Kenny Rogers Net Worth



Net Worth: $250 Million
Age: 79
Full-Name: Kenneth Donald Rogers
Date of Birth: August 21, 1938
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Record Producer, and an Entrepreneur.
Country of Origin: United States of America
Last Updated: 2018


This article reviews the life of a Country music legend, An A-List American Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Record Producer and a successful Entrepreneur, Kenny Rogers, his net worth (2018), career, family, etc.

Kenny Rogers is a multi-talented Singer who can literally blend and perform greatly in all music genre though he has captivated the heart of most country audience.

Kenny Rogers’ Biography

Kenny Rogers was born in Houston, Texas to the family of Edward Floyd Rogers (Father) and Lucille Lois (Mother) in the year August 21, 1938. He is the fourth Child out of eight children.Kenny-Rogers-music-career-movies

Rogers’ father was a carpenter while his Mum was a Nurse’s Assistant. He attended Jefferson Davis High School.

Rogers has married five times with five children which came from four of his marriages.

Kenny Rogers’ Marriage Details

  • Janice Gordon: Kenny married Janice on 15th of May, 1958 and they got divorced in April, 1960 with a child;
  • Jean Rogers: Got married to Kenny in October, 1960 and they divorced in 1963 with no child;
  • Margo Anderson: They were married from October 1964 to 1976 and were blessed with a child;
  • Marianne Gordon: Kenny married Marianne on the 1st of October, 1977 and they divorced in 1993 with a child.
  • Wanda Miller: This is the current wife of Kenny Roger, they got married on 1st of June, 1997 and are still together till date. They marriage was blessed with two children.

Kenny Rogers’ Children

Rogers’s biography will be incomplete without mentioning his children’s names. As we have mentioned earlier, Rogers was blessed with five children from four wives out of his five wives.

The following are the list of Kenny Rogers Children: “Christopher Cody Rogers”, “Kenny Rogers Jr.”, “Justin Charles Rogers”, “Jordan Edward Rogers”, “Carole Rogers”.

Kenny Rogers’ Music Career

Kenny’s career started as a teenage rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950’s and between the 1970’s and 1980s, Kenny has graduated to one of the biggest country pop artist. In the year 1957, Kenny recorded a minor solo tagged “The Crazy Feeling”.

When much money wasn’t coming anymore, Rogers decided to be part of Jazz group tagged “The Bobby Doyle Three” and they had lots of performance in clubs due to their huge fan base.

Record was the first clients that Kenny’s new group recorded for. In 1965, Kenny Rogers left “The Bobby Doyle Three” and made his first Single Record for “Mercury Records” in 1966 and it was tagged “Here’s The Rainy Day”.

Rogers, full of talent was not an ordinary musician, he also worked as a song writer and a session musician for a host of other performance and country musicians like Eddy Arnold and Mickey Gilley.

At this point, Rogers was also working as producer.

In the quest to get more popular and dominate the country music world, He discovered that need to work together with a new group which prompted him to join The New Christy Minstrels”.

His expectation was cut short when he discovered that his new group wasn’t doing so well. Rogers considers the way forward and decided to leave the group and merge with Mike Settle, Terry Williams, and Thelma Camacho who were all former members of “The New Christy Minstrels”.

Ranger and his new group, in 1967 created “The First Edition” together and it was later rebranded “Rogers and The First Edition”.

Kin Vassy later became a member of “The First Edition” making them five in the group.

The group waxed strong and recorded lots of hit on both country and pop genre. Some of their hit records includes: “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)”, “But You Know I Love You”, “Ruby,” Don’t Take Your Love to Town”, “Tell It All, Brother”, “Reuben James”, and “Something’s Burning”

The year 1976 saw the end of The First Edition, Rogers went solo and was making hit tracks for both pop and country audience.

His two tracks “Lady” and “Islands in the Stream” charted number and also more than 60 tracks in his solo records chattered top 40 singles.

He didn’t stop there, Best-Selling Movie Soundtracks like “Convoy”, “Urban Cowboy”, and “The Big Lebowski” featured his songs.

Kenny Rogers’ Net Worth (2018)

To some people, it might sound ridiculous to hear that Rogers is worth $250 Million in 2018. Let’s review his source of wealth, maybe you will be convinced at the end.

Rogers has recorded countless number of solos, group records and albums. Rogers don’t only sings, He also produces, writes and at the same time acts.

Rogers has featured in lots of top rated movies in America and across the world.

He is Multi-Talented and very industrious when it comes to music and acting movies which obvious resulted to his enormous wealth.

