Metro Boomin Net Worth 2018; Girlfriend, Awards and Career


metro boomin

Net Worth: $8.5 million
Age: 24
Full name: Leland Tyler Wayne
Born: 16 September, 1993
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Record Producer, Songwriter and DJ
Last Updated: 2018

Welcome to the A – Z of American hip hop personality, Metro Boomin. This article contains Metro Boomin net worth 2018, Metro Boomin family, his house, car, etc.

Metro Booming is a US record producer, songwriter, and Disc Jockey. The young producer has the honour to have worked with US elite Artiste.

Booming announced his presence in US music industry 8 years ago as a teenager when he dished some chart topping music productions.

Since his rise to prominence, the young hits maker has shown no sign of slowing down. Metro Boomin’s net worth at his age speaks volume of his success so far.

In 2017, Forbes called him “easily one of the most in-demand hitmakers in the world”.

Apart from Metro booming net worth, this acknowledgement is a reflection of his success.

We shall discuss about Boomin’s career, wealth, house, cars, and girlfriend in subsequent sections.

Firstly, we have to meet our personality of the day, Keep reading!

Who is Metro Boomin?

Leland Tyler Wayne is an American beat producer, songwriter and a DJ who goes by the stage name Metro Booming.

He is also called Young Metro or Metro.

Metro Boomin’s Age

He was born on September 16, 1993 in St Louis, Missouri, US. Metro Boomin is 24.

Many misjudge his age, however, he has learnt to live with it.

Metro Boomin’s Family

He was born into a family of seven, consisting of his parents and 4 siblings.

Metro likes details of his family out of media reach. Not much can be said about his family.

Metro’s Boomin Early Life

Young Metro attended Parkway North High School.

While in High school, he joined music groups and played instruments for his groups.

Metro has a natural talent for playing instruments. He specializes on bass guitar, but can also play other instruments.

Metro began beat making as early as 13. He has is mother to thank for this.

His mom reportedly bought a laptop for Metro when he was 13 and he got a music producing software Fruity Loops installed on the laptop.

His eyes are reportedly always fixed on the laptop with large headsets hanging over his head.

Metro was engrossed with music activities on his laptop.

Initially, he wanted to do rap, he produced about 3 beats per day to which he would rap to.

He soon realised he was better producer than he was a rapper.

He later dropped the idea of doing rap and focused on beat production.

Metro released loads of beats on social media and began to gain the recognition of known Artistes.

Metro Boomin’s Career

Career Onset

Even thou Metro is talented with the art of music production, the producer has his mother to thank for his success.

It’s difficult to say if Metro Boomin’s net worth would be as high as it is today without his mother’s support.

While in High School, Metro released sumptuous beats on his social media platforms.

Some rappers listened to the beats and loved the vibe.

He got messages from known artistes. They wanted to work with Metro. His mom was very supportive.

At times the mother drove young metro through 8hr journey to meet these artistes.

In his early career days, he worked with rapper Tay Don.

The rapper loved his production skills and introduced Metro to his group Bricksquad.

Metro later collaborated with some artiste from the group.

He worked with the likes of as OJ Da Juiceman, Gucci Mane.

His collaborations with these artistes were successful gaining a lot of air play.

Future later met young Metro and they collaborated. Since then, Metro has been a constant figure in Future’s career.

During an interview with XXL, Metro Booming revealed he first went to Atlanta as an 11th grader.

In his first visit to Atlanta, he met some popular artistes, but OJ Da Juiceman was the first popular rapper to flow on his beat.

Immediately he graduated from High School, Metro moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in Music and to study Business Management in Morehouse College.

After just a semester in school, the hitmaker took a break from school. When asked why he took a break, Metro replied saying;

It was difficult combining schooling with music production. Both fields are unrelated and demand full dedication.

He said he would love to focus on his first love, which is music.

Metro has gone on to work with Top US celebrities like; Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Future, Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, YG, Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, DJ Khaled, Wiz Khalifa. etc.

Metro has also worked with popular producers like; Sonny Digital, TM88 etc.

His career onset did not add quite well to Metro Booming net worth, but it served as stepping stone for greater things to come for the prodigy.

Career Rise to Fame

In 2013, Metro Boomin decided he would combine rap with music production. He talked about releasing a mixtape titled 19 & Boomin.

Metro released some singles from the anticipated mixtape. The singles featured rappers like Gucci Mane & others rappers.

