Randall Pich Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 million
Age: 30
Full name: Randall Pich
Born: February 18, 1988
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2018


The life of the American celebrity designer is an inspiration and has been told on several U.S dailies and Magazines. Today we shall learn about Randall Pich’s net worth as well as his biography.

Who is Randall Pich?

Randall Pich was born on February 18, 1988 in Long Beach, California U.S. He is an entrepreneur and CEO several clothing outfits.

Randall’s rise from grass to grace is somewhat similar to what is obtainable on Disneyland or the Nickelodeon channel.


Born to Cambodian refugees, while growing up, the celebrity fitness trainer and designer had little or no idea of what the future had for him.

Unbothered about his future, Randall was only concerned about enjoying each moment in the best way possible.

As a growing young boy, Randall rolled with guys who can be described as hardcore and they almost could not pass by a day without skating.

During this time, there were lots of clothing lines springing up and making raves in his neighbourhood but Randall was indifferent about establishing his own brand. All Randall did was to design for these brands.

While other guys were putting out clothing lines, Randall was busy catching fun, skating and hanging-out with friends. He designed as a hobby for the brands.

Randall Pich’s Clothing Line

Shortly after, Pich decided to establish his own local clothing line but he was too myopic to envision the potentials of his clothing line.

He established his line while attending Wilson High School and after graduating in 2007, he decided to take hiatus from designing and enrolled to obtain a degree from the University.

While at college, his friends proceeded with their vision of making world-renowned brand out of their local brand and today those brands have become very successful as they are multi-million dollar brands.

In college, Randall pursued a degree in Kinesiology and during those periods, he developed a passion for working out and before long, he became a personal fitness trainer.

Although Randall was reluctant to make a career out of men’s fashion, he never completely abandoned fashion because he has a flair for designing. Randall designed fabulous outfits effortlessly.

Randall Pich and his friend Bruce put up a clothing store where they sold T-shirt while in college while being a personal trainer.

Personal training and bodybuilding came natural for Randall because he already had a penchant for work outs and keeping fit, being a skater.

He entered for several bodybuilding competitions while in school and later he dropped out of school to pursue a career in cloth designing.

Randall made ‘Live Fit.’ clothing exclusively for his clients.

Now, he has put out a true lifestyle brand that is literally a summary of his lifestyle – fitness, skateboarding, and surfing.

His clothing line is now one of the leading apparels in the United States.

Randall Pich’s Career

Randall Pich is reportedly multi-talented with the capacity to excel in various unrelated career fronts.

As a teenager, unsure of what to become in future, the celebrity cloth maker joined a band.

And as he grew older, Randall developed passion for other things. At first he planned on majoring on as a fitness trainer in career.

Randall became a personal trainer and enjoyed the patronage of some high profile clients but even as a trainer, he was setting tones to make a foray into men’s fashion

His natural ability for fashion and art swayed him into clothing line and before long he established his own clothing line.

Randall Pich’s Clothing Line

Randall Pitch soon established his clothing line called ‘Live Fit.’

At the onset, his cloths were exclusively made for fitness clients and later he decided to go into public production.

His decision to go public was prompted by his large number of fitness clients.

His clients grew massively that he usually had a long waiting listing and these clients also wanted his cloths.

After upgrading his production scale, Randall utilised social networking platforms to advertise his apparel and he began to enjoy the patronage of strangers.

Randall Pich established his company ‘RP Fitness’ and his list of followership and clients grew remarkably and they patronised his ‘Live Fit’ clothing line.

The demand from clients soon became so massive and too much for Randall alone to handle and he began to employ workers who helped him out with some designs.

‘Live Fit’ has gone on to become a multimillion dollar brand which has pumped in huge amount into Randall Pich net worth.

The name of Randall Pich clothing is ‘Live Fit’ inspired by his penchant for work outs and his career as a personal fitness trainer.

Who is Randall Pich’s Fiance?

The successful cloth maker has become accustomed with questions like; Is Randall Pich in a relationship? Who is Randall Pich’s fiancé? And several other relationships related questions.


The 30 year old celebrity cloth maker is currently dating a fellow fitness enthusiast. Randall Pich’s fiancé is named Sanar da hotuna.

The pair are taking things slowly and are yet to say anything about marriage of the time of this publication.

Randall Pich’s Cars

What cars does Randall Pich own? Being a fashion enthusiast with some figures in his bank account, we sure don’t expect Pich to disappoint with his choice of automobiles.

Randall is the proud owner of luxury automobiles. Some of Randall Pich cars include;

  • Lamborghini
  • Audi
  • Mercedes

Randall Pich’s Family

Apart from the fact that Pich was born by refugees who migrated to the United States from Cambodia, not much is known about Pich’s family.

The celebrity cloth maker has never divulged any information about his parents and we don’t know if he has siblings as he prefers to keep his family affairs private.

Randall Pich’s Net Worth (2018)

What is Randall Pich’s net worth? The iconic men’s cloth maker has done well to make his clothing line become both the envy and model of other clothing line.

And as such, Randall Pich’s net worth has increased remarkably. The Cambodian born American is on some projects to his fortune rise even more.

Randall Pich’s net worth is currently estimated to be $5 million as of 2018.



Randall Pich still 30, is still off his heydays in the fashion industry. We expect the young entrepreneur to become a force to reckon with in the world of Men’s fashion in the coming years.

Also, this translates to an expected significance increase in Randall Pich’s net worth.