LaVar Ball Net Worth

Net Worth: $6 million
Age: 50
Full name: LaVar Christopher Ball
Born: October 23, 1967
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Media Personality, Businessman
Last Updated: 2018


Lavar Ball, born October 23, 1967, is an American retired athlete, who played the American most loved sports of basketball. Even with a net worth as good as his, he still doesn’t wanna give up as he builds on his empire.

The highly controversial big man, Lavar Ball had a relatively modest career as an NBA player but has become popular in his new found career as a media personality all thanks to his children who followed in his footsteps to become basketball players.

Lavar Ball was born and groomed in south Los Angeles, California. He has four brothers – LaFrance, LaValle, LaRenzo, and LaShon.

Lavar ball, gifted with size, agility, and speed was a constant figure in the sports field in High school.

He attended Canoga Park High School in Canoga Park, Los Angeles. As a young athlete, he featured as a quarterback on the football team and played basketball as a forward.

The towering figure did not graduate from high school without leaving his mark. He once broke the school record by grabbing a total of 316 rebounds.

LaVar Ball Basketball Career

Lavar Ball, as an athlete never made it big in the NBA. The 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) tall man showed passion and zeal to become a pro basketball player but fell short of his dreams.

Lavar Ball started the pursuit to become a pro basketball player in 1986, as a college basketball player when he turned out for West Los Angeles College in the low-tier Western State Conference despite having very little experience at the prep level.


After a season with the West Los Angeles College where he recorded 33 points and 18 rebounds against Porterville College in 1986, Ball moved on to appear in the colors of the Cougars in NCAA Division I Washington State and became a starting forward.

In just 26 games for the Cougars, however; he averaged only 2.2 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.0 assists per game.

After one season, Ball transferred again to Cal State Los Angeles and they competed in the NCAA Division II, playing alongside three of his four brothers.

LaVar Ball Football Career

Lavar Ball Football’s career is a far cry from his dream to become a basketball player. Being an athlete gifted with skills in different sports, Ball had options and was open to the dreams of both NBA and NFL.

Following college, Lavar Ball had an invitation for a tryout in football.

He grabbed the opportunity, shone at the tryout and eventually took to the sports of football.

Ball played a season in the colors of Long Beach City College as a tight end.

In 1994, Lavar Ball signed with the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL) as a defensive end where he played for a season.

In 1995, Lavar Ball turned out for the jets as a tight end and was sent to the London Monarchs of the World League of American Football (WLAF) the same year.

Lavar Ball had a short career as a football player. His career was cut short by injuries.

Before his retirement from the sports, ball also turned out in the colors of London Monarchs at the World League of American Football (WLAF).

Lavar Ball called it time in his football career in mid ‘90s following a short football career, citing recurrent injuries as reason.

The Big Man later took to coaching of football shortly after his retirement.

LaVar Ball Net Worth (2018)

LaVar Ball, the father of three NBA players – Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball, is known for his controversial comments.

The Media personality is widely known for comparing his young sons to well established NBA stars.

LaVar Ball shot to limelight in 2016 when he started airing his opinions and comparing his sons to legends in NBA.

The media, the likes of ESPN, SLAM MAGAZINE, capitalized on his ill thought comments, featuring him in a number of sports programs.

Too, LaVar Ball took advantage of the media frenzy and established a sporting equipment outfit – ‘Big Baller Brand’. He is the CEO and founder of the brand.

The controversial businessman and media personality recently boasted that his sons would be the first NBA players to hit the $1 billion mark.

He cited the soaring popularity of the ‘Big Baller Brand’ in China as an advantage.

He mocked the richest NBA star, LeBron James, valued in the region of $400 million in worth after 15 years in the game.

Ball has vowed to his sons worth much more than LeBron James. He promised to give all proceed from the ‘Big Baller Brand’ to his sons to make them hit the Billion Dollar mark.

Given the vocal personality of LaVar Ball, the question – what is LaVar Ball’s net worth beckons.

LaVar Ball’s source of income is majorly the newly established ‘Big Baller Brand’ as the controversial father of 3 NBA stars is estimated to worth $6million in 2018.

Yeah you should read the last paragraph over again. The man’s worth is a far cry to his popularity.

Albeit the Big Baller stock is soaring in the market, and the controversial man is expected to become very wealthy in no time.

LaVar Ball Family

Lavar Ball is married to Tina Ball and together they have three sons – Lonzo, 18-year-old LiAngelo and 15-year-old LaMelo.


