LeAnn Rimes Net Worth

Net Worth: $38 Million
Full Name: Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian
Date of Birth: August 28, 1982
Age: 36
Place of Birth: Jackson, Mississippi, United States of America
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Singer, Song-writer, Actress, Author
Weight: 50kg
Last Updated: 2018


This article is about one of the most talented American country music artist, singer, song-writer, actress and actor, “Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian” popularly known with part of her name, “LeAnn Rimes”. We have properly researched and put together some information about her to supply answers to queries such as: What is LeAnn Rimes’ Net Worth? Who is LeAnn Rimes’ husband? What are the sources of LeAnn Rimes’ wealth? LeAnn Rimes’ songs, her country of origin, her age, date of birth and so on. Relax and read on as we get your curiosity satisfied.

LeAnn Rimes’ Early Life

Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian known with the stage name “LeAnn Rimes” was born on the 28th day of August, 2019 in Jackson, Mississippi, United States of America to the family of Wilbur Rimes (Father) and Belinda Butler (Mother).

She is the only daughter of her parents. Rimes parents relocated to Garland, Texas with her when she was six years of age.

Rimes’ deep interest and love for music caused her parents to enroll her in vocal and dance classes and by the time she turned 5 years old, she was already performing at local talent shows.

Her music career began in earnest in musical theatre when she started having Christmas Carol performances in Dallas, Texas.

Rimes almost hijacked the major role in “Annie”, produced by “Broadway”. Rimes stared in “Star Search”, a network Television show competition aired from 1983 to 1995 where she so much impressed the host of the show, Ed McMahon with classic performances after which she made a decision to push her career towards country music.

She severely featured in a weekly variety show, “Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue” helat the Arlington Music Hall in Arlington, Texas which has attracted the interest of National talent scouts.

Rimes had grown to a professional singer by the time she turned 9, she was everywhere nationwide together with her father touring. The beginning of Dallas Cowboy football games always had her performing the cappella version of the “The Star Spangled Banner” (The United States of America’s National Anthem).

At eleven years old, Rimes’ father started recording her under “Nor Va Jak”, an independent record label. From 1991 to 1996, Rimes had already launched three studio Albums.

Rimes’ vocal capability was so impressive that “Bill Mack”, a Dallas record promoter and DJ spotted her and was determined over the following three years to bring her to lime light.

Mack had wanted Rimes to sing a song titled “Blue” which was composed by “Patsy Cline” who was a victim of a plane crash before the song was even recorded.

LeAnn Rimes’ Marriage and Relationships

Rimes has been married twice so far but her relationship may not be as complicated or as complex as most celebrities.

She met her first husband “Dean Sheremet” at the Academy of Country Music Award, 2001.


Sheremet was a backup dancer and was featured in the event where Rimes was the host.

In the same year, according to “InStyle Magazine”, Rimes stated: “This is the man I want to marry” and this was coming after her first date with Sheremet.

Rimes and Sheremet finally got married in the year 2002 and they were together till, July 2009 when they separated.

She announced their divorce in September, 2002 and the divorce took effect on the 19th of June, 2010.

Rimes and Sheremet marriage crash was as result of Rimes extramarital affair with actor “Eddie Cibrian” which was covered by press and the affair took place when Rimes and Cibrian worked together on “Northern Lights”.

Eddie and his wife “Brandi Granville” (the mother of his two sons) also divorced, crashing eight years of marriage because of the same adulterous act between Rimes and Cibrian.

On the 27th day of December, 2010, Rimes and Cibrian got engaged and this was announced via Billboard. On the 22nd of April, 2011, they both wedded in California.

LeAnn Rimes’ Net Worth (2018)

Rimes’ starting quite young became a celebrity at the early days of her life. Currently, LeAnn Rimes’ Net Worth is estimated to be $38 million in 2018 has left a lot of people arguing her source of wealth.

Well, this article will leave you with no point to argue again.

We have carefully peeped into Rimes’ music career and have gathered a pool of information on the sources through which wealth is flowing in to Rimes’ life. Keep reading and we feed you to your satisfaction.

