Peter Sallis Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 million
Age: 96
Full name: Peter John Sallis OBE
Born: February 1, 1921
Died: June 2, 2017
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Occupation: Actor
Last Updated: 2018


He may be dead he sure left a mark. Let us intimate you with details about this actor Peter Sallis such as his net worth, life, awards etc.

King George V established the Order of the British Empire (OBE) on June 4 1917. The award was for the recognizance of persons with commendable contributions and achievements in the world of science, the arts, welfare and public service.

Every fourth year, a religious service is held in the chapel of the order during which recipients are awarded.

Notable recipients of this award include The Duke of Edinburgh in 1953 and The Lord King of Lothbury in 2011.

In 2007, the Queen and held a Birthday Honours to commemorate her birthday in which several persons received the OBE.

Of this lot, the Actor, Peter Sallis was awarded an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his services to drama.

He was an Actor popularly known for working on the British television.

Peter Sallis’ Biography

In Twickenham, a suburban area of South-West London, Harry Sallis welcomed his only son and child to the world and he was named Peter John Sallis.

Harry who was born in 1889 was a Bank manager at the time and his beloved wife, Peter’s mother, was Dorothy Amea Frances, formerly Barnard.

He attended a school in Southgate called Minchenden Grammar School from where he moved on to the bank.

His responsibility at the bank involved shipping transactions which he did faithfully until the World War II broke out.

At this point, Peter decided to become a part of the aerial warfare force of the United Kingdom, The Royal Air Force.

However, he was set back from actually being flight personnel due to a medical disorder, an abnormality in his blood albumin which at high elevations could lead to blackouts.

So Peter became the next interesting thing, a wireless mechanic, which he actually excelled at.

Soon, he began lecturing radio procedures at the Royal Air Force Cranwell which also houses the Royal Air Force College. Altogether, he stayed at the RAF for a period of four years.

From 1946 to 1949, Peter attended a repertory theatre after which he began his voice roles in 1949.

His greatest achievement as a voice Artist was the series of productions in which he voiced a character named Wallace.

Several of these productions won award under Oscar and BAFTA and the Actor also earned a personal award from this series in 2005.


Peter Sallis married an English Actress named Elaine Usher in 1957 (February 4th). The wedding ceremony took place in the parish of the Church of England located in St. John’s Wood in London.

They welcomed their bundle of joy in 1959 and named him Crispian Sallis. Sadly, their happiness didn’t last ‘forever after’ as Elaine left him 16 times before their final divorce 8 years later.

The divorce was filed on the basis of infidelity and desertion. Peter seemed unable to ‘keep it in his pants’ as he constantly hurt his wife whom had given her career a pause for the good of the family.

An affair with a Brenda Richardson was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Interestingly, the Actor couple made up and had a live-in relationship for about 30 years (till 1999).

The philandering didn’t necessarily stop as Elaine is reported to have said that she stopped keeping tabs on his women in 1983.

However, when the duo separated again, they still remained good friends until Usher breathed her last in 2014.

Crispian is now a British Art Director with three nominations to his name.

Sometime in 1994, Sallis was diagnosed of age-related macular degeneration. The condition became worse in 2005, that same year he made a radio appeal for the society on BBC Radio 4.

In March 2009, he followed this up with an appeal (television) on BBC One. He was a Patron for the Macular Society.

This condition didn’t stop his professional life as he continued acting until 2010 when he retired at age 89.

He was indeed a successful and accomplished Actor and Voice Artist.

Peter Sallis wrote his autobiography with John Miller as Collaborator. The hardcover copy of the book Fading into the Limelight: the Autobiography was released on November 9th 2006.

The book is a narration of his life from his early days to his career accomplishments as at 2006.

It made for a very interesting and enjoyable read, one his fans were thrilled to have. In 2014, he released another book titled Summer Wine and Other Stories – My Autobiography.

This time around, he wittingly tells the story of his time on and off the screen and the amazing and ‘not so amazing’ time that he had.

As the first, this was an easy read and became really popular in no time.

Peter Sallis’ Career

Peter made his debut as an Actor in a non-professional production of a comic play, Hay Fever, written by Noel Coward in 1924.

