Matt Ryan Net Worth 2018; Contract, Family and Cars

Net Worth: $85 million
Age: 33
Full name: Matthew Thomas Ryan
Born: 17th May, 1985
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Football quarterback
Last Updated: 2018


American quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan has had a very successful career in the NFL over the past few years and it only still seems like the best is yet to come for him as his net worth steadily booms even till this year; 2018.

Matthew Thomas Ryan was born to Bernice and Michael Ryan in the outskirts of Exton in Pennsylvania in the United States on the 17th May, 1985.

His parents were Roman Catholics of Irish descent and he was the third out of four children.

From early school days, he developed a liking for sports as one of his uncle John Loughery, played quarterback at Boston College from 1979-1982.

Through him Matt probably started defining his likeness for sports to American Football.

Matt attended the William Penn Charter School, located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He played football, basketball, and baseball during his school days and went on to become captains of all three sports during his senior year.

Matt Ryan in his football jersey
Matt Ryan in his football jersey

After that he commenced his college journey from Boston in 2003 and his later paved a way for him to NFL team.

He led Boston College to three consecutive bowl victories from 2005 to 2007.

Matt Ryan’s Wife

Sarah Marshall now Sarah Ryan, was born on July 23rd, 1985 in Maine, Portland to John and Susan Marshall.

She has three other siblings one of which is also married to Ryan’s brother.

Sarah attended Catherine McAuley Falmouth school and then later attended Boston College where she met Matt Ryan.

She joined the basketball team there and graduated with a major in Communications.

Matt turned out to be a ‘one-woman-man’ as he met his girlfriend Sarah Marshall at Boston College in his sophomore year in 2003 and stuck with her till date.

He played football while she was on the women’s basketball team.

It’s said that she was dubbed ‘Maine’s Female Athlete of the Year’ when she was just a junior in high school.

Her talents as a point guard led her to become a starting player on the Boston College’s basketball team for three years according to the Portland Press Herald.

She in a statement to Gwinnett Daily Post told how they, she and Matt used to meet frequently in the weight room and how their love blossomed that sophomore year.

“It started out as friendship”, she said, “We’d see each other in the hallways and we had the same group of friends and one thing led to another.”

She also shared that that their first date was actually a group outing to the movies with three of her teammates.

“But he was a good sport about it. Right then I knew I had a good one” she further added.

When Ryan visited Boston College, his alma mater to retire his jersey in November 2016.

He told the crowd of students then that meeting Sarah was in his own words, “…probably the most important thing that happened during my five years here”

Matt Ryan’s Engagement and Marriage

They dated for seven years and eventually announced their engagement in 2010 during the football season.

And on the 2nd April, 2011, Matt got married to his long time sweetheart.

After getting married to Ryan in 2011, she went on to serve as the sponsorship sales consultant for the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream.

In an official WNBA press release, she said,

“It’s a thrill to return to basketball, even in a non-playing capacity.”

“I’m passionate about sports and bringing attention to the women who play them.

 I hope my perspective as a former player can open people’s eyes to how great this team and the WNBA are.”

Although her man is all about football, she is still a sucker for basketball.

But as she said in an interview with Press Herald, “…as soon as Matt was drafted, I switched my allegiance to the Falcons. That was a no-brainer.”

Her support for her husband is unflinching despite being a B-baller at heart.

Sarah has been described as self-less and having a ‘large heart’ as she also volunteers at the Atlanta Boys and Girls club, the Brookhaven; her own little way of giving back to the Atlanta community.

Also quite interesting is the fact that, Matt Ryan’s brother Mike is also married to Sarah’s sister Maggie.

Matt and Sarah introduced the couple to each other through Boston College.

Matt Ryan’s Children

On the 8th of April earlier this year, the Ryan’s announced the birth of their twin boys Marshall and John on Instagram.

They stated that the babies were finally safely home with them.

Sarah had been put on bed rest on January 9 owing to complications.

Marshall, one of the twins spent five weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit in Atlanta’s Northside Hospital.

He came home a week before his brother, baby John.

Sarah shared details of her pregnancy and child delivery complications in a post on her Instagram account,

Sarah’s Delivery Story

“I have been MIA on here for a while so wanted to give a little update on what’s been on the past few months.

On January 9th, I was placed on hospital bed rest due to complications with my pregnancy.

After 6 weeks under the care of amazing doctors and nurses at Northside hospital, our twin boys decided they were ready to make their arrival into the world.

They were soft but tough and fought their way through their time in the NICU to get strong enough to come home.

Our first born, Marshall Thomas Ryan was sent home after 5 weeks in the NICU. His brother John (Johnny) Matthew Ryan followed a week later.

I would say that having Marshall and Johnny at home is a dream come true for Matt and I would be put mildly.

We are endlessly thankful for their doctors and nurses in the NICU who gave them the incredible care and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

We are so grateful for our families and friends who we couldn’t have gotten through this journey without.

