Jon Lovitz Net Worth

Net Worth: $12 million
Age: 61
Full name: Jonathan Michael Lovitz
Born: July 21, 1957
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Singer
Last Updated: 2018


You can’t help but love this handsome, humorous entertainer who has graced the screens and amazed movie lovers with his brilliant displays in the entertainment industry. Jon Lovitz is a name known to many as an American actor, singer and comedian of repute. He has distinguished himself amongst his peers as an entertainer par excellence. He is fondly remembered as a cast member of the famous “Saturday Night Live” from 1985 – 1990. Some of his notable films include The Wedding Singer and Rat Race. He also starred as Jay Sherman in The Critic. Let’s intimate you with news on Jon Lovitz’s net worth, career, etc.

Jon Lovitz’s Early Life

Jon Lovitz was born Jonathan Michael Lovitz on the 21st of July 1957 in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California.

His family is Jewish who emigrated from Hungary, Romania, and Russia.


His father is a doctor who loved operas and wished he had pursued a career in it; thus, he encouraged young Jon to chase his dreams and take whatever path he desired.

Jon has a twin sister with whom he shares much resemblance. He is the only boy among five children.

At the tender age of five, Jon had an experience which made him develop an interest in comedy.

He attended a sleepover where a friend was making everyone laugh by making funny faces.

He said that was his first inspiration towards comedy but didn’t plan on taking it as a career until he came across Woody Allen’s 1969 film “Take The Money and Run.”

In the words of Jon: “I was 13 that was when I knew I wanted to be a comedian”.

When he was a teenager, his mother gave him “The Collected Plays of Neil Simon” as a gift. Jon loved it.

This would later serve as an inspiration and increase his passion for comedy. He lists his comic idols as Woody Allen, Al Jolson, and the Marx Brothers.

These were famous entertainers. He also lists some of his neighbourhood friends as having an impact on his career.

It may interest you to know that Jon was childhood friends with Lisa Kudrow, the lady who played the role of “Phoebe” in the award-winning sitcom “Friends.”

In Jon’s words: “Lisa was like a sister to me, her brother was my friend, and he is super funny.

It’s ironic; a lot of people once they know we are close think she looks like she’s doing me, but if you see that, we are both doing David.

He was more talented than both of us, but he’s a doctor now”. Jon stands at 5 ft 9” and weighs 86kg.

Jon Lovitz’s Education

Jon attended the prestigious Harvard Westlake School in Los Angeles. After graduating from Westlake in 1975, Jon continued to the University of California, Irvine where he studied drama under Robert Cohen, the famous acting instructor.

Though Jon performed in high school plays before then, he credits the University of California, Irvine with providing him his first real training in acting.

There he met great actors like Ben Kingsley, Patrick Stewart, and Robin Williams.

Jon fondly recalls a class he had with Professor Robert called “Great Acting” where the Professor said “forget mediocre acting, let’s look at all the great actors.

What are the elements of greatness? Try to put that in your work”.

Jon says he was thrilled by that and it has always been in his mind as he strives for greatness.

If he wasn’t learning with Professor Robert, he was in his dorm room studying Woody Allen.

He said he memorized Woody’s routines and even used index cards with little arrows to show pauses, rises in voice volume and the speed of delivery.

Jon Lovitz’s Career

After his graduation from college in 1979, Jon joined “The Groundlings,” a sketch comedy troupe in Los Angeles.

He wasn’t earning much and eventually had to work part-time as a messenger to make ends meet.

Jon also worked as a waiter, hospital orderly, in a copy shop, shoe store, and clothing store.

He cherished his time with “The Groundlings” where he met fellow comedians like Phil Hartman and Paul Reubens and also worked under acting coach, Randy Bennett.

Lovitz always goofed off in school and said working with Bennett was great as he (Bennett) encouraged him to be the class clown.

Bennett, on the other hand, was doubtful of Jon’s potential to become a top actor because he always mumbled and never fully committed to his character, though he admits that Jon was funny and quick-witted.

Lovitz fortunes took a turn for the better after he appeared alongside “The Groundlings” on “The Tonight Show.”

Lovitz says he was so scared and nervous at first until he got to the green room where Morley Safer from “60 Minutes” fame asked Jack Lemmon the secret to his comedy, to which Lemmon replied, “Keep it simple.”

On hearing that he did his skit and kept it simple and it went very well.

A year later, he was called to join the actors of Saturday Night Live. After learning he had been cast, he went straight to Bennett’s class to inform him.

Lovitz was a member of the Saturday Night Live cast for five years, 1985 – 1990, a period during which he created some of the most memorable and loved characters in the shows history like Shakespeare, Ham Master Thespian, Tommy Flanagan, The Pathological Liar, Hanukkah Harry, Tonto and impersonations of Harvey Feinstein and Michael Dukakis.

