Marty Lagina Net Worth

Net Worth: $50 million
Age: 59
Full name: Marty Lagina
Born: 1959
Country of Origin: Croatia
Occupation: TV Personality
Last Updated: 2018


Are you familiar with the Lagina Brothers? Our guess is yes, if you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t have searched for Lagina. This article contains all the information about Marty Lagina searchers are looking for. Marty Lagina net worth, career, Companies etc, and other highlights in 2018 we’ve got you covered.

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Who Is Marty Lagina

Marty Lagima is a reality Television personality who became popular for his show, The Curse of Oak Island aired on History TV station.

On the show, Marty and his brother Nick Lagina take on the tedious adventure of treasure hunting, based on the long and mysterious history of the Oak Island.

Hunting for treasures based on some mythical tales is no easy task, it requires, belief, patience, zeal, skills and dedication to embark on the task.

The Lagina brothers have proven over the years to embody these qualities. They are on a life mission to unmask the mystery behind the legend of the Oak Island.

However, there is more to Marty Lagina than being a treasure hunter. Marty is successful businessman with interest in different fields.

Marty is a Mechanical engineer with interest in renewable energy. He owned an Oil and Gas firm in Michigan for several years before selling the firm in 1995.

Marty Lagina’s net worth accumulated over the years from his different business ventures even before his TV show on history channel.

Apart from his ventures in Energy, Marty has a company, Mari Vineyard in Michigan. The company is the only wine-producing company in Michigan.

Now you can begin the permutations. You can take a wild guess of how Mari Vineyard contributes to Marty Lagina net worth.

We shall reveal Marty Lagina’s net worth in subsequent sections, but before we do, let’s read about his family, Personal life and career. Keep scrolling!

Marty Lagina’s Family

Marty Lagina is married to Margaret Olivia Lagina and they are blessed with two adult children.

They have a son, Alex Lagina, and daughter, Maddie Lagina.

You would hardly find publications about Marty’s family online. Despite his life as a TV personality, he has managed to keep his family matters private.

Marty Lagina’s Wife

Marty Lagina wife is Margeret Olivia Lagina. She had her high school education at Ewing High school Michigan.

After high school, Margaret proceeded to obtain a degree in Geological Engineering from Reuters College.


She had since worked with Wiser Oil Co. of Michigan before working with Marty in his Oil and Gas firm.

Marty Lagina’s Personal Life

Hard as it may seem to believe, the treasure hunter and Television personality, does not have a Wikipedia page as at when this article was published.

However, information from reliable sources states that Marty Lagina was born in 1959.

Lagina takes his root from both Italian and Croatian ancestry. He once called himself a true roman because of his ancestry.

Marty Lagina’s Education

Marty is a mechanical engineer by profession. He obtained a BSc. degree from Michigan Tech in 1977.

As a college student he engaged in lot of activities including sports and social clubs. Marty joined a fraternity why in school.

After graduating from Michigan Tech, he returned to school. This time he wanted to study law.

In 1979, the would-be treasure hunter, enrolled at the University of Michigan to pursue a degree in law and graduated in 1982.

Shortly after Law school, he decided to put to practice his knowledge from previous study. He consulted for top tech firms before going on to roll out his own firm.

He established an oil and gas exploration and production company, Terra Energy Ltd. In 1982

Marty Lagina’s Company

Engineering Company

As a mechanical engineer by profession, Marty rolled out an engineering firm Terra Energy Limited.

Marty’s company had the responsibility to develop shale gas resources in Michigan. His firm competed with other engineering firms with similar interest.

But due to his business acumen and dedication to work, Terra Energy Limited firm developed so fast to become the largest shale gas operator in Michigan.

Marty sold Terra Energy Limited in 1999 to CMS. He reportedly banked a staggering $58 million from the sale. The sale Boosted Marty Lagina’s net worth massively.

Do not for a second assume Marty would retire from his 1st love “engineering” after the sale of Terra Energy Limited.

As an engineer, he has always been interested in “Energy,” not just energy but renewable energy.

The mechanical engineering graduate had always nursed the ambition to see the world go green. He is an advocate of green energy.

The urge to see the world utilize renewable means for energy production prompted Marty’s current engineering project, Heritage Sustainable Heritage.

It is a massive project running into several millions of dollars. The project is currently on the verge to construct 60 wind turbines in Missaukee, Michigan.

Marty Lagina’s Winery

Apart from engineering, Marty Lagina also has interest in wine production.

Marty is the Owner of Mari Vineyard. He reportedly named the company after his grandmother who he loved so much for her care and hard work.

Marty Lagina winery is currently the only wine-producing company in Michigan. People initially doubted the possibility of owning a vineyard in Michigan.

The Michigan climate is too harsh for the growth of grape from which Marty Lagina winery is produced.

But thanks to technology, the company is able to grow grape utilizing a canopy that traps and sustain heat even when the weather condition is unfavourable.

Mari Vineyard was established in the late ‘90s and has produced series of red wines.

Mari Vine yard is located at Old Mission Peninsula, in Northern Michigan.

Read more about Marty Lagina winery HERE

Marty Lagina’s Net Worth 2018

Marty Lagina’s net worth is in millions of dollars today, thanks to his dedication to work and his tendency to take risk.

His net worth stems from three major sources and they include;


The engineer business mogul has been involved with several engineering firms throughout his life.

He consulted for engineering firms with interest in energy in the early ‘80s before going on to establish his own firm.

He founded an energy firm through which he accumulated a lot of fortune. Marty Lagina’s net worth skyrocketed when he sold his Oil and Gas firm.

He reportedly sold the firm for $58 million.


Marty is the CEO of a Michigan based wine-producing firm, Mari Vineyard. He owns a grape plantation for production of red wine.

He earns about a million dollar annually from his wine business.

TV show

Marty and Nick Lagina currently do a TV show about treasure hunting on History channel.

He reportedly pockets about $500,000 annually from the show.

Marty Lagina’s net worth is currently estimated to be $50 million in 2018.

Marty Lagina’s Oak of Island Mystery

He and his brother nick are currently on an adventure to find the long-lost treasure buried on the Oak of Island.

The Oak of Island Mystery refers to many tales that have been told about how some treasures were buried on the Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

Some of the buried treasures according stories include; Marie Antoinette’s jewels, Shakespearean manuscripts and religious artifacts

The story about Oak Island is over 220 years old and scores of treasure hunters have attempted to find the hidden treasures to no avail yet.

The show is currently telecasted and you can keep up with the Lagina brothers on History TV.

Marty Lagina’s Instagram

The treasure hunter is not on Instagram, however you can follow updates about his show on IG

Follow @the_oak_island_mystery



Marty Lagina’s net worth is expected to soar even higher with time. The treasure hunter is currently on a project to see is fortune increase.

His fortune can rise to billions of dollars overnight if he successfully finds an artefact that would help unravel the legend of Oak Island.

Any meaningful success from his treasure hunting would redefine the history of the Oak Island and see the Lagina brothers inducted into the US hall of fame.








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