Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2018; House, Girlfriend and Career



Net Worth: $8 million
Age: 24
Full name: Parker Schnabel
Born: 22nd July, 1994
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: TV Personality
Last Updated: 2018


You may have searched about Parker Schnabel’s net worth in 2018 and didn’t find anything.

We’re here to do offer you much more than that.

Parker Schnabel is a name you can’t miss if you are a fan of reality TV shows, especially on discovery world channel.

The cute and charming Parker Schnabel shot into limelight with the advent of the Gold Rush TV series on the discovery world channel.

The reality TV star who hails from Haines, Alaska in the United States of America was born on the 22nd of July 1994 to Roger and Nancy Schnabel.

He has a brother with whom he grew up in Porcupine Creek, Alaska.

With his exploits in the Gold Rush TV series where he leads his teams to successful gold mining, episodes after episodes, he has left many viewers asking certain questions.

Some who wonder why he goes on these discovery journeys may also be asking “Who is Parker Schnabel’s wife?”

To get adequate answers to these questions, let’s take a walk through the life of this highly celebrated television reality star.

Parker Schnabel’s Age

Firstly, let’s address a question asked by a lot of people which is “How old is Parker Schnabel?”

Interestingly, when you look at his exploits in the gold mining field, you will seek answers too.

Well, Parker Schnabel was born on the July 22nd, 1994 and is currently 24 years.

Parker Schnabel’s Gold Mining Career

Parker Schnabel started summer work at the Big Nugget Mine when he was still tender, at a very young age.

Initially, while his grandfather was featuring on the show, he had his debut as an adviser on the show.

Currently, he is one of the topics of the Discovery Network Show, “Gold Rush Alaska” or as popularly known as “Gold Rush.”

The show focuses on the mining of gold placer invests found in Alaska by multiple teams of miners.

Typically, the show organizers choose people from gold mining families for the show.

He is known for the episodes where he attempted to support the miners at the Porcupine Creek claim.

Surprisingly, it was only to discover that they realized next to nothing about the whole event.

Parker Schnabel and Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel took an interest in gold mining at a very early age, receiving inspiration most likely from his father and grandfather who were authorities in that line of business.

At age 16 he ventured entirely into gold mining and used his college savings to start up and finance his mining operations.

In the last few years, young Parker has grown, becoming very skilled in the business.

As we speak he is considered an expert in the field of gold mining.

He is said to have mined over $13 million in gold. He made his debut on Gold Rush in 2010.

The show which is now in its eighth season has seen young Parker going to the ropes.

In these times, proving that age is just a number with his remarkable feats on the field.

In the fourth season of the show, young Parker and his team found 1029 ounces of gold.

Subsequently, in the fifth season, he found a large 3362 oz of gold which was estimated at $3.7 million.

In an interview, he claimed that the largest nugget he has ever seen was a quarter of an ounce.

In worth, this is estimated to be worth $400 – $500 all by itself. That’s one large nugget.

Most recently he announced and started a new documentary series he titled “gold rush: Parkers trail”.

Parker Schnabel’s Family

Parker Schnabel’s Parents

Schnabel hails from Haines, Alaska. He and his sibling grew up in Porcupine Creek, Alaska.

His parents are Roger and Nancy Schnabel. His father Roger is into construction and is the owner of southeast Roadbuilders.

Parker’s paternal grandfather, late John Schnabel was a significant influence in his gold mining career.

Parker Schnabel’s Grandpa

John Schnabel, Parker Schnabel’s grandfather, was born to a Kansas wheat farmer in 1920.

John Schnabel’s father brewed alcohol before setting up a saw-mill.

After Pearl Harbor was bombed in World War II, John Schnabel volunteered for the US Navy but was placed in the Air Corps.

In 1946 after the war, he returned to Haines and bought the famous porcupine mill.

In due time, its renovations could produce a staggering ten thousand feet of board wood per day.

John Schnabel would later go on to open a local hardware store and become elected Mayor of Haines.

He suffered from heart issues and underwent a triple bypass at 68.

