Joy Behar Net Worth



Net Worth: $12 million
Age: 75
Full name: Josephine Victoria “Joy” Behar
Born: October 7, 1942
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Media Personality
Last Updated: 2018


Probably you’ve been trying to find out Joy Behar’s net worth? Maybe you have searched for Joy Behar’s age? Her Husband and daughter Eve Behar, Her Talk Show “The View” and other latest happenings up until 2018.

For your very pleasure and delight we have prepared this article, which gives in detail all you need to know about American Television personality Joy Behar.

Who is Joy Behar?

Joy Behar is an American media personality popularly known for her career in Television talk shows that has spanned over 20yrs.

She currently hosts a talk show The View on American TV station – ABC. Before The View Behar had hosted a number of talk shows.

Behar hosted her show on HLN between 2009 and 2011. The show was self-titled The joy Behar Show.

After The joy Behar Show ended in 2011, she switched to Current TV the following year to begin another show Joy Behar: Say Anything talk show which ended in 2013.

In 2015, Behar worked with a TV station TLC to host a night talk show titled Late Night Joy.

Apart from talk shows, Behar also thrives in writing and acting. She has got a handful of films to her name.

Her latest book was titled The Great Gasbag: An A-Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World.

The TV personality can simply be called a success. Her talk shows enjoy massive viewership. Joy Behar’s net worth is a reflection of the success she has gained over the years.

What Is Joy Behar’s Net Worth In 2018?

Joy Behar net worth is often the topic of public discussion. People are always keen to know how her success on TV has transformed her fortunes.

Are you Behar’s fan? Do you want to know her salary on TV shows? Behar has amassed wealth over the years thanks to her multidimensional career.

Joy Behar’s net worth is estimated at $12 million as at 2018

How Joy Behar Makes Her Money

Joy Behar’s net worth has been amassed from four major sources. They include;

Talk Shows

This has been the major source of Joy Behar’s net worth. Behar has been a constant figure on US TV for more than 20 years.

She has switched TV stations and hosted various talk shows during this period.

Joy Behar’s net worth has constantly increased over the years thanks to her earnings from talk shows.


Joy Behar has written and published a number of books throughout her career. She has authored five books.

She is an unapologetic Donald Trump detractor. Behar wrote a book to this effect and the book sold massively, increasing her fortunes.


Behar has played starring roles in over 10 films. She debuted in US film industry in 1987 and was last seen on the screen in 2016.

Earnings from acting also increased Joy Behar’s net worth.


Being a popular figure in US entertainment with a good reputation, the talk show star possess qualities to be ambassador for brands.

Over the years, Behar has endorsed popular brands across US, making good money in the process.

Joy Behar’s Salary

Behar reportedly earns $500,000 from her talk shows annually. She charges between $2,000 and $500,000 to star in a film.

Joy Behar’s Family

Joy Behar was born in New York, United states. Her father was Gino Occhiuto and Mother Rose. Her parents were Italian immigrants.

Joy Behar’s Age

Joy Behar date of birth is October 7, 1942. She is currently 75 years old.

Her Place of birth is Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, United states.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Joy Behar’s early life.

In 1964, the TV star attended Queens College where she obtained BA in sociology.

Two years later, Behar obtained MA in English education from Stony Brook University

After Behar graduated from the University, she took to teaching as a career.

She taught English language at Lindenhurst Senior High School between late ‘60a and early ‘70s.

Joy Behar’s Marriage(s)

Joy Behar has been in two marriages. Firstly, she was married to Joe Behar, a University professor in 1965 and divorced in 1982.

And secondly, she got married to Steve Janowitz in 2011. Joy is still happily married to Steve as at 2018.

She has a daughter Eve Behar from her first marriage. Behar is also a grandmother of one through Eve.

Joy Behar’s Husband: Steve Janowitz?

Joy Behar Husband, Steve Janowitz in an American. The elderly looking man is said to be a retired school teacher.

