Michael Dapaah-Big Shaq (Man’s Not Hot) Comedy Character Secret And Origin

  • Business Insider spoke with entertainer and viral phenomenon Michael Dapaah, also 
    known as MC BIG SHAQ who performs the song “Man’s not hot.”
  • The character – originally known as just “Shaq” – is a depiction of what Dapaah calls 
    London “roadman” growing up in the city.
  • Dapaah says the success of the character is due to him being a person people have
    seen generally in real life, regardless of where they’re from.


Read the full transcript below:

His name was originally “Shaq.” He’s a depiction of my observation of a, let’s say a “roadman” growing up in London. A young person that’s on the street, and trying to find his hand at whatever to do. Take himself out of his negative circumstances and turn it into something positive.

Certain times some proper funny things have happened on set, and I’ve just had to hold it together.
You know what I’m saying?[Shaq] just holds it together because he doesn’t really laugh like that. I think especially with “mockumentary” style comedy, you get one take, one shot, and if I’m to laugh during that shot, you’ve missed the moment.

I figured out that he’s somebody that people have just generally seen in real life. And I think that’s probably what made him become maybe the kind of “stand out” character.

He’s a funny guy, he’s got elements of banter, there’s realism in it, and I think just the combination of being able to bring the realism, the banter, and just mixing them together to be able to create the character that you have today is what’s made him so popular.

Filmed and Produced by David Ibekwe. Special Thanks to Leon Siciliano.