Parker Posey Net Worth


Parker Posey Net Worth

Parker Posey’s Net Worth: $10 Million
Age: 49
Full Name: Parker Christian Posey
Date of Birth: 8th November 1968
Country of Origin: United States of America
Weight: 53kg
Height: 5 feet 5 feet inches (1.65m)
Ethnicity: White American
Education: State University of New York
Marital Status: Single
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Hip Size: 34 inch
Waist Size: 2 inch
Last Updated: 2008


This article takes a peep into the life of one of the most talented and beautiful American Actress, Parker Posey.

We will bring to you to answer every question that pops up in your mind whenever you thought of Parker Posey.

Parker Posey Net Worth, her Acting career, Music Career, Relationships and so on is what this article talks about.

Read keenly and grab what you are seeking for.

Parker Posey’s Early Life

Parker Posey was born to the family of Chris Posey (Father) and Lynda Patton (Mother) on the 8th of November, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland. Posey’s Dad owns a car dealership while her Mum was a Chef.

Christopher Posey is Parker’s twin and only brother. Posey’s Mum gave her “Parker” as her first name because of her childhood memory of a friend she admires so much whose name was “Parker”.

Posey’s family relocated to Monroe, Louisiana where they lived for 11 years after giving birth to her.

Posey Mum later got a job to work for the Viking Range Corporation in Greenwood as a Chef and Culinary instructor and this forced the family to relocate to Laurel, Mississippi.

Posey’s Family were Catholic Faithfull’s and she was brought up in the Christian Faith.

Parker Posey’s Relationships

The prominent Actress Posey is currently single with no child. She has actually dated so many guys but couldn’t tie the knot with any of them.

Let’s take a quick review of the list of guys Parker Posey has dated.

1. Thomas Beller: Beller is an Editor and Author, His date with Posey didn’t last way too long. As at when their relationship was still on, Posey disclosed no information or detail about their love affair;

2. Zach Leary: Timothy Leary adopted Zach. Like Posey’s first relationship, this one didn’t last for long and she never disclosed any information about her affairs with Zach.

3. Stuart Townsend: Stuart is an Irish decent, he is an actor and also a director. Posey and his 3rd boyfriend dated for a short while and later go their separate way. Posey, as usual, kept the whole detail of the relationship in camera.

4. Chris Jaymes: Chris is a musician, television, and film actor from America, like all other relationship Posey has had, their affair was never made public but it actually lasted a little while

5. Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams, a musician, producer and songwriter, Posey actually had the longest relationship with Ryan than her previous ones. They spent Months together and enjoyed hanging out together. At some point in the relationship, they had issues which caused their breakup.

6. Craig Ferguson: They prominent multi-talented American TV host, actor, director, writer, author, producer and stand-up comedian dated Posey for few months before things began to change. Currently, things weren’t the same anymore between the one-time lovebirds.

Parker Posey’s Net Worth and Acting Career


When a lady worth as much as Parker Posey, people tend to raise eyebrow and chip in questions such as, what is the source of wealth of Parker Posey? How much does Parker Posey Worth?

This article will go beyond the biography of Parker Posey and dig deep into the career of the beautiful and super talented actress.

In the end, you will see how Posey is worth $10 Million.

Posey studied drama at the State University of New York at Purchase. There she met with Actresses like “Orlagh Cassidy” and “Cherry Stringfield”.

Posey’s very first breakthrough on a Television show came when she was featured in a daytime Soap Opera, “As the World Turns” where she named “Tess Shelby”.

After her excellent display in “As the World Turn”, she was given a major role in “Dazed and Confused (1993)”, a feature film with Matthew McConaughey, Jason London, and Ben Affleck.

The movie received lots of accolades from critics and was referred to as a cult classic. The movie charted 17 among “The Top 50 Cult film”, on the “Top 50 Best High School Movie.”

It charted 3rd, charted 10th on “Funniest Movie of the Past 25 Years” and as well charted 6th on “The Cult 25: The Essential Left-Field Movie Hits Since ’83” list according to Entertainment Weekly Ranking in 2003.