Not much is known about his early days as he was relatively unknown until he met Behar in the early ‘80s after Behar had divorced Joe.

Even after entering a relationship with the TV talk show celebrity, Steve has managed to lead a life out of media reach.


No official age has been documented of Steve, but he’s been speculated to be in his late 70s or early 80s. He worked as a teacher for majority of his life.

Steve and Joy Behar dated for about 30 years before finally taking the walk down the aisle in 2011.

Behar was once asked why they both waited that long before marriage and she replied saying;

She wanted both parents to pass on before marriage. She thought parents affected relationships badly.

Prior to their marriage, Behar talked about the possibility of finally getting married to Steve in 2009.

They got engaged same year and the possibility of marriage became the talk of town. Behar hated the idea of her relationship being a media headline.

Behar and Steve reached a mutual agreement to cut the engagement to cool the media excitement of their relationship.

To avoid media attention, the duo decided not to announce their marriage plans until they got married.

They got married in a small gathering of family and friends in 2011.

After their marriage, they bought a property in New York City where they have since lived in.

When asked during an interview why they decided to get married, Behar replied; she jokingly said her husband got tired of holding-in his belly in photos.

She said she wanted her grand-daughter to grow up knowing she is married. Also, she was getting frustrated by her family calling Steve that old guy.

What Is Steve Janowitz’s Net Worth?

Steve Janowitz has lived quite a decent life. He worked as a teacher most of his active days.

He is also said to have entered a few business ventures that earned him decent amount of money.

Steve Janowitz’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000.

Who is Joy Behar’s Daughter: Eve Behar?

Eve Behar is the daughter of the talk show star. She was born on November 26, 1970 in Long Island, New York, US.

Apart from being the daughter of the popular TV personality, Eve is known for her work in Art. Eve is into ceramics Art.

Eve studied and was certified a ceramics artist in the Studio Arts Centers International in Florence, Italy.

She later advanced to obtain a diploma in crafts and design in US. She also studied an advanced course in ceramics at Hunter College.

Eve Behar got married to her husband Alphonso Anthony Scotti in 2007. They have one child.

Her husband, Alphonso is a professional medical practitioner at of Beth Israel Medical Centre in Manhattan

Joy Behar’s Talk Show “The View”

In 1997, Joy Behar began to work with ABC to host the popular TV show, The View. She initially hosted the comedy section of the show.

Her task was to grant interviews to comedians. Her section was called Joy’s Comedy Corner.

Behar then began to co-host the full show, especially when her co-host, Barbara Walters was absent.

Her performance was lauded by audience making the show producers to make her a permanent host on the show.

In 2006, Joy Behar and The View co-host Star Jones had a feud. The feud began when Star Jones phoned during an episode of the show.

She called in to discuss her recent surgery. After a while, Behar imagined they’ve lingered on the subject and tried to cut Star Jones, saying;

“OK, Star. That’s enough about you. On to us. Bye. Keep your tits perky!

Star who apparently got infuriated replied Behar saying; Even today, you [Behar] are still a bitch

In 2009, Joy Behar and The View co-hosts won Daytime Emmy Award after 10 years of constantly being nominated.

In 2013, ABC announced that Behar would no longer be a part of the show. Behar responded to the announcement saying ‘it was time she moved on’

She left the show but appeared as guest host occasionally between 2014 and 2015.

In 2015, ABC announced the return of Behar as a permanent host of the show, to which Behar said it was nice to return home.

In 2018, Behar received criticisms from Christians in United States when she abused Mike Pence of having mental problem.

Behar insulted the US vice president at the wake of his claim that he hears Jesus speak.

She apologised to the US vice president after scathing attacks from Christians in US.



Joy Behar’s net worth of $12 million ranks her top amongst US TV hosts.

Though 75, Behar has shown no sign of retiring from talk shows anytime soon.

We might have seen the last of Behar as an actress as she is not currently on any project.

Expect one or two more books from Behar before she clocks 80.