Tina Ball is very supportive of her vocal husband, but cuts a private figure. She’s somewhat an antithesis of her husband.

Lavar Ball Wife – Tina Ball

Tina Ball, the wife of the controversial media personality, is quiet and easy going woman. Tina, unlike her husband prefers a life out of the reach of media. She is hardly seen in public except when necessary.

Unfortunately, Tina ball was plagued with some health challenges in Feb. 2018.

When asked about the condition of Tina Ball, Lavar Ball and his son Lonzo replied – “She’s making progress.

It’s been a really slow recovery,” he said at the time, choosing not to reveal much about her condition’’.

“She can’t really talk right now,” Lonzo said in an ESPN the Magazine feature published Monday. “But she definitely knows what we’re saying, and she smiles all the time. So that’s a good thing.”

Lavar Ball is reportedly supportive to his ailing wife, Tina. He once said of his wife – “She’s the one. Just so smooth.

She’s not like other girls. She’s tough, smart, pretty,” he added. “I told my wife, ‘I been with you so long, you can have one eye drooped and your mouth over here like this and you’re still beautiful to me. I look at you the same way. That isn’t going to ever change.’”

Big Baller Brand Net Worth

This is an American company which is owned by LaVar Ball. The company produces shoes and clothings.

It was founded in 2016, with the headquarters in Chino Hills, California. LaVar Ball remains the founder/C.E.O while Alan Foster is the Manager.

He firmly believes that within some years, his sons will beat LeBron James to the billionaire status.

Big Baller Brand’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

LaVar Ball Shoes

LaVar Ball’s children get a lot of views on their shoes as they play on the basketball court. This is probably because of the exquisite shoes their father retails in his business.

The media personality who is also the owner of “Big Baller Brand” sure makes waves in the fashion world as search items such as “LaVar Ball’s shoes” stream the internet.

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LaVar Ball Controversy

LaVar Ball journey into the media world began in 2016. His sons gave him a media platform that he would begin to use increasingly.

The Ball Family made a very thrilling headline in a publication by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports.


In March 2016 interview with MaxPreps, he first began displaying his confident personality to the public. When asked who his son Lonzo plays like, he described his son as the legendary “Magic (Johnson) with a jumper.

SLAM magazine featured the family in a magazine on August 2016. This further increased the popularity of the Ball family.

Subsequently, Ball himself rapidly rose in profile through a series of incredible comments about his children.

LaVar Ball’s eccentric claims have involved popular basketball stars. In early March 2017, he said that he viewed his son Lonzo as a better player than Stephen Curry – the NBA Most Valuable Player in 2015 and 2016. This claim attracted a lot off backlash, making the man much more popular.

Ball once stated that he believes his eldest son is “the best player in the world,” specifically comparing him with NBA MVPs LeBron James and Russell Westbrook.

His comment again, attracted backlash and ridicule from NBA fanatics in USA. Kyle Boone of CBS Sports responded: “There’s no way in the world Lonzo would be taking down LeBron or Westbrook in any form of basketball any time right now.

Lavar Ball even compared himself to the man regarded as the finest in the history of NBA, Michael Jordan.

He said “Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one”. He said he is faster than Michael Jordan, and the legendary Jordan could not stop him if he attempted a jump hook. As usual, the comment attracted ridicule and mockery.

LaVar Ball House

In 2017, Lavar Ball bought his new mansion in Chino Hills, California, calling it “the best house in an 80-mile radius.”

The Los Angeles Times confirmed that Big Baller Brand, the apparel brand and LLC connected to both LaVar and his son Lakers guard Lonzo Ball, purchased a 13,800-square-foot home with a 1,200-square-foot guest house in Chino Hills for $5.2 million.

The house is a three-story home, with 8 bedrooms and 8.75 bathrooms. Amenities in the home include – fenced-in swimming pool, multiple balconies, a gym, gourmet kitchen, home theatre and an elevator.

The mansion was built in 2005 and is visibly under repairs when he showed off the house in 2017.

When asked why he made the move, Ball replied:

“I had to get behind the gate. It got too crazy. Knocking on the door, jumping over fences, now gotta get through the gate and you gotta get through my gate.”

Fans laughed over his comment, saying a vocal being like Lavar ball shouldn’t talk about privacy.




Lavar Ball has truly made his mark on the industry and even if he might not be as popular as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, his impact will still be felt due to his amazing dunks and his towering height.

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