Kevin Gates Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.5 million
Age: 32
Full name: Kevin Gates
Born: 5 February, 1986
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper
Last Updated: 2018


This article contains all you need to know about popular American rapper Kevin Gates.  Kevin Gates’ net worth, career, family, and personal life are discussed on this post.

Kevin is known to be unique for is special approach to rap. His unique style of infusing his life experience into his lyrics has attracted a lot of fans to the rapper.


Born and raised in the streets, the rapper boasts to have seen it all. Kevin is conversant with the gains and loss of the streets, which constitutes the buck of his lyrics.

His fans are extremely endeared to him for his raw lyrics. Kevin relates to the street and the street payback with unflinching loyalty and support to one on their own.

The rapper has been on the entertainment scene for some years and his life and career so far are detailed in subsequent sections. Please read on!

Kevin Gates’ Age

Kevin Jerome Gilyard was born on February 5, 1986 in Louisiana, United States. Kevin Gates age is 32 as at 2018.

Kevin Gates’ Height

Kevin Gates height stands at 6 Ft 2 In. (188 cm)

Where is Kevin Gates From?

Kevin Gates is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States but has African-American and Puerto Rican ancestry.

Kevin Gates’ Bio

Kevin was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and when he was a little kid, his mother married his stepfather and the rapper never saw his real father until 8th grade.

Young Kevin was denied of fatherly care from his stepfather making him spent most of early years with his grandparents.

He grew up in the streets where all sorts of social vices were the order. Guns, drugs and gangs were the hallmark of Gate’s neighbourhood.

The rapper visited jail for the first time at the age of 13 although it wasn’t his fault. He was a passenger of a stolen car and was arrested along with the driver.

Kevin has since stated that going to jail at such tender age had a damaging effect on his upbringing.

Immediately he entered the jail, he was called out and taken back home but such short time had effect on him, he said he became fearless about going to jail.

At the age of 14, Kevin began to develop passion for rap and he thought of taking rap music as career when he was a teenager.

During this period Gates was in school and he was reportedly a brilliant student with good grades and never failing any subject.

But due to the stress of jostling academic activities and music, Kevin began to skip classes and his grades plummeted.

But the rapper paid little interest to his grades as he was determined to become a performing artist.

Kevin began to make music at home and he soon forgot about school.

In 2003, Kevin was arrested for the second time after engaging and stabbing a lad in fight at the cinemas. He was charged to court, resulting in short jail term.

Kevin continued to pursue his musical career and in 2005, he signed a record deal with Dead Game Records and began recording lots of songs, dropping his first single in 2007.

However, in 2008, the rapper was back in the nest of the authority for the 3rd time on account of possession of weapons illegally.

This time around the rapper served a pretty long jail term after bagging a four year jail sentence, but was released after 2 years and 7 months for good behaviour.

Kevin has since reported that his time in jail has moulded him to become a better person after engaging in lots of sober reflections while in jail.

He reportedly obtained a master’s degree in Psychology while in jail and after his release he became associated with Lil Wayne’s young Money Entertainment.

In 2015, the rapper departed Young Money to establish his own record label, Bread Winners Association together with his wife.

The rapper would go to jail again after reportedly kicking a lady in the bosom during a show in Lakeland, Florida and he was slapped with a year and the half jail time.

The rapper was set free on January 2018, on parole.

Kevin Gates Career, Songs

Kevin Gates career dates back to 2013 when he released his first mixtape titled The Luca Brasi Story much to a public acclaim.

His debut Mixtape was well received by the streets for it raw lyrical content and it was followed by The Luca Brasi Story and Stranger Than Fiction both in 2013.

The rapper has since released the following mixtapes/EPs

By Any Means (2014)

Luca Brasi 2 (2014)

Murder For Hire 2 (2016)

By Any Means 2 (2017)

Chained to the City (2018)

Luca Brasi 3 (2018)

Kevin Gates has just one studio album to his name. The rapper the album titled Islah in 2016 in honour of his kid.

Kevin Gates’ Net Worth (2018)

What is Kevin Gates net worth? How successful is Kevin Gates? Is Kevin Gates richer than Lil Boosie? These are FAQ questions about the rapper.

