Pauly Shore Net Worth

Net Worth: $15 million
Age: 50
Full name: Paul Montgomery Shore
Born: February 1, 1968
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Director
Last Updated: 2018


The movie industry has given a lot of talented hotshots a platform to change the world through their amazing acts on stage and one person who has utilized this opportunity is the famous ‘Pauly Shore’. Ring a bell? Definitely! If you are a movie lover, you must have seen his acts a few times if not a lot of times or laughed at some of his acts and jokes, if not all. Okay, so you are Pauly Shore’s fan, and you are wondering how Pauly Shore attained his fame, the secrets surrounding him. You’re probably even asking is Pauly Shore gay? What is Pauly Shore’s net woth? Are the rumors of Pauly Shore’s death true? Stay with us as we unwrap this comic movie star. You are in for a great ride.

Pauly Shore’s Early Life and Education

Pauly Shore isn’t just your ordinary type of actor. You probably know that already. As a Pauly Shore fan, you must have asked a lot of questions concerning his early life and where he started from.

How can someone be so comic, you’d even laugh if he faked death? You’ve probably asked that too.

The best way to get your facts straight is to drop all the distractions and join this train that reveals what you seek most – Facts and knowledge. Welcome aboard, here goes everything.


Paul Montgomery Shore, yeah, that is his original name was born into the household of the Shores to Mitzi Shore and Sammy Shore on the 1st of February, 1968.

Someone once said, “Blood never lies”. It turns out that both parents of this comic genius are comedians. His mother Mitzi founded The Comedy Store, and his father is an outright comedian.

Judging from this information, we wouldn’t expect less from their son. He is actually living up to expectations as he followed in his parents’ footsteps.

Did you ever think Pauly Shore was an only child?

Well, you don’t have to anymore as that school of thought does not rhyme with the fact we have here.

Pauly shore grew up in Beverly Hills, California alongside his brothers and sister. They were raised in the Jewish religion and as their parents are both Jewish.

In 1986, Shore graduated from Beverly Hills High School after having debuted at the Alley Cat Bistro as a stand-up comedian as a 17-year-old teenager.

A totally amazing talent it must be to have shown up before graduation.

Pauly Shore’s age you might think will keep him from being comic, but at the age of 50, Paul Montgomery Shore who was nicknamed Pauly is definitely not thinking about being any less comic.

Apart from writing, acting, directing and producing movies, comedy is his other medicine.

The one medicine he can’t let go of. Another endearing characteristic of his is his height? You are probably wondering how tall he could be.

This Jewish comedian has a height of 5 ft 7.5 inches. Shore’s hunger for success took him to Sam Kinison under whom he took up a mentorship program.

This simple act enabled him to open several of his sets.

Pauly Shore’s Career

After his inspiration from watching his parents make people laugh got him his first audience at the Alleycat Bistro, he moved on to make bigger waves with his position as MTV VJ.

He held this post for as long as 5 years from the year 1989 to 1994. You weren’t expecting his stay to be so short were you? That was because he had bigger and better waves to create.

MTV brought him into the limelight and so as a famous comedian now he began to host his own shows.

This lasted for 5 years too from the year 1990-1995. Looks like the number five is really significant in this man’s life.

His movie career began in the year 1992 with his movie Encino Man. Before this, he released music videos such as ‘Lisa, Lisa, the one I adore” in a show tagged ‘Totally Pauly’.

After his career kicked off, he got some great roles which he played in movies such as; 18 Again, Class act, A Goofy Movie, For Keeps, Lost Angels etc. but just like every challenge comes, it mostly comes when everything is working out so well.

After playing in less productive roles in movies such as Jury Duty, Son in Law, Bio-Dome and In the Army, he started his own TV show which sold out for 5 seasons, and everything gradually began to crash before his very eyes.

His income gradually reduced, and so did his net worth.

He delved immediately into investing and buying properties. In the year 2003, he released is documentary ‘Pauly Shore is Dead’ which sold out all through America.