Based on the advice from his doctors to remain active, he bought the big nugget mine and started gold mining.

He taught his grandsons, Payson and Parker Schnabel how to operate types of equipment and also the art of gold mining.

John Schnabel passed away peacefully while asleep at the age of 96.

Parker Schnabel’s Brother

You may want to know if Parker Schnabel has a sibling; sister or brother.

Well, Parker Schnabel has an elder brother, his only sibling, Payson Schnabel who is also a gold miner.

In 2018, his estimated net worth is believed to be around $800,000.

He was born and brought up in the same family as Parker which as you know is an atmosphere of construction as their father, and their generation is in the gold mining business.

Unlike Parker, Payson is not very much interested in gold mining like Parker who learned every tiny detail under the supervision of his grandfather, John.

He, however, focuses more on the construction business and even wants to leave the house to pursue his construction career.

He was the former property manager of Big Nuggets Mine; the mine founded by his father and grandfather.

Payson has a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University.

Parker Schnabel’s Wife

You may be having questions in your mind like “Is Parker Schnabel married?” Well, there’s no record of the handsome Parker being married or divorced.

Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend

On realizing that Parker isn’t married or divorced, the next question that would be on the lips of most fans is “Who is Parker Schnabel’s current girlfriend?”

Well, the private life of the cute reality TV star seems to be shrouded in some form of secrecy lately.

However he was at a time romantically involved with Ashley Youle who was his girlfriend for a period of time, but both have since been reported to have parted ways.

Talking about how they met, according to Parker Schnabel’s Twitter account when he was still in the relationship.

They met in Australia, and they hit off pretty well, and he invited her over to spend some time in North America.

With time they found out they both knew not what to expect with each other and were both outgoing and easygoing.

He said Ashley was very supportive, supporting him in everything he does.

It is adjudged, he has not been romantically linked to another female yet.

In that case, ladies, I guess this is it, time to make that move.

It is believed he is single and searching for the right one.

Parker Schnabel’s House

Well, I guess you would be expecting a house filled with gold.

Maybe at least a lavish stupendously huge mansion located somewhere In Beverly Hills.

Well at a point he was linked to owning a lavishly furnished villa on twitter.

A story which he refuted via his official Twitter handles insisting he had no house of his own anywhere.

Although this is doubtful considering his exploits in gold mining and his staggering net worth.

However, I suppose we can take his word for it as there is no verified record on his house or its location.

Parker Schnabel’s Crew and Social Life

Parker Schnabel is one reality TV star whom very little is known about his social life

As he’s a very busy man and says he has little or no time to socialize.

His favourite sport in his early years was basketball.

Well, for a 5ft 9” lad that shouldn’t come as a surprise. His crewmen describe him as a difficult person to work with.

But then the fans love him just as he gets the job done, that counts for a lot.

Parker Schnabel’s Merchandise

The “ugly kid” hoodies and his sweatshirts are the most popular Parker Schnabel’s merchandise.

They are sold both locally and online at the Fogcutter bar and Haines traveler.

How Does Parker Schnabel Make his Money?

I guess its obvious how this young millionaire makes his money.

He has incomes flowing in from his gold mining business.

Inlcusive to that, his reality TV appearances on Gold Rush and his merchandise which he sells both online and offline.

Parker Schnabel Net worth 2018

One of the most asked question considering Parker’s exploits in the gold mining reality TV series, his familiarity with, and the amount of gold he handles on screen considering the rare and high value of gold in the society is, “what is Parker Schnabel net worth?”.

With the information at our disposal, Parker Schnabel’s net worth is estimated at $8million in 2018.

His annual salary is estimated at just above $500,000. That’s pretty huge for a 24-year-old.



The young 5ft9’’ millionaire, Parker Schnabel still has age on his side, and we expect more wonderful series from him on our favorite reality TV show “gold rush.”

He is very much active on social media; Facebook and Twitter with over a million likes on Facebook and over 200,000 plus fans on Twitter.

We believe his fame and fortune will grow with his age.

For celebrity net worth and latest events, we’re obligated to keep you updated every time.






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