Jimmy Fallon Net Worth

Net Worth: $35 million
Age: 44
Full name: James Thomas Fallon
Born: September 19, 1973
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Comedian, Actor
Last Updated: 2018


Who is Jimmy Fallon? What is Jimmy Fallon’s net worth (2018)? Is Jimmy Fallon married? These and many other questions are often asked about the American hip hop artist.

Jimmy Fallon is an A-list American comedian, an actor with many starring roles to his credits, a nighttime television host, singer, writer and producer.

Known mainly for hosting his late-night show called The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he also performed in Saturday Night Live comedy skits for six years, between 1998 and 2004.

Shortly after he left the program, he joined the cast of movies such as Taxi (his first lead role as an actor also starring Queen Latifah) and Fever Pitch, a romantic comedy where he starred alongside Drew Barrymore.

Jimmy Fallon’s Date of Birth and Early Life

James Thomas Fallon (that is Jimmy Fallon’s full birth name by the way) was born to Gloria Fallon and James. W. Fallon on the 19th day of September 1974.

He was born in Ray Bridge, a neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York State. Jimmy Fallon who is 43 years old is one of two siblings.

He has a sister who is named Gloria Fallon.

While growing up, Jimmy Fallon described his parents as being overprotective, never allowing him and his sister leave the house.

At one point, the young Jimmy Fallon once considered being a priest because of the work he was doing as an altar boy in the church.

Instead, Jimmy was consumed by the love of comedy, and he began spending his days recording a show, The Dr Demento Show on a recorder.

Unknown to him, he was developing his skills as a comedian, something that would prove necessary in the nearest future.

Growing up as a teenager, Jimmy Fallon became obsessed with The Saturday Night Live program on television.

His parents never allowed him to watch the full show, so they taped parts of it for him, clean parts, and those were the parts that Jimmy and his sister were allowed to watch.

While in college, the obsession never left Jimmy, and he still found a way to keep watching the show in his dormitory room every Saturday.

The young Jimmy Fallon played the guitar well, and he performed comedy and music at contests and music show holding around his school.

A master of impressions, a skill that has set him apart from his fellow contemporary comedians even up till this day, Jimmy Fallon started winning competitions immediately after graduating from Saugerties High School.

He won competitions such as the young comedian’s contest after he made an almost flawless impression of Pee-wee Herman. Jimmy Fallon attended The College of Saint Rose where he majored in Communications.

In 2009, Jimmy Fallon returned to pursue a career in comedy fully.

Jimmy Fallon’s Career

With the hope of wholeheartedly pursuing comedy, Jimmy Fallon dropped out of St. Rose College in 1995, moving over to Los Angeles.

Soon afterwards, around the age of 21, Jimmy Fallon was able to secure a manager, and he started appearing in gigs where he was be getting paid as much as $7.50 per set.

Within this period of his life, Jimmy had minimal roles in movies, sometimes as short as one scene.

But he was hell-bent on having a spot on Saturday Night Live. He auditioned for the show in 1997, but he didn’t make it, but his managers too were adamant.

They kept on sending videos him and his impressions to Saturday Night Live. By 23 he had another opportunity, and he described this one as being very difficult.

He went into the audition room and made impressions of Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and Bill Cosby.

When he was done, he received laughter from the judges and later, some of them in that room, Tina Fey inclusive would describe as a comedian that was ready to go at that moment.

A few weeks later, Jimmy was asked to meet Lorne Michaels, creator of the show, in Los Angeles and it was in that meeting that he informed that he was wanted on the show.

Jimmy Fallon’s Years at Saturday Night Live

Jimmy Fallon made in debut on Saturday Night Live in September 1998, the twenty-fourth season of the show.

He was quickly a fan favourite and a celebrity by his fourth episode after the performed Halloween-themed songs by famous artists at the time.

His fanbase grew instantly, flooded mostly with females who would send him handwritten letters and create fan clubs that idolized him.

He soon became the most mimic comedian on the show with his impressions of Robert De Niro, Jerry Seinfeld and Adam Sandler.

In this period, Jimmy Fallon released a book titled – I Hate This Place: A Pessimists Guide to Life.

It was a book that recorded email exchanges he had with his sister.