Pauly Shore’s Awards & Achievements

You wouldn’t believe that as funny as Pauly is thought to be by his audience and fans, the year 2000 landed him an award he never expected.

He was awarded the worst new star of the decade. This happened after he has been awarded the worst actor for 3 different years that is 1993, 1996 and 1997.

Despite these awards, Pauly is very proud of himself and his movies even the very worst of them.

Pauly Shore’s Lifestyle & Controversies

Pauly Shore practically lives his life touring the world and visiting every nook and cranny of it with his jokes.

He believes that the road is his home as against the belief of certain celebrities who are scared to hit the road.

He once told the world that he was brought up in Hollywood. Who wouldn’t believe that? The facts a blinding.

Although not married, Pauly shore would often be seen with different ladies on different occasions.

Rumor has it that behind the array of ladies such as; Kina Tavarozi, Wafah Dufour, Brandy Alexandre, Jilian Grace, Jewel De’Nyle, Midori and the likes whom he had showcased to the world on different accounts in the past, there is a male sweetheart of his.

This rumor in so many ways points out that he is gay, but it’s still not certified. His rumored gay boyfriend who goes by the name Alex Noble is a fashion designer.

You’d say practically tailored for greatness right? Pauly has a peculiar saying which he uses to back up his lifestyle which goes “I’m Jewish and have always had a thing where it is okay to dance with the devil, but all I know is, just don’t become the devil.

Even at my peak I most certainly do not go over the top”.  Now, is Pauly Shore actually dead?

Some rumors actually hold no water as Pauly Shore is alive and kicking. The one time he was reported dead was in a mockumentary where he featured as himself ‘Pauly Shore’ and had other actors take up different roles.

Pauly Shore’s Family

Being born into a Jewish family, Pauly has a sister named Sandy Shore and two brothers who go by the names, Peter and Scott Shore.

His parents Mitiz and Sammy Shore are to be thanked profusely for inspiring him into the comic line.

He lives in Beverly Hills just as his parents do. He has no children yet as he isn’t married and nobody knows if he has ever let a thought go down that drain.

Will he get married or come out if he were genuinely gay? That, nobody, knows.

Pauly Shore’s Social Media Handles

Pauly shore being the sort of celebrity whose presence online matters a lot to him and his fans have 6 social media handles with which you can reach him.

He can be seen on YouTube( where he has up to 4,761 subscribers and 84.7K followers.

He has an official website ( Pauly’s other social media handles include: His snapchat profile (, His twitter handle ( and his Instagram handle ( which has 46K followers.

Pauly Shore’s Salary

Wondering what this American comedian receives as salary would amaze you even after having most of his work improperly reviewed. He won as at 2017, the sum of $1.1 million as salary.

How Does Pauly Shore Make His Money?

Pauly shore being the typical definition of being multi-dimensional makes money from all four out of five dimensions which include writing, acting, producing and directing.

It’s no doubt that with these five streams of making money he would have made up to the mouth-watering amount he has recently.

This is what we call optimizing and utilizing your talent for something bigger than you.

Pauly Shore’s Net Worth (2018)

Pauly Shore has a net worth of $15 million in 2018 despite the hitches he encountered while growing to this point of his career.




Having dissected this comic figure, you’d see that a lot of times what we become is embedded into our bloodlines and that we need not struggle for it to emanate.

Just like having to grow into a certain age before you wield magic, Pauly Shore also had to wait until the age of 17 to start up small.

That doesn’t matter anymore as he has gotten to the peak of what he aimed at, at that young age.

Despite the challenges he was able to focus and get the important things he needed for his climb.

There’s nothing so unusual about Pauly Shore but looking at the movie industry and the department of comedy, you’d see that he is well respected when it comes to stand-up comedy or comic movies.

He owns the comic wheels and knows how to make his audience laugh be it in films or as a comedian. He has made a name, and it has come to stay.