List of Record Labels Kenny Rogers Signed For

  • Cue: Rogers signed this label with “The Scholars” band group as well as a solo singer in 1957;
  • Carlton: High signed a solo deal with “Carlton” in 1958
  • Ken Lee: This Label was owned by Rogers and Lelan, his brother
  • Columbia: Rogers actually signed this label while he was with “The Bobby Doyle Three” and The “Jazz Combo” in the 1960s;
  • Reprise: In 1967, Roger recorded with this label while he was with “The First Edition”. Universal Music bought over every material recorded under this label;
  • Jolly Rogers: This is Kenny Rogers personal label and he recorded with the label when he was with “The First Edition” in 1973;
  • United Artists: In 1975, Rogers signed a solo deal with the United Artist.
  • Liberty: In the year 1980, United Artists blended with EMI/Most the albums released where on Capitol’s imprint labels, EMI, EMI America, and EMI Manhattan;
  • RCA Records: Rogers signed RCA Records label as a solo artist in 1983.
  • Reprise: This was also a solo deal by Rogers in 1989
  • Giant: In the year 1993, Rogers recorded one solo album with the Giant;
  • Atlantic: In 1994, Rogers also recorded another solo album;
  • OnQ Music: This is a record label created by the QVC Network in 1996 to recorded albums that will only sale on QVC. Rogers recorded a solo album with this label. Rogers’ “Vote for Love” album and a two-disc set that will sale in standard commercial stores were the very first to be released on OnQ Music label.
  • Magnatone: This was a solo deal by Roger in
  • Dreamcatcher: This was also another solo deal by Rogers in 1998 and the label was managed by Jim Mazza and Rogers with the goal of releasing albums by Kenny Rogers. Dreamcatcher also released artists such as “Marshall Dyllon” and “Randy Dorman”. The Record label folded in 2004.
  • Capitol Nashville: In the year 2004, Rogers signed a solo deal with the Capitol Nashville

Kenny Rogers’ Albums

This part of the article contains the list of top Albums recorded by the pop and country music legend, Kenny Rogers.

Rogers recorded quite a huge number of albums and some charted top America best-selling albums.

The list is as follows: “What About Me”, “The Gambler”, “We’ve Got Tonight”, “Eyes That Sees in the Dark”, “Day Time Friends”, “ Love Will Turn You Around”, “Kenny”, “Kenny Rogers”, “Water and Bridges”, “Across My Heart”, “Love or Something Like It”, “Christmas From the Heart”, “ Gideon”, “They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To”, “The Heart Of The Matter”, “I Prefer the Moonlight”, “Christmas in America”, “There You Go Again”, “If Only My Heart Heard a Voice”, “The Love of God”, “With Love”, “She Rides Wild Horses”, “Something Inside So Strong”, “Share Your Love”, “Back Home Again”, “ Back To The Well”, “At His Feet”, “After Dark”, “Love is Strange”, “You Can’t Make Old Friends ”, “Love Lifted Me”, “The Gift”, “Vote For Love”, “Christmas”, “Timepiece: Orchestral Sessions With David Foster”,. This list goes on and on.

Kenny Rogers’ Movies

Early on the article, we stated that Kenny Rogers was a Multi-talented singer. It won’t be a surprise to let you know that Rogers has featured in so many top rated movies.

Kenny Rogers most rated movies trended round the world and made millions of dollars around the world.

Rogers’ movies with the highest votes includes the following: “Rio Diablo”, “The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw”, “The Journey”, “Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story”, “The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour”, “Thank You Billy Graham”, “The Return of Spinal Tap”, “Elvis & Pat Boone: Rockin’ Rivals”, and “The Dream Maker”.

Kenny Rogers Movies are quite numerous but we have chosen top the listed ones above because they received that highest votes.

Kenny Rogers’ Songs

The Legend of pop and country music has uncountable number of hit songs including solos and collaborations.


This article will be endless if we list all the songs recorded by Rogers.

To keep you updated with the most popular songs of Rogers, we have made the following lists of Kenny Rogers hit songs: “Islands in the Stream” (From the Eyes That Sees In The Dark Album),” “Through the Years” (From Share Your Love Album, 1981), “Lady”(From Live By Request Album, 2001), “The Gambler”, “Lucille” (From The Kenny Rogers Album, 1077), “You Decorated my Life” (From Kenny’s Album 1979), “We’ve Got Tonight” (From We’ve Got Tonight Album, 1983), “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love” (From The Ten Years of Gold Album, 1978), “You and I”, “ She Believes in Me”, “Cowards of The County”, “I will Always Love You”, “Just Dropped in”, “If I Ever Fall In Love Again”, “You Can’t Make Old Friends”, “Buy Me a Rose”, “Twenty Years ago”, “Handprint on the Wall”, “Love the World Away”, “The Vows Go Unbroken”, “ I Can’t Unlove You”, “Morning Desire”, “I Don’t Need You”, “Write Your Name”, “Reuben James”, “Crazy”, “Share Your Love With Me”, “The Greatest Gift of All”, “Let it Be Me”, “Evening Stars”, “Day Time Friends”.

With the above records and history of the Legend of Pop and Country Music, Kenny Rogers, there will be no doubt why his net worth of $250 million.



The legendary musician and actor has enjoyed his time on the screens as all he does is to look back at the stellar career he’s had.

For more news on celebrity net worth and other events, we will keep you updated.