He played the lead role in the movie which was offered to him by a student of his at RAF.

When the war came to an end, he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art as he had reached the decision to continue as an Actor following his wide acceptance in Hay Fever.

This decision was supported by the scholarship he got from Sir Alexander Korda, a British Film Producer, Director and Screenwriter.

Peter played an under-sixes part in the 18th century play, St. Patrick’s Day, written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, when the play was performed on a London stage.

The September 1946 production was his debut professional acting work.

Peter had a very ‘enticing’ voice and his career as a voice artist commenced in 1949 in an ‘unnamed’ play held on a London stage.

Asides other productions and plays, Peter also voiced for television works like The Wind in the Willows as Rat (from 1984 to 1990).

He played as Wallace (for which he is popularly known) in Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out (1989), The Wrong Trousers (1993), A Close Shave (1995), The Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit (2001), Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions (2002), Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005; he also played here as Hutch), A Matter of Loaf and Death (2008) and finally in Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention in 2010.

It is quite interesting how Peter’s role as Wallace started with his fee being just £50 actually donated to a charity he really liked.

This happened in 1963 when Nick Park, an animator, sent him a letter regarding the role. The movie was released in 1978, won a BAFTA Awards and led to a series of ‘Wallace’ films.

The second and third productions also won awards, Oscar and BAFTA respectively. The 2005 movie won an Oscar as well as the Best Voice Acting which the Actor won in the Annie Awards.

After the 2010 production, he was replaced by Ben Whitehead.

In 1963, Peter featured in She Loves Me, a musical produced by Hal Prince and the next year, he got introduced to Broadway by the same Producer. He acted as Dr. Watson in Baker Street which was closely followed by the role of Wally in the Inadmissible Evidence.

Some of his works on television include The Diary of Samuel Pepys (as Samuel Pepys in 1958), The Avengers (1964), The Persuaders (as David Piper in 1971), Leave It to Charlie (as Arthur Simister in 1978-1980) and Kingdom (as Cyril in 2009).

For films, Peter has about 38 works to his credit wherein he played as either an Actor or voice Artist.

Roy Clarke created a sitcom for the British audience titled Last of the Summer Wine.

It made its debut appearance on TV (BBC) in January 2004 and continued till 2010 making it the longest running British sitcom ever.

The series saw a lot of Actors and other crew members come and go but the only Actor that stayed from the first to last episode (all 295 of them) was its lead, Peter Sallis.

The movie was loved for its portrayal of old age in the positive light. It showed three ‘old’ men having fun like children in a village in Yorkshire and also depicted geriatric lust which ironically, Peter’s character, Norman Clegg, always avoided.


When it ended, it was no surprise that the last line was made by Peter Sallis.

Peter Sallis’ Movies and Shows

As an Actor and Voice Artist, Peter had over 180 credits for various roles in plays and productions, musicals, television series, documentaries, mini-series, short films, video games and movies spanning across his 63 years career.

Peter Sallis’ Net Worth

Peter Sallis’ net worth was estimated at $10 million, about 7.67 million Pound Sterling.

Peter Sallis’ Death

A while after his retirement, Peter Sallis moved to Denville Hall, London, a retirement and nursing home for professionals of film and theatre.

The home which is located in Northwood was the place where the movie icon gave up the ghost. He died at age 96 on the 2nd of June 2017.

Peter Sallis’ Cause of Death

The British Actor popularly known for his voice role as Wallace in several productions spanning across 21 years, died in 2017 of natural causes.

Peter Sallis’ Age

He was given birth to in February 1921 and at the time of his death (in June 2017), Peter Sallis was 96 years and 4 months old.

Peter Sallis’ Funeral

He was laid to rest in St. John’s Parish, the same church he wedded, in Upperthong. He was buried alongside William John Owen Rowbotham popularly known as Bill Owen and as Peter’s fellow character, Compo Simmonite, in Last of the Summer Wine. Bill died on the 12th of July 1999 at age 85.



Peter has lived a legacy as a legendary actor and as we can do in his memory is to celebrate the life he lived.

In the movie industry, it’s evident an icon has departed.





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