Paul Weller Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 million
Age: 60
Full name: John William “Paul” Weller Jr
Born: May 25, 1958
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Last Updated: 2018


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Paul Weller’s Bio

Paul Weller was born John William Weller on May 5, 1958 in Working, Surrey, England to a father, John Weller who was a Cab driver and a manual labourer.

And mother, Ann Weller (née Craddock) who worked as a cleaner and was also a homemaker.


Paul Weller is an English singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist who became popular as a singer and guitarist with the famous English band called ‘Jam.’

He was born John William but the singer later changed his name to Paul for some reasons best known to him.

Paul was raised in Stanley Road in Woking England and the singer has since used the street name as the title for one of his albums.

He fell in love with music at a very tender age and he began to nurse the idea of becoming a musician even before he turned 10 years old.

Paul began his education in 1963 when he attended Maybury County First School.

After his basic education, the singer advanced to Sheerwater County Secondary when he was 11 years old and by this time, music had become a huge part of Paul’s life.

His family members knew about Paul’s penchant for music and they gifted him a guitar at the age of 12 in support of his musical dreams.

The British singer is currently one of the best guitarists in the world having started playing the instrument from the tender age of 12.

Paul practiced and mastered the art of guitar as a teenager when he would listen to songs of popular musicians and play his guitar along to learn the skills.

In 1972, after watching the live performance of ‘Status Quo’ at a concert, young Paul Weller decided to form a band and that same year, he formed his first band.

The singer formed the now defunct band called the ‘Jam’ together with his close friend, Steve Brookes who was the lead guitarist and Dave Waller who played rhythm guitar.

Paul’s father acted as the band’s manager and began to source for shows for the band, making several bookings that saw the band performed at local working men’s clubs.

The band played locally and achieved moderate fame before undergoing some change when Rick Buckler joined as a drummer and Dave got replaced by Bruce Foxton.

The band continued to forge a name in Working, England appearing at local event centres, playing covers of the Beetles as well as their songs composed by Paul and Brookies.

At the age of 14, Paul recorded a quantum leap in his dream when he played his 1st gig with his band at the Walton Road Working Men’s Club.

In 1977, the band advanced in their career when they signed a record deal worth £6,000 with Polydor Records.

Later in ’77, the band featured on the show ‘Top of the Pops,’ which Weller loved watching as a kid and everything seemed to be going on well with the band.

Until Paul’s best friend, Brookes departed the band in ’76 resulting in change in the band’s set up. Paul and Foxton swap of roles to maintain the balance in the band.

They played for some years without Brookes before Weller left to forge another band.

Paul Weller’s Wife

Paul Weller first entered a relationship with is backing singer while he was in the band, The Style Council. He dated Dee C Lee and the two got married in 1987.

The couple stayed married for several years and birthed two children together before divorcing in 1998.

The singer also dated Lucy Halperin for a short period and the relationship produced a child.

Next in line was Paul’s romantic affair with Samantha Stock whom he met during the course of work and the relationship produced two kids before they broke up in 2008.

And shortly after breaking up with Samantha, Paul entered a relationship with his backing up singer, Hanna Andrews and they got married in 2010.

Paul’s marriage to Hanna has produced three kids.

Paul Weller’s Children

Paul Weller has 8 children from his relationships with two partners and two wives, and his children include;

Leah and Nathaniel (Natt), born from Weller’s marriage with Dee C Lee.

Dylan was born from Weller’s relationship with Lucy Halperin.

Jesamine (born 2000) and Stevie Mac (born 2005) were born from Paul’s relationship with Samantha.


John Paul and Bowie were born in 2012 from Paul’s current marriage with Hanna Andrew and the couple welcomed Paul’s 8th child, Nova in 2017.

Paul Weller’s Career and Band

Having formed a band, The Jam and signed to Polydor records, they continued singing and performing locally in Working, England.

Their break came in 1977, when a popular London band called The Clash decided to take them to their White Riot tour.

After helping The Jam, they out-performed and out sold The Clash with regards to UK singles and they soon became the more successful of the two bands.

That same year, The Jam featured for the first time in the UK Top 40 with their song titled ‘In The City.’

In 1979, their single titled ‘Eton Rifles’ featured in the Top 10 of the UK chart, peaking at number 3 and the following year, ‘Going Underground’ reached #1.

By the fall of the ‘70s the band was already a household name in the United Kingdom.

However, their fans got a heart-breaking news when they announced their imminent split in 1982.

After the announcement, the group held a massively sold-out concert where fans saw the group performed for the last time.

In 1983, Paul Weller formed another band called The Style Council together with the famous keyboardist, Mick Talbot and Steve White.

The singer composed and performed songs with his new band even though the band was not commercially viable, Weller’s profile continued to grow.

The band performed at various events across the United Kingdom and it highest profile performance came in ’85 when Weller was billed to perform at the Live Aid event at Wembley.

However, the popularity of Weller’s band waned continuously all through the ‘80s resulting in a misunderstanding with their record label.

The label refused to release The Style Council’s 5th studio album and this prompted Paul Weller to break up the band.

Solo Career

Years after the split of The Style Council, Paul Weller returned to music as a solo artiste, bearing his name Paul Weller.

Weller’s first solo studio album was self-titled Paul Weller and it launched Weller’s new career as a solo artiste.

The singer released another album titled Wild Wood and it was considered by fans to be Paul’s finest moment.

Wild Wood was followed by Weller’s 3rd solo album titled Stanley Road and it proved to be his biggest career album selling millions of album copies.

A song from the album titled ‘The Changingman’ featured in the top 10 of UK singles Charts reaching the #7.

In 2000, Paul dropped another album titled Next Up that featured in the UK charts peaking at number two.

The singer released Heliocentric later in 2000 and it was rumoured that it would be his last studio album.

However, Weller debunked the rumours when he released anther studio album titled Illumination and the album peaked at #1 in the UK charts.

In 2004, Paul Weller dropped a cover album titled Studio 150 an in 2005 he released the album, As Is Now.

In 2008, Weller released another album titled 22 Dreams.

Paul Weller’s Albums

Paul Weller has produced numerous albums throughout his career both as a band member and as a solo artiste.

Paul’s studio albums as a solo artiste include;

Paul Weller (1992), Wild Wood (1993), Stanley Road (1995), Heavy Soul (1997), Heliocentric (2000), Illumination (2002), Studio 150 (2004), As Is Now (2005)

22 Dreams (2008), Wake Up the Nation (2010), Sonik Kicks (2012), Saturns Pattern (2015), A Kind Revolution (2017), True Meanings (2018)

Paul Weller’s Net Worth (2018)

The singer’s longevity in music has made the question, What is Paul Weller’s net worth? A constant search on the internet.

The singer has performed at almost all the big stages in the United Kingdom, particularly in England.

Paul Weller’s net worth is mostly generated from the sales of his records. The singer has about 20 studio albums both from his days as a band member and as a solo artist.

Also the singer has performed in several sold out concerts across the United Kingdom to raise his fortunes.

He has been seen on both billboard adverts and TV commercials and earnings from these AD campaigns have improved Paul Weller net worth.

Despite his extensive years in music, the singer surprisingly never attempted to enter the U.S market and this affected Paul Weller net worth.

Paul Weller’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million as at 2018.



Paul Weller is one of the longest serving A-list artists in the UK still active in music as at 2018.

The singer has proven to be like a fine wine that tastes better with age. The singer has shown no signs of relenting even at the age of 60.

Paul Weller’s net worth is expected to increase with time as the singer is still active in music despite his age.




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