And we thank everyone/all of who checked in on us over these past few months. We so appreciate it.

Now after a lack in posting, I will be flooding your timelines with baby photos. Exactly what I said I would never do”

And that she and her husband have been doing on their Instagram accounts.

Matt Ryan’s Story about the Delivery of His Twins

Here’s what Ryan had to say on the experience,

“Any time you have a child it’s scary, exciting, all of those things at once.

Obviously with twins, ther’s a high risk of complications.

Anyone who’s spent time in NICU knows about the emotions that go with it.

We’re so lucky to have two beautiful boys, and guys that were fighters.”

Ryan also shared photo of the twins lying next to each other in fantastic panda beds.

It’s so much joy to them that the twins are finally home and Matt and Sarah are gradually learning the ropes of parenthood.

Matt Ryan’s Net Worth 2018

Matt Ryan’s net worth is estimated to be about $85 million in 2018 and he earns an annual salary of $30 million dollars.

His net worth has seen quite a tremendous increase of about 140% over the past few years and has been predicted to also keep rising.

He is said to have personal investments of about $71 million USD.

Matt Ryan’s House

The NFL star has a love for luxury things and has not hesitated to buy the best houses in Atlanta.

He also enjoys luxury houses in areas like Buckhead, Exton, Duluth, Chestnut Hill and Tuxedo Road.

Ryan has also made multi-million dollar real estate deals within these towns.

Ryan Mansion
Ryan Mansion

One of them was back in 2008, when he bought the luxurious house near Tuxedo Park for nearly $4.5 million, a neighborhood that also houses the governor’s mansion.

He also purchased the house in Duluth, Georgia for $874,000.

The 2-story Duluth house has 6 bedrooms, bar, media room, exercise room and 6 full bathrooms.

Matt Ryan’s Cars

Matt has quite a large collection of cars. His first car was a Navy blue colored Ford Explorer which he got as a senior in high school.

The second was also the same as the first only a different color, a hunter-green and was earlier used by his brother.

His recent collections of luxury cars include the Corvette, Ferrari, Cadillac, Audi and a Range Rover.

He recently bought a brand new Ferrari luxury car for $800,000.

Matt Ryan’s Contract

Ryan was the second first-round pick of the draft to sign when he agreed to a six-year contract on May, 2008.

The contract had an overall value of $72 million and contained $34.75 million in guaranteed money.

The contract back then made Ryan the 4th highest paid quarterback.

After a great 2012 where he took the Falcons to the NFC Championship Game, Ryan received his first contract extension- five years, $103.75 million.

An amazing sum of $59 million dollars was guaranteed.

The year, 2018 would have been the last year on Ryan’s contract but The Falcons decided to keep him and broke the record by signing him to a five year, $150million extension with a guarantee of $100 million and keeping him on the team till 2023.

This contract, the first in NFL to average out to $30 million a year makes Matt Ryan the highest paid player in the NFL.

Matt Ryan’s Earnings and Endorsements

Ryan has also signed endorsement deals with Nike, AirTran and Comcast.

In 2018, Matt Ryan became the first NFL player to earn about $30million USD from salary.

Between June 2017 and June 2018, Matt Ryan earned $67 million from salary and endorsements.

Ryan’s performance has been too good for top brands to completely ignore though he’s more on the quiet side as compared to Tom Brady for example.

Ryan makes quite a sum from his endorsement deals with large reputable brands.

His most notable endorsement deal may be with Gatorade due to the frequently aired ad on 2017 TV commercial that was launched in summer.

The ad features several famous athletes talking about using past failures as a motivation for success.

This ad ends with Ryan, just months after the Falcon’s disastrous Super Bowl collapse.

Matt Ryan has had incredible seasons accompanied with numerous accolades and awards some of which are:

  • MPC Computers Bowl (2005)
  • First team All-ACC selection (2006)
  • Manning Award (2007)
  • Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award (2007)
  • First-team All-America by AFCA (2007)
  • ACC Player of the Year (2007)
  • First-team All-ACC selection (2007)
  • Six-times ACC Player of the Week (2007)

In the 2016 season, he was recognized as NFC Offensive Player of the Week and as the Most Valuable Player by the Pro Football Writers Association.

He was later on named NFL Offensive Player of the Year and the NFL Most Valuable player of the Year.

He earned the Bert Bell Award for that same season and was also ranked number 10 on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017.

Ryan was also placed 29th on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2018.

Ryan is an impressive athlete and has a lot going for him especially with the arrival of the newest members of the family, his twin baby boys.

He has established himself in the league as an excellent quarterback and is definitely not resting on his oars from the look of things.

Currently the highest paid NFL player, the future looks brighter for Ryan.



Matt Ryan has made an impression on NFL. He remains a great player.

For latest news on celebrity net worth and other events, we’re sure to keep you updated.





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