By Oct. 2013, He released his debut mixtape on popular website Live Mixtapes.

The mixtape contained songs that featured rappers like Future and Young Thug.

In 2014, Metro Boomin produced a mixtape for rapper future. The mixtape title Monster featured on popular music charting sites in US.

The mixtape contained hit singles like Fuck Up Some Commas.

In 2015, Metro and Young thug collaborated to release an album titled Metro Thuggin

Before the released the album, Metro released a track from the album titled I Won. The track featured Grammy award winning rapper, Kanye West.

Still in 2015, Metro executive produced a mixtape. The mixtape was a collaboration between US A-list rappers Drake and Future.

This mixtape was titled What a Time to Be Alive.  It dropped on sept. 2015. Metro worked on 11 tracks on the mixtape.

In 2016, Metro worked with another producer DJ Esco to produce a mixtape for future. The mixtape was tiled Purple Reign.

This year would be remembered as one of Metro’s best years in his career.

He churned out top charting productions like; Jumpman, Jumpman, Low Life by Drake & future, Amigo, and The Weeknd respectively.

He also worked on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo.

In 2017, Metro produced tracks like Tunnel Visio, Bounce Back, Mask Off, and Bank Account

Having highlighted his career till 2017, one can begin to have an insight of what Metro Boomin net would be.

Metro Boomin’s Awards/Honours

Apart from Metro Boomin net worth, the celebrity record producer has some other forms reward for his works.

As at 2018, the young producer had been nominated for 4 awards throughout his career and he has emerged winner of all 4 awards. The awards include;

In 2016, Metro Boomin won producer of the year award for–

BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards

BET Hip Hop Awards

In 2017, Metro repeated the feat winning producer of the year award for-

BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards

BET Hip Hop Awards

Metro Boomin’s Net Worth 2018

It is no secret that Metro Booming net worth is in millions of dollars. However, fans of Metro’s are always keen to know the exact amount the hitmake is worth.

His Fans usually ask, what is Metro Boomin net worth? Is Metro Boomin richer than Timberland? Etc

Metro Boomin net worth is estimated to be $8.5million in 2018.

How Much Does Metro Boomin Charge Per Beat?

Metro Booming charges between $75,000 and $100,000 to produce a song.

He Charges 2 -5% royalties per tack (this is between 3 & 5 cent per song)

Metro charges half the $0.091 publishing royalties per copy. The half goes to the songwriter.

Booking the services of Metro Booming comes at a cost.

I’m certain by now you are beginning to get a feeler of what Metro Booming net worth looks like.

Metro Boomin’s Salary

Boomin is reported to have made over $3million from his debut mixtape 19 & boomin.

It is no surprise about the large proceeds from the mixtape, given that the mixtape was a hit and metro produced most of the tracks there in.

Metro Boomin’s Girlfriend

Does Metro Boomin has a girlfriend?

Yes, the record producer is in a relationship with long-time girlfriend, Chelsea.

Chelsea and Metro met in High School. He was a 12th grader when he fell love with his girlfriend.

She is not a social media freak. You would hardly see her post on social media.

Chelsea reportedly hates social media attention and rarely makes post on social media platforms.

The last time Chelsea tweeted was 5 years ago, when she took to twitter to express her love for her man.

She has since deleted her Instagram account.

Is Chelsea a recluse? Well, that is left for Metro Boomin to answer.

Metro Boomin’s House

You would hardly see pictures of Metro’s home online. He keeps his home affairs away from public eyes.

However, we know that the award winning beat producer lives in a 6,000 square foot mansion in Atlanta.

The Mansion is said to have studio and other amenities. The mansion has a swimming pool.

Metro Boomin’s Cars

Metro Boomin cars may not be much, but Trust me, the cars are high-end cars.

We cannot state for sure how many cars the hit maker has. But Metro has been seen in public with two luxury cars.

-Bentley Bentayg

-Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV

Metro Booming’s Contact

Metro Boomin Twitter

Follow at @Metroboomin

Metro Boomin Instagram

You can add to the over 3.2million Instagram followers of the producer

Follow @metroboomin

Metro Boomin Snapchat

Follow @metroboomin



At 24, Metro Booming is far from his career peak.

Hip hop lovers in US and the world at large should expect hit productions from this young African American.

At this rate, Metro Boomin net worth is expected to pass the $20million mark before he turns 30.








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