Lil Xan Net Worth

Net Worth: $2 million
Age: 21
Full name: Diego Leanos
Born: 6 September, 1996
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Last Updated: 2018


We’ve compiled interesting details about the personal life and career of Lil Xan just for your pleasure. This article explains Lil Xan net worth, career, personal life and so on!

It has become a usual sight to see celebrities do crack and other hard drugs with the belief that it enhances stage performance.

Such is the case of the up and coming hip hop rapper Lil Xan. The young talent used to be so addicted to hard drugs that his stage name was coined from a hard drug prescription, Xanas.

He would dissolve Xanas, opiate and Benzodiazepines in soda, and consume the resulting mixture for recreational purposes. He was addicted for two years.

Lil Xan performed under the influence of hard drugs for two years before he decided to turn a new leaf.


He became serious about quitting Xanas when he lost a friend to crack.

The rapper has since broken loose from his addiction and now champions a movement, Xanarchy in a bid to stop drug addiction.

The movement has been successful so far as several of his fans have reportedly put a stop to their use of hard drug.

While crack has become synonymous with the prodigy, it is important to let you know that there is more to Lil xan than just crack and this beckons the question, Who is Lil Xan?

Lil Xan is an American hip hop rapper, singer, and songwriter who became popular after the release of his single, Betrayed.

Apart from his music, the rapper is also popular for his numerous tattoos including his facial markings.

What is Lil Xan’s Real Name?

Lil Xan real name is Diego Leanos

What is Lil Xan’s Age?

The rapper was born on September 6, 1996 in Redlands, California, U.S. Lil Xan age is 22 as at 2018.

Lil Xan’s Early Life

The young rapper was born in Redlands California to Mexican parents. Not much has been said about his parents.

His parents were poor and growing up was tough for the Lil Xan. He moved around a lot as a child and attended Redlands East Valley High School.

Xan dropped out of high school in his 1st year and stayed at home for a long period doing nothing and unemployed.

All this while, the rapper never thought of doing music as music was never his first career choice.

At his teenage age, the rapper would do all sorts of jobs to make money.

He once took a job as a street cleaner before going on to sell drugs and later, the thought of becoming a photographer hit him.

With the help of his friends who were also pursuing a career in music, Lil xan began to pursue a career in photography and he so much loved the idea.

Becoming a photographer soon became Xan’s ultimate goal, he was engrossed with the thought of photography that he saved up money to purchase a camera.

He began to learn photography but it seemed the rapper was not destined to be a photographer.

Barely 2 months into photography, Xan eventually had his camera stolen.

He thought of ways of raising money to purchase a new camera, so he decided to do rap and it so occurred that Lil Xan was destined for the music industry.

However Lil Xan has insisted he has plans to return to photography someday because he never really had a career as a photographer which he claimed to be his first passion.

When asked about his influencers and inspirations during an interview he replied, mentioning the likes of Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D as his lead influencers.

He also draws inspiration from Drake, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant and Queens of the Stone Age.

Lil Xan’s Career

We have witnessed the career of Lil Xan surge to prominence in a short while. The rapper made an entrance into the world of hip hop in 2017.

Xan is among the increasing list of US celebrities who broke into limelight through social media platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud.

In August 2017, the rapper shot the music video for the single titled Betrayed and uploaded the video onto YouTube.

The video became an instant hit as it was streamed and downloaded more than a million times from YouTube and Soundcloud.

Betrayed was later certified platinum by the RIAA and it featured on Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #64.

The success of Betrayed shot Lil Xan to stardom and he began to feature in interviews, covering front pages of popular magazines such as XXL.

He later announced the release date of his debut album titled Total Xanarchy through XXL Magazines to the delight of anticipating fans.

In response to his announcement, fans flooded his Instagram page with comments of how they savoured his pending album.

His debut album had input from popular artist such as Diplo and Swae Lee.

In December 2017, he announced the dates for his first tour (Total Xanarchy tour) which reportedly sold out in 5 hours according to Billboard.

His album, tour and interviews all indicate the rappers seriousness about ending the abuse of the hard drug Xanas.

The rapper even went further in his drug war by tattooing Xanarchy on his hand and announced he would drop his stage name Xans for is name Diego.

However, he confirmed in an interview that he was not sure about changing his name. And he is yet to sign to a record label as at 2018.

Lil Xan’s Songs

The rapper has done quite well for himself with some Extended Plays to his name, which include;

  • Starburst & Cranberry Juice
  • Toothache
  • Xanarchy
  • Heartbreak Soldiers

Lil Xan’s other singles include;

Xanny Montoya, Wolverine, (Lil Xan x $teven Cannon), WATER BED, (Lil Xan x Razook x LouieandFriends), LEASH, French Toast Freestyle, (Lil Xan & $teven, Cannon), Montana Doe, Who Are You, 4EVER, Center Fold, Sorry, Vicodin, THRASHER, CherryMango, Hell, RIDINROUND, BAND$, Slingshot, New Bitch, lil xan man, REDRUM, Betrayed, Been Bout It, Xanarchy, Oh Well!, Far, Wake Up, Betrayed, Color Blind, (Diplo & Lil Xan), The Man, Deceived, Moonlight, (Lil Xan & Charli XCX),  Lies, Live or Die (Noah Cyrus & Lil Xan).

Lil Xan’s Quotes

The rapper has some notable quotes to his name. Few of Lil Xan quotes include;

As a repentant drug addict, during an interview, Lil Xan happily recounted his drug ordeal and how he beat addiction, he said;

“i used to be painfully addicted to xanas for about two years of my life. But today I’m lucky to break my addiction” – Lil xans

The rapper also said about his passion for photography saying;

“I was only a photographer for 2 months and my camera was stolen. I was forced to turn to rap music, because it was cheaper” – Lil Xan

About driving fast, the rapper tweeted

“I’m doing about 150, swerving my car like i wanna crash it” – Lil Xan

Lil Xan’s Net Worth (2018)

Lil Xan net worth is quite impressive when you consider the rapper has been in music for just a year and has no major sponsor record label.

The rapper has taken on the music industry as an independent artist, amassing loads of wealth.

Lil xan net worth is generated through a number of ways. The rapper rakes in revenue through proceeds from streaming on soundcloud.

Also mixtape and album have contributed massively to the growth of Lil Xan net worth.

We can’t report if the rapper is currently endorsing for any brand but we hope endorsement soon becomes a means to generate more money for him.


Lil xan net worth is currently estimated to be in the region of $2 million in 2018.



At the age of 21 and without a Record Labe, Lil Xan net worth of $2 million is mind blowing and speaks volume of his hard work and dedication.

We expect the rapper to amass more wealth as he is still at the onset of his career.

Lil Xan’s fans would love to see the rapper do music for many more years to come and hope he doesn’t ditch rap for his seemingly first career choice of photography.