Jimmy Fallon wanted to leave Saturday Night Live after three years, but he was persuaded to stay, and he was given control over the Weekend Update aspect of the show which he co-hosted with Tina Fey.

This helped to increase his celebrity profile more. It was during this period that Jimmy Fallon met Justin Timberlake and they would both perform in a skit that involved them portraying the Bee Gees brother, Barry and Robin Gibbs.

That marked the beginning of their long-term friendship and collaborations.

With his ever growing success on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy was able to co-host the 2001 MTV Movie Awards and 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.

He then went on to release his debut comedy album The Bathroom Wall, nominated for best comedy album in the Grammy awards.

By 2004, Jimmy was done with Saturday Night Live, and he signed off during the twenty-ninth season of the show.

A lot of movie scripts were coming in, and Jimmy had a hard time selecting one until he finally went for Taxi, a movie was to co-star with Queen Latifah.

It was box office flop and failure, and luckily for him, Century Fox had already signed him for another motion picture, a romantic comedy that would have him on screens with Drew Barrymore.

That one too was non-redeemable and a total failure. The movie scripts stopped coming in as they used to.

Jimmy’s new show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon premiered in March 2009. The show relied heavily on music, dance and impersonations to set itself aside from other late night shows.

The success of the show was due to its online presence, and by 2013, Jimmy Fallon was earning about $11 million a year from the show.

Fallon hosted the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards in 2010 and two years later his second comedy album, Blow Off Pants Off, was released and went on to win the best comedy album category at the Grammys.

In April 2013 he signed with NBC to be the sixth permanent host of The Tonight Show after Jay Leno’s exit.

His third book, Your Baby’s First Words Will Be Dada, was released in 2015.

In a highly criticized show in 2016, Fallon interviews the then-presidential aspirant Donald Trump, on his show.

Jimmy Fallon’s Family

Jimmy Fallon is married to a beautiful film producer who goes by Nancy Juvonen.

She is the co-owner of the production company Flower Films and they met on set while he was shooting the movie Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore.


They began dating in May 2007, and three months later he proposed to her.

Within four months they were married and have now given birth to two daughters, Winnie Rose and Frances Cole.

Jimmy Fallon’s Achievements and Awards

Most of the awards the comedian has won are from his work on The Tonight Show and his comedy albums.

In 2014, People Magazine awarded him Talk Show Host of The Year. From 2013 to 2017 he has won the Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host.

In 2011, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon won three Primetime Emmys for Creative Achievement in Interactive Media, Outstanding Writing For Variety, Music and Comedy Series and Outstanding Variety, Music and Comedy Series.

Due to his social media presence and influence, the superstar has won numerous Teen Choice Awards mainly in the Choice Comedian Category.

How to Get Tickets to Jimmy Fallon’s Show

Tickets to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are free, but you have to apply for them through NBC’s website.


If you are selected to be in the next taping of the show, you will be notified by the network.

Jimmy Fallon’s Social Media Presence

With each skit done on his late night show, to every other impersonation video released on Youtube, Fallon continues to solidify his stronghold as the king of social media among Late Night Show hosts around the globe.

He has massive followership on all his social media handles where he interacts with fans from time to time.

On Twitter, with more than 50 million followers, his handle is @jimmyfallon. His YouTube channel, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, has about 17 million subscribers.

He is @jimmyfallon on Instagram.

How does Jimmy Fallon Make His Money?

Jimmy Fallon mostly draws in his dough from his comedy which primarily includes his Late Night Show Hosting.

He also amasses wealth from hosting some high profile awards show such as the MTV VMAs which he hosted in 2016.

Monet comes in also from sales of his books and comedy albums.

Jimmy Fallon’s Net Worth 2018

When Fallon joined the Late Night Show back in 2009, his take-home salary stood at about $5 million per year.

Most of the skits that he did on the show went viral on the internet, and they were usually songs from his award-winning comedy album, Blow Your Pants Off.

When he finally took over The Late Night Show from Jay Leno, his paycheck increased to about $11 million per year.

Jimmy Fallon’s net worth now seats at $35 million in 2018.



From his skits on the Saturday Night Live to his short-lived acting career to his outstanding work as a Talk Show host, Jimmy Fallon sits at the head of the table in any league of Comedians worldwide.

From a little boy with a dream, his name and face have now become something synonymous with success and humor.