Patrima Sherpa: ESPN Documentray, Gofundme and Meeting With Tiger Woods


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Who Is Pratima Sherpa?

Pratima Sherpa is a fast rising golfer who has dreams and aspirations to become the first female professional golfer in her country, Nepal.

Pratima became an internet sensation when story about her life was published two years ago.

While the gap between her poor family background and her talent held readers spellbound, her dedication and drive to bridge the gap inspired readers.

Patrima Sherpa’s Parents

Pratima Sherpa was born in 1999 to a father, Pasang Sherpa and mother, Kalpana tsering.

Her parents worked as manual labourers at a Golf Club.

The parents got married in 1996 and Patrina is their only child.

Her parents are poor and lived in the shed of the Royal Nepal Golf Club in Kathmandu.

Pratima had lived in the shed where golf equipment are kept since she was born.

Due to proximity, the Golf Course became Pratima’s playground as a child.

She would follow her parents to work – her parents took shift to irrigate the grass of the Golf course and do other menial activities on the course.

Her parents earned a paltry combined $19 per month.

Little Patrima watched professional male Golfers do their thing and she began to pick interest in the sports.

When the professionals dismiss, Patrima would return to the Golf Course to play and practice how to swing.

Pratima Shepa’s Introduction to Golf

A professional golfer noticed Pratima’s skills when she was 11. The pro gave her lessons on how to be better.

A Nepali instructor, Sachin Bhattarai also discovered Patrima and elected to teach her.

She practiced every day and began to enter junior tournaments.

Finally, she contested with boys in the tournament and won most of the tournament.

Patrima Sherpa began to gain recognition outside her country, Nepal when an American publisher, Oliver Horovitz with his team wrote a story about the poor young talent and published it on in 2016.

Horovitz also started a fundraiser for Patrima.

Many people read the story and few were touched to extend helping hands to Patrima.

A particular family in US, the Montanos saw the Patrima story and invited her over to America.

The Montanos also have a child with interest in golf.

Patrima flew to Ventura, California, US where she lived for six weeks.

During her stay in US, she attended Golf Class with the Montano’s daughter, her foster sister – Sophia.

ESPN soon learnt about her and began to make a documentary about the resilient number one female golfer in Nepal; Patrina Sherpa.

Pratima Sherpa Gofundme

The Pratima Sherpa gofundme was put up by Oliver Horovitz and his team – Vladimir Weinstein and Miles Ashton.

Oliver and team met Patrima two years ago when they were writing about golf in Nepal.

According to Oliver, during their stay in Nepal covering activities about golf for LINKS magazine, a certain young female golf sensation was the talk of town.

Almost everybody they met to discuss about golf in Nepal encouraged them to write about Patrima.

He obliged and made a short trip to the maintenance shed to Visit the Sherpas.

Oliver watched Patrima played in ‘Pepsi Open at Royal Nepal’ and he was impressed about the 18 year old golfer.

In 2016, Patrima won 7 of the 9 golf tournaments she played.

Oliver and his team were moved to help the poor, but talented Patrima.

They set up a gofundme account for her to raise money for her family and to help Pratima accomplish her dream to become the first female pro golfer in Nepal.

Donations from the Pratima Sherpa Gofundme would be overseen by Oliver and Pratima’s foster mother – Tanya Smith-Montano.

Proceeds from this initiative would be used for the following;

  • Buy Golf Clubs
  • Buy Golf Balls
  • For Swing Coaching
  • For Gym – Patrima need to build her strength.
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Travel to tournaments outside Kathmandu

This is not just about Pratima. This is about the start of an era.

If Patrima accomplishes her dream to become the first professional female golfer in Nepal, she would serve as an in inspiration to young girls in Nepal, setting the pace for many to follow.

Please be a part of this Initiative.

To make donations, kindly enter the link below

Pratima Sherpa Espn Documentary

To help Patrima realize her dream of becoming a professional golfer and to inspire people with her story, popular Television Station ESPN did a documentary about Patrima Sherpa’s True life story.

The documentary was aired in April 2018, and many have been touched and inspired by Pratima’s life story.

The documentary got into Tribeca Film Festival and Patrima and her parents were invited to America to watch the Patrima Documentary.

Sadly, Patrima’s parents were denied Visas to the United States and Pratima had to fly alone to the US for her documentary.

Patrima was checked in into Swanky NYLO Hotel on 77th and Broadway.

Patrima made video calls with her parents and they expressed their happiness to see their daughter close to her dream.

The film about Pratima premiered on a Saturday afternoon.

The event centre where the film was shown had many in attendants including the Montano’s family who hosted her few years ago during her first visit to the states.

After the movie, Patrima was taken to the red carpet to take photos and grant interviews.

That Saturday only once existed in Pratima’s imagination.

Now the documentary was over; What was next for Pratima? Would she be on the next flight to her way home?

Well, not yet, something even bigger would happen to Pratima.

The young sensation was going to meet her idol, the legendary Tiger Woods.

One cannot be too certain that Pratima’s Parents knew nothing about this day 18 years ago when they named their daughter Patrima, which loosely translates to ‘Idol’

Patrima Sherpa and Tiger Woods

After the documentary, Oliver met his friend David Fontanilla who he had invited to see the film.

David is friend of Tiger Woods and a known donor to Tiger Woods foundation.

Oliver met David and asked him if he enjoyed the documentary, David was almost moved to tears even before Oliver asked.

David told Oliver he would be going to Florida for an event that Tiger Woods was billed to give a speech.

He said they had to take Patrima along.

Pratima flew to Florida and met her Idol, Tiger Woods.

Only some days back, Patrima was in a golf maintenance shed, but here she was taken golf lessons in the US from one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Tiger Woods spent 30 minutes with Patrima dishing out some lessons to the golf prospect.

Woods advised her to flare her leg when she swings. It was the best moment of Pratima’s life.

There was something shocking to Patrima. It appears that Tiger Woods knew about her all along.

Woods read about Patrima 2 years ago, when Oliver first wrote about her on golf digest.

Woods wrote to encourage Pratima through the Nepal royal golf Club 2 years ago and nobody delivered the letter to her.

Patrima had since retrieved and framed the letter. The letter hangs on the wall at home.

After meeting Patrima, Tiger Woods twitted;

“Inspiring day working with my @TGRFound team and meeting Pratima Sherpa, an amazing young woman from Nepal.

We can all learn from her perseverance, hard work and determination”.

This is the story of Patrima Sherpa who is pursuing her dream to become the first professional female golfer in her country, Nepal.

Her determination should be an inspiration to everyone like her Idol, the legendary Tiger Woods, Rightly advised.




Patricia Sherpa still thrives and is dogged in her pursuit to become a professional golfer that will compete at the world level.

Sincerely speaking, she remains a true inspiration to everyone.

For latest news on celebrity net worth and other events, we’re sure to keep you updated.











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