Kate Winslet Net Worth

Net worth: $90 Million
Full Name: Kate Elizabeth Winslet
Date of Birth: October 5, 1975
Age: 43
Place of Birth: Reading, Berkshire, England
Education: St Mary and All Saints’ Church of England primary school
Country of Origin: England
Ethnicity: English
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.69 m)
Current Residence: West Wittering, West Sussex, England
Occupation: Actress
Last Updated: 2018


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Kate Winslet’s Biography

The gorgeous, adorable and super-talented English actress, Kate Winslet was born to the family of Roger John Winslet (Father) and Sally Anne (Mother) on the 5th day of October, 1975 in Reading, Berkshire, England. Winslet’s mother, “Anne”, was a nanny and waitress while Dad “John Winslet” was a not too successful actor who combined Laboring job to cater for the family. Winslet came from a family of four, two sisters, “Anna Winslet” and “Beth Winslet”; one younger brother, Joss Winslet.

Winslet came from an acting background as her maternal grandparents where both into acting business and managed the reading repertory theater company while her Dad and two sisters were also actors.

Winslet’s parents were not financially buoyant enough as the family survived from charity by “Actor’s Charitable Trust”. The family’s financial condition worsened after Winslet’s Father got involved in a boat accident which badly damaged his foot and frustrated him from work. This happened at the time when Winslet was just 10 years of age.

Winslet had her basic education at the St Mary and All Saints’ Church of England primary school and was inspired to go into acting at a very tender age due to that fact that she came from a family with too many actors.

Together with her sisters, she was acting at her school’s amateur stage show and her neighborhood‘s youth theater known as “Foundations”.

Kate Winslet’s Family & Relationships

The gorgeous, adorable, super-talented English actress, Kate Winslet has a very complex relationship. She have been married three times so far and currently leaving with her latest husband and three kids in West Wittering, Sussex, United Kingdom.

Winslet met her first love “Stephen Tredre” at the age of 15 while she working on a film titled “Dark Season”. Tredre, an actor-writer, was 27 years of age as at then.

They couple began a romantic relationship shortly after they met and were cohabiting in London.

They separated in the year, 1995 and two years after their separation, Tredre died of bone cancer. Winslet was not present at the premiere of the movie, “Titanic” because she attended Tredre’s funeral.

In the earlier 1998, roughly a year after the death of Tredre, Winslet, filming “Hideous Kinky” met “Jim Threapleton” on set, Threapleton was the assistant director of the movie.

They both started getting along and finally tied the knot in November, 1998. In the year, 2000, they couple gave birth to their daughter, “Mia Honey Threapleton”. In the year, 2001, they divorced.

Shortly after Winslet and Threapleton’s divorce, she met a movie director “Sam Mendes” who offered her a role in a play which she turned down but accepted to date him.

Winslet later migrated to New York and in the month of May, 2003, she got married to Mendes on the island of “Anguilla”, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean.

Towards the ending of the year, 2003, the couple gave birth to their son, Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes. In the year, 2010, the couple brought to public that they had separated.

Their separation was triggered by the media rumor that Mendes was having an affair with actress “Rebecca Hall”. They finally got divorced in the year, 2011.

Later in the year, 2011, Winslet met her third and latest husband “Edward Abel Smith” popularly known “Ned RocknRoll” at Richard Branson’s estate on Necker Island in 2011while she was on holiday.

In the month of December, 2012, they got married in New York and in the year, 2013, they had their son “Bear Blaze Winslet”.

Winslet and her husband later moved back to England where she bought a house worth £3.25 million at West Wittering, Sussex.

Winslet is currently leaving happily with her husband and three kids and she has committed her time to training their kids as she often rejects any job offer that would take her away from home. According to her, she enjoys packing her children’s lunch boxes and doing the school runs.

Kate Winslet’s Net Worth (2018)

The actress Kate Winslet’s net worth is estimated to be $90 million in 2018. Winslet as an industrious and prolific actress who came from a poor background really worth the huge sum attributed to her.

However the question is: What are the sources of Winslet’s wealth? Well, we have carefully looked into Winslet’s career and have as well documented most of her works here. At the end of this article, you will be convinced that Winslet is really worth $90 Million.