We shall reveal Kevin Gates net worth on this section but before then let’s take a look at how the rapper accumulates his wealth.

How Kevin Gates net worth is accumulated;

The major source of Kevin Gates net worth is record sales. The rapper has several songs to his name and he makes a living out of record sales.

Apart from record sales, Kevin Gates net worth is also accumulated through proceeds from shows and concerts.

To book the rapper for events, show organizers have to be between $15,000 and $30,000.

Also, proceeds from online streaming contribute a small quota to Kevin Gates net worth.

Kevin Gates’ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as at 2018.

Kevin Gates’ Mom

Kevin Gates mom is Martha Gates (nee Green). The rapper never really lived much with his mom as she was busy building a family with Kevin’s stepfather.

Who is Kevin Gates Cousin?

In 2015, the rapper made headline again for the wrong reason.  But to be fair, this time it wasn’t really is fault.

The rapper confessed to be sleeping with his cousin (name unknown) for two years without knowing they were related.

He said he has a lot of cousins and had not seen this one before, he never knew they were related and they slept together a lot of times.

After the confession, fans rushed to his social media pages with the question who is Kevin Gates’ cousin?

He was pressured to divulge the identity of his cousin but the rapper was having none of it as he is known to be secretive with his family ties.

Kevin Gates’ Girlfriend/Wife

Kevin Gates girlfriend turned out to be his wife, Dreka Gates (nee Shadreka Centuri Haynes).

Dreka has been Kevin Gates girlfriend for a long time before the lovebirds decided to walk down the aisle.

They started dating when things were hard for them and they never really thought they would last much long and eventually get married.

Dreka met Gates during her days in high school and fell in love with him. Life was reportedly good for her then, her parents were up and doing financially.

She could afford whatever she wanted because her parents were well to do but same could not be said of her boyfriend, Kevin.

Dreka’s parents wanted her to become a medical doctor so she enrolled to study Medicine at the University.

But along the line she noticed becoming a doctor was not what she wanted, she had a penchant for fashion so she dropped out of Medical school.

Her parents were not in support of her decision to drop out so she knew she had to start fending for herself henceforth.

Initially, Dreka worked for a real estate firm before going on to establish Bread Winners Record along with Kevin Gates.

Kevin Gates’ wife once recalled about the hurdles they faced at the onset of Kevin’s career. They had no one to support them so they had to start from the scratch.

Being a private person, Dreka would sneak into clubs at night to tip off DJs to play Gates’ songs.

No woman could have been more supportive than Dreka and she was key to the hike in Kevin Gates’ net worth.

This is why the rapper is never exhausted of praising his wife. The rapper never fails to profess his love for his wife through his songs, interviews and social media.

Kevin always appreciates his wife at every given opportunity and even encouraged her to feature in his music video but Dreka is too private for Kevin’s plea.

Dreka is the booking manager of Kevin Gates and has successfully managed his career over the years along with being their homemaker and the mother of their two children.

Their relationship has become exemplary in American music industry and fans often take to social media to express their awe for the couple.

Dreka was once asked to give advice about relationship and she had this to say;

Never attempt to change anyone, just let them be who they are, and secondly she advised ladies to be supportive of their partners.

Kevin Gates’ Kids

Kevin Gates Kids are Islah and Khaza and they are not usually on the media because Dreka likes to keep her family ties private and the rapper respects the decision.


We can’t confirm if Kevin has kids from his previous relationship as he once claimed prior to his marriage to Dreka.

However we can confirm that Kevin and Kedra have two kids together.

Kevin Gates’ Instagram Handle

Kevin is on instagram with over 6.4 million followers.

Kevin Gates Instagram Handle is @Iamkevingates



The rapper has spent a lot of time in prison, although while his time in prison hasn’t affected his talent, it certainly has affected his income.

Gate’s fans would be hoping he stays off troubles and prisons to focus on his musical career.

And lastly, Kevin Gates net worth is expected to hike up soon giving his current projects. The rapper is working on a new album and it promises to be explosive.





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