Rimes’ Music Career

Rimes again recorded another version of “Blue” as her single and for her debut album under her newly signed record label “Curb Records”.

In October, 2016 when Rimes’ was interviewed, she stated that her new record label mistakenly released the version of “Blue” which she recorded when she was eleven years old.

Fortunately for Rimes, this version charted number one in the Billboard Country chart. Rimes wave at this time got people to start regarding her as a perfect replacement to Patsy Cline’s legacy.

The “Blue” album made history as the highest sold album in “SoundScan”  as it sold one hundred and twenty three thousand (123, 000) copies on its first week of release.

On the top country album, it charted number, On Billboard 200 chart, it occupied the 3rd position.

The album went so viral that it recorded a total sale of 4 million copies just in the United States alone and worldwide, it made a total sale of 8 million copies.

The album also received a positive review from “AllMusic” who sated that the album will be a huge inspiration and motivation to other young teen.

Rimes was relentless in making good music that topped charts. She recorded lots of singles from her album in 1996 that charted number one in country singles. Some of the songs includes: “One Way Ticket (Because I can)”, on the 1996 Billboard country chart, this charted number one; “Cattle Call” which was a duet she did together with “Eddy Arnold”; other of her hit tracks includes: “The Light in Your Eyes” and “Hurt me”.

In the years, 1997, Rimes, released another album titled “Unchained Melody: The Early Years” which was a compilation of her works under Nor Va Jak record label.

The album featured the remake of most top country songs with a good number of them originally recorded by Bill Monroe, The Beatles, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston.

Rimes has been releasing hit tracks and lovely albums right tirelessly since she released her debut.

The following are the full list of albums and tracks she has released so far from the year, 1991 to 2016: “Everybody’s Sweetheart (1991)”, “From My Heart to Yours (1992)”, (All That (1994)”, “Blue (1996)”, “You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs (1997)”, “Sittin’ on Top of the World (1998)”, “LeAnn Rimes (1999)”, “Twisted Angel (2002)”, “What a Wonderful World (2004)”, “This Woman (2005)”, “Whatever We Wanna (2006)”, “Family (2007)”, “Lady & Gentlemen (2011)”, “Spitfire (2013)”, “Today Is Christmas (2015)” and the latest, “Remnants (2016)”.

LeAnn Rimes’ Awards

The album “Blue” landed Rimes lots of Award nomination and she actually won many of them. When Rimes was 14 years of age in the year, 1997, she set a record of the youngest Grammy Award winner as the “Best Female Country Vocal Performance” and “Best New Artist” of the year.

In the history of the prestigious Grammy Award, Rimes became the first country music artist to bag the award of the Best New Artist of the year.

Also in the same year, 1997, Rimes won the Best New Artist of the Year at the “Horizon Award” organized by Country Music Association and also set recorded as the youngest nominee and winner of Country Music Association Award.

LeAnn Rimes’ Acting Career

Rimes doesn’t only know how to sing, she was also a very talented actress. Rimes started her acting career when she relocated to Los Angeles, California with her mother.


She was featured in “Holyday in Your Heart” which was a made for TV film in the year 1998. She officially made her debut in “Coyote Ugly” which was a movie produced in the year, 2000. Aside acting, she has also recorded sound tracks for so many movies.

LeAnn Rimes’ Influence

Rimes has stated that a lot of country music and pop artists has influenced her music career. She acknowledged “Barbra Streisand”, “Wynonna Judd” and “Reba McEntire” as the major influences to her career.

Above all, she stated that Patsy Cline influenced her the most as she has done many covers of Cline’s song.



From the review so far and the insight we have gotten from the article, we can conclude that LeAnn Rimes is a very focused and determine individual who has worked her way up.

Starting at a very tender age, Rimes became a motivation to other young teens who desire to pursue a career in music.

Having made her debut in 1991, Rimes has relentlessly pursue treasure and have accumulated so much wealth for herself.

We have seen her sources of wealth inflow and have as well come to the conclusion that Rimes is worth $38 Million.