – Australia’s Next Top Model and The Project on Network Ten.

What career is left for Ruby Rose to pursue?

The actress would welcome suggestions as her talent, versatility and zeal to make her mark in the world of entertainment know no bound.

Ruby Rose Net Worth 2018

Ruby Rose net worth is fast becoming a subject of public discuss because of her surge in International TV appearance, thanks to her adventure in Hollywood.

Apart from Ruby Rose’s net worth, fans also frequently ask the question – what is Ruby Rose’s Salary per film?

Does Ruby Rose’s net worth match her rising fame?

We shall allow you make the call as we reveal her salary per movie and net worth.

Ruby Rose’s salary is currently between $150,000 and $200,000 per movie.

Her pay to host a TV show is currently between $50,000 and $100,000

Ruby Rose’s net worth as of 2018 is estimated to be $2 million.

Ruby Rose Family

Rose was born on March 20, 1986 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to a young single mother, Katia Langenheim.

Growing up for the actress wasn’t rosy as her name suggests. It was a real struggle for her Mother.

Her 20 year old mother found it difficult to combine work and grooming young rose.

In a search for greener pastures, the mother moved a lot with the actress, living in low-income cities of Victoria, Tasmania, and Surfers Paradise.

She eventually settled in Melbourne.

Ruby Rose Age

The artiste/recording artiste turned 32 in the month of March. Does she look her age? No she doesn’t.

Ruby Rose Education

Rose attended University High School and Footscray City College.

She reported a series of abuse and discrimination during her school days.

Ruby Rose Personal Life

Apart from her fame as a TV personality, Ruby Rose is also popular for her sexual orientation.

As early as when the actress was 12, she made it known to her mother and all who cared to know that she didn’t feel like a girl.

Young Rose reportedly attempted suicide because of constant abuse from students in her school.

She was segregated a lot by friends leading to constant depression.

Young Rose constantly said she would consider transiting to a boy someday.

She made efforts towards to this effect, putting up savings to help transition to a boy someday.

Few years ago she was asked why she was yet to make the transition to a male and the actress replied thus,

“I had it in mind to transit while growing up, but I think I outgrew the thought”.

Ruby Rose Struggles

Rose discussed a lot with her transgender friends who underwent transition to become males.

She noticed they shared different reasons about transitioning and she decided not to make the transition ‘for now,’ according to Rose.

Rose reported she disliked the ideal of growing into a woman, she said that the thought of having boobs made her sick as a young girl.

Rose said she slept a lot on her front to suppress breast growth. She said ‘I think it worked’

According to her, her career as a model made her develop a different view about gender.

The best compliment the actress got as a child was when she was in a restaurant and someone walked up to her and asked if she was a girl or a boy.

The owner of the restaurant walked up to her and asked, ‘Excuse me, we’re trying to work out if you’re a handsome boy or a beautiful girl.’

Rose, loved the idea of being mistaken for a boy.

The actress is gender fluid. According to Rose, I view myself as a gender neutral.

She made this known days after the release of the film “Break Free” in which she starred.

In the movie, Rose played a character of a woman that changed to a man.

The actress has become used to the idea of being called a woman.

She said it is ok when people address her as a woman.

However, if she has to choose, she would prefer to be called a male.

She doesn’t like being born in a feminine body.

Ruby Rose’s Husband

Fans of the Australian Celebrity are quick to ask about the marriage life of the actress.

Her social media page is often littered with the questions – Is Ruby Rose married? Who is Ruby Rose’s husband? Etc.

These questions often come from fans that are not aware of Rose’s sexual orientation.

Four years ago, Rose announced her engagement with her partner, Phoebe Dah. A year later, Rose called it quit on their engagement.

In 2016, the actress entered a relationship with popular Australian musician, Jess Origliasso but their relationship lasted barely two years as it ended in April.

Ruby Rose Career

Ruby Rose Fashion Career

Rose’s journey into the world of fashion began 18 years ago when she worked with an Australian fashion outfit to design a capsule fashion line.

The actress designed T-shirts, Jeans, leather jackets etc. Initially, proceeds from these designs were too small.

It added little or nothing to Rose net worth. However, she currently earns big from fashion designing.

Four years ago Rose worked with Phoebe Dah. She designed casual wear for Phoebe Dah’s Faircloth Lane.

Her collaboration with various clothing outfits paid off. She covered pages of both local and international popular magazines like – InStyle Magazine, Claire Magazine, Inked Magazine.

Ruby Rose Modelling Career

Her quest to become a model began in the year 2002 when she entered a modelling competition. She finished as a runner up in the competition.

Ruby rose has graced runways of popular event centres both in Australia and abroad.

Earnings from her modelling career is adding immensely to Ruby Rose’s net worth.

Ruby Rose Movies

Rose delved into acting 5 years ago when she starred in the movie Around the Block as the character Hannah

Her second movie was a year later in 2014 when played the character as herself in the film Break free.

Subsequently, her 3rd movie was in 2016, when she featured as the voice of Bianca in the movie Sheep and Wolves

­Her flair for acting began to gain wide acceptance locally and internationally in 2016 as she featured in another film.

She starred in a Hollywood movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.  Rose played the role of Abigail.

In 2016, she featured in her 3rd film xXx: Return of Xander Cage. She played the role of Adele wolf perfectly, thanks to her masculinity.

Her performance in the movie fetched her two nominations in Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie.

The actress won one of the nominations which she shared with Indian actress, Deepika Padukone.

In 2017, she starred in John Wick 2. She played the role of Ares.

Same year, she featured as calamity in the film Pitch Perfect 3

In 2018, she played the role of Jaxx Herd in The Meg. 2019 is set to witness as John wick 3 would hit the cinemas.

Ruby Rose Break Free

After a series of childhood traumas and molestation, her inclination to become a boy increased.

However, Ruby never followed the process of transgender but she made a strong statement with a short film.

She released a short film which was written and produced by herself titled “Break Free”.

The short film which depicted her tying bandages on her breasts, removing her make-up and polished nails.

She also cut her hair and dressed typically as a male.

When she was interviewed and asked questions, she replied “That the video was a remuneration of certain experiences.

She said the video depicts the struggles a lot of people go through regarding sexuality.

In addition, she said the video can be watched from the start to the end and vice versa, still relaying the same message.”

Ruby Rose’s House

The home of the actress is located at Da Lat, 1.1 km from Lam Vien Square.

The house is located in the heart of the city.

Her home is furnished with modern facilities that can only be afforded by the rich.

Ruby’s home is located 1.3 km from Xuan Huong Lake, and 1.4 km from Yersin Park Da Lat.

The Location of Ruby’s home makes it a choice property. The property is 22.5 km from Lien Khuong Airport.

The property has an all-day front desk, room services and well-furnished storage to contain luggage.

Each room in the property is a master room furnished with a television, bathroom and a toilet.

Reputable websites renowned for reviewing and rating properties all over the world have given Rose’s property a high score.

Couples, a popular property reviewing website love Rose’s property – they rated it 9.6

Ruby Rose’s Car

It is fair to say the actress love for car is a far cry compared to her love for modelling or fashion than to say Ruby Rose Net worth can’t afford luxury cars.

The actress is usually sported in public with modest cars compared to the cars of other popular celebrities drive

Her car collection contains Audi and Mazda.



Ruby Rose is still at beginning of her career. With her recent venture into Hollywood, we expect Ruby Rose net worth to increase immensely over the next couple of years.

For latest news on celebrity net worth and other events, we’re sure to keep you updated.





















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