Posey was nick-named “Queen of the Indies” due to her talent and hard work in the movie industry. She co-starred in over 32 films throughout the 1990s.

Together with Adrienne Shelley, she featured in an N0.1 Short Film Opera directed “Hal Hartley” in the year 1994.

Posey has featured in films such as “Basquiat (1996)” directed by Julian Schnabel, “Personal Velocity (2002)” written and directed by Rebecca Miller, “Clock-watchers (1997)” directed by Jill Sprecher.

And “The Day-trippers (1996)” written and directed by Greg Mottola, “Party Girls (1995) “directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer and “The House of Yes (1997)” written by Wendy Macleod and was produced by Robert Berger where Posey acted as a delusional lady that is in love with her blood brother.

The film attracted lots of positive review to Posey.

In 1996, Posey co-starred in “Waiting for Guffman” a film owned by Christopher Guest. Also in 1998, she featured in a huge budget studio movie tagged “You’ve Got Mail” and Hartley’s film tagged “Henry Fool”.

After her astonishing performance in a highly budgeted horror studio movie named “Scream 3” which got her lots of positive review and accolades in the year 2003.

Posey was nominated for an MTV Base Movie Award, though Adam Sandler beat her on that with his overwhelming performance in “Big Daddy”.

The viral NBC Sitcom tagged “Will and Grace” handed a supporting role to Posey from 2001 – 2002. Within the same year, she antagonized in “Josie and the Pussycats”.

In 2003, it was actually a very busy year for Posey, Lots of features came through starting with “A Might Wind” Co-written and directed by Christopher Guest.

In 2004, she featured in “Law of Attraction” directed by Peter Howitt, “Sisters of Mercy”, “Blade: Trinity” directed by David S. Goyer. “Adam and Steve” was the only film Posey Co-Starred in the year 2005.

In the year 2006, Posey was one of the Characters and the only actress considered in “Superman Returns” where she features as Kitty Kowalski, a ditzy sidekick to Lex Luther. The film went viral and was a huge success which makes it bagged an Award at the 33rd Saturn Awards.

Also in that same 2006, she featured in “For Your Consideration” a comedy film was written by Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy and directed by Christopher Guest also she featured in another of Guest’s film tagged “Fay Grim” which came after “Henry Fool” by the same director.

“The Return of Jezebel James”, a notable American sitcom TV Series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino in 2007 featured Posey as the major character. The show ended after the 3rd episode even when it was originally planned to have 13 episode.

The cancellation of the show was considered due to an extremely poor review of the show. Also in the year 2007, Posey featured in an American Romance film tagged “Broken English” which was written and directed by Zoe Cassavetes.

Sundance Film Festival, 2007 screened the Broken English after which it made it to the 29th Moscow International Film Festival. “Broken English” got Posey a nomination for the Best Female Major Character at the 23rd Independent Spirit Award and the film was nominated for the Best First Screen Play category.

In the year 2004, Posey alongside “Joaquin Phoenix”, “Jamie Blackley” and “Emma Stone” was featured in “Irrational Man”, an American crime mystery drama written and directed by Woody Allen. The film was premiered worldwide on May 15, 2015.

“Lost in Space” an American Science Fiction which was the re-branding of a 1965 American TV Series featured Posey as Dr. Smith in 2018.

Parker Posey’s Music Career

Ahead of the 2003 film “A Mighty Wind” which Posey was meant to feature and sing in, she learned to play the Mandolin. Ryan Adams, Posey’s ex-boyfriend who sings featured her as a vocalist in most of his records.

As a Mandolin professional, she played in a track on the “I am Sound” by Dandy Warhols, an American alternative rock band formed in 1994 by Courtney Taylor-Taylor.

Having gotten all that make her comfortable, Posey seems not bothered about her relationship status, neither did having a child bothers her.

It may interest you to know that Posey has never won an official award throughout her career as an actress or as a musician.

The most important things remain that she is happy and not bothered by the few things that she never had even when those things (Husband and Children) are things that mean a lot to others.

Parker Posey will be turning 50 years old by November 2018.