He went from coping to make ends meet to being offered a $500,000 film contract.

He also got an Emmy nomination within his first two years in the Saturday Night Live.

He made his television series debut playing the role of a mole investigator in short-lived 1985 – 1986 series “Foley Square.”

He was also a contestant in “The Celebrity Apprentice 8” and was the sixth contestant fired; he was still able to raise $50,000 for charity from the show.

Lovitz has also done voice-overs for several films, and cartoons notable among them is “The Critic” where he played the role of Jay Sherman.

“The Simpsons” as a couple of characters, Andre in “Homers Triple By-pass” amongst others.

He performed a duet with Robbie Williams on Williams 2001 album “Swing when you are Winning.”

The track was titled “Well, Did You Evah.”  Jon also performed in the hit series “Two and A Half Men” singing “Save The Orphan.”

He also appeared in Neil Simon’s play “The Dinner Party” on Broadway taking over the lead role from Henry Winkler.

He once sang the national anthem at Dodger Stadium and the U.S. Open.

He also appeared in a $33 million advertising campaign that featured a series of television commercials promoting the Yellow Pages between 1999 and 2000.

He also was the spokesman in an advertising campaign for the Subway restaurant chain in 2006.

Jon Lovitz’s Stand-up Comedy

He debuted on stand up comedy at the Laugh Factory in 2003. In May 2007, the Laugh Factory on Sunset Strip announced that Lovitz had signed a deal to appear there every Wednesday night.

It also said that Lovitz could perform in New York if he were there on a project like a movie.

Lovitz was also to write Laugh Factory blog advising upcoming comedians.

John Lovitz’s Comedy Club

In 2009, John Lovitz Comedy Club was opened in Universal Studios, Hollywood. It was home to the first MMA Roasted Stand-up Comedy Show in 2009. In May 2011, the name was changed to Jon Lovitz Club and Podcast Theatre. It was closed in November 2014.

Jon Lovitz’s Family

John Lovitz’s Wife

A question a lot of fans are seeking an answer to is, “Who is Jon Lovitz’s wife or girlfriend?” This is one controversial aspect of Jon Lovitz life and career due to its very sketchy nature.

He has been very private about his personal life, but few of his relationships have been made public.

He disclosed that he was in love with an older woman at a young age, but unfortunately, the woman did not return youthful Jon’s affection and broke his heart.

As an adult, he was romantically associated with Brandy Bradt in 1996.

He was also alleged to have dated Ava Fabian in 1999 and linked to Janice Dickinson in 2004.

At a point, he was rumored to be in a serious relationship with the young and beautiful Jessica Lowndes.

This was further fuelled after the model teased her followers on Instagram about a new man in her life and also posted a picture of a diamond engagement ring with the hashtag #SugarDaddy.

However, this rumour was put aside on the discovery that it was used to promote the model’s upcoming music video.

The much we know on his current relationship status is that Jon is not married, he is not dating nor in any relationship, and he says he’s not gay.

Jon Lovitz’s Kids

To the best of our knowledge and with the information available to the public, Jon Lovitz has no child.

Jon Lovitz’s House

Fans of the comedian would be eager to know where precisely the star act live. The Hollywood star lives in Beverly Hills’ California.

Jon Lovitz’s Car

Jon loves driving around the city in his Black Porsche Turbo car.

Jon Lovitz’s Net Worth (2018)

The question on the lips of many fans is, “What is Jon Lovitz’s net-worth?”  The comedian, actor, and businessman is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million. Quite impressive, you may like to find out how Jon Lovitz makes his money.

How Jon Lovitz Makes His Money

The iconic comedian makes money from the numerous films and movies he has featured in, his comedy acts, stand up comedy, and shows he performs. He is also a businessman.

Jon Lovitz’s Social Media Handles

The humorous Jon Lovitz is active on social media channels.

Jon Lovitz’s Twitter Account

On this platform, the star comic act can be found and followed through his official verified handle @realjonlovitz where he has over 100,000 followers and six thousand plus tweets. He joined Twitter in February 2011.

Jon Lovitz’s Instagram Account

The talented actor and comedian is also on the Instagram platform, and he can be found via his officially verified page @jon_lovitz where he has over 12,000 followers and just eight posts.


It’s safe to say he’s not as active as his peers on the platform.

Jon Lovitz’s Facebook Account

His activities can also be looked up and followed via his official Facebook page @therealjonlovitz where he has over 6,000 likes and followers.



The 61-year-old star is still very much in the business of cracking ribs and earning good bucks with it. Though he is now advancing in age, taking more elderly roles and now diversifying into business, we do not see him retiring from the screens anytime soon. We hope to see more shows and appearances from him shortly. His net worth is sure tipped to rise.