Kate Winslet’s Career

Winslet’s career began in earnest in the year, 1994 when she joined about 175 girls in “Heavenly Creature” audition. “Heaven Creature” is a Zealand psychological drama which was directed by “Peter Jackson”.

Winslet was later given a role in the drama after she impressed the director with her outstanding performance.

She stated that they drama impacted a lot into her and was her major breakthrough though she was traumatized after the filming because it was filmed in a real murder location and she finds it difficult to separate herself from her character in the drama.

Also in 1994, Winslet was given a role in a farce titled “What the Butler Saw” and she featured “Geraldine Barclay”

In the year, 1996, Winslet featured in two dramas titled “Jude” (a British period drama movie which was directed by Michael Winterbottom) and “Hamlet” (an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet which directed by Kenneth Branagh who also stars as Prince Hamlet).

The drama “Jude” was extracted from the novel “Jude the Obscure” which was written by “Thomas Hardy”.

An American film critic, screenwriter, author, historian, and journalist, “Roger Joseph Ebert” stated that the role Winslet took in the drama “Jude” was perfect for a speedy growth in her career.

Winslet got lots of positive review from critics and fanatic with everyone commending her for the defiance she put up in her role.

In the year, 1997, Winslet featured in an American epic romance and disaster movie titled “Titanic”.

The film was a fictionalized account of the tragic RMS Titanic ship that sank in North Atlantic Ocean on the 15th day of April, 1912. “Titanic” was directed, written, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron who was very reluctant in giving Winslet a role in the movie instead he preferred stars like Claire Danes or Gwyneth Paltrow to take up the role of “Rose” in the movie.

Winslet’s persistency and constant pleading landed her the role of “Rose”. At a point, Winslet said to Cameron: “You don’t understand! I am Rose! I don’t know why you’re even seeing anyone else!”

Rose was a free-spirited socialite aboard the ill-fated Ship who fell in love with “Jack”, played by “Leonardo DiCaprio”, an American actor and film producer.

In the year, 1999, Winslet together with “Harvey Keitel” (an American actor and producer) were featured in a psychological drama titled “Holy Smoke” which was directed and co-wrote by “Dame Elizabeth Jane Campion”, a New Zealand screenwriter, Producer and director.

In the drama, Winslet stared as an Australian woman who became a member of an Indian religious cult.

The script was quite challenging as she had to showcase a character of an unlikeable and manipulative woman.

In the year, 2000, Winslet featured in “Philip Kaufman’s movie titled “Quills”, an American-British-German period film.

Winslet was praised by “James Greenberg” of Los Angeles magazine for her exploration of sexual liberation bounds in most her movies. Winslet was nominated for SAG Award “Best Supporting Actress”.


Winslet has featured in so many other movies such as “Iris” (a 2001 British-American biographical drama film that tells the story of Irish-born British novelist Dame Iris Murdoch and her relationship with John Bayley.); “Christmas Carol: The Movie” (a 2001 British live action/animated film Directed by Jimmy T. Murakami which was based on Charles Dickens’s classic novella.); “The Life of David Gale” (a 2003 American drama film written by  Charles Randolph and directed by Alan Parker); “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (a 2004 American science fiction romantic comedy film written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry.); “Finding Neverland“ (a 2004 historical fantasy drama film written by David Magee and directed by Marc Forster, based on the play The Man Who Was Peter Pan by Allan Knee.) and so many others.

Kate Winslet’s Contribution to Charity

Having benefited from charity while growing up, Winslet has been committed to humanitarian activities.

In the year, 2004, there was an auction of the Orange top Winslet wore in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” this was in the bid to raise fund for Helen & Douglas House, a hospice in Oxford.

Winslet together with other celebrities participated in an auction to raise fund for the Afghanistan Relief Organization.



Kate Winslet is a flexible, dynamic and super-talented English actress who never allowed her poor background stop her from achieving success in a chosen career.

She has been part of several big projects and have made name for herself in the movies industry.

Winslet is also a very big donor to charity organizations as part of her social responsibilities.

Though her relationship antecedents is quite complex, she is currently leaving with her latest husband and three kids from her three marriages.

From the insight we have gotten so far in her career, there is no doubt that she is really worth $90 Million.