Jeffree Star Net Worth 2018; Boyfriend, Age, Gender and Cars


jeffree star

Net Worth: $5 million
Age: 32
Full name: Jeffrey Lynn Steininger
Born: November 15, 1985
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2018


There are a thousand and one questions one could possibly ask about Jeffree Star. One FAQ is – How does social media fame increase Jeffree Star’s net worth in 2018?

Jeffree Star is an American businessman, makeup artist, former musician and social media personality.

Star became a social media revelation when he signed on to a social media platform, Myspace.

He signed to Myspace shortly before he turned 18.

Star immediately became popular on Myspace due to his tendency to appear as either a girl or a boy on the platform.

His boldness to show up as a girl with weird makeup attracted followers and he was praised for his confidence.

Three years after he joined Myspace, Star became a Myspace celebrity.

He has the highest number of followers on the platform.

But the high number of followers added nothing to Jeffree Star’s net worth.

Star thought of ways of making money out of his followers.

Jeffree Star’s Music Career

The socialite then capitalized on his massive social media followership. He began to do music, promoting his songs on Myspace.

His music gained moderate acceptance, making him become even popular outside social media.

In spite of his large social media fan base, it would appear that Star is not cut out for music.

He had very short music career.

Star released only one album in his music career. The Album was titled Beauty Killer.

Although the album made top 10 on US Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart in 2009, it would be the last time we hear from Star as a musician.

The album featured some A-list artistes like Nicki Minaj.

Star toured both locally and internationally promoting his album.

He met owner of Convict Music, Akon. They negotiated a deal and he signed to Akon’s label in 2010.

Akon praised Star’s unique style of music, calling him the new Lady Gaga.

They worked together and made plans for Jeffree star’s 2nd album.

The anticipated 2nd album never came through as he fell out with Convict music departing the record in 2013.

The following year, Jeffree Star ventured into a different industry. He ventured into cosmetics and beauty industry.

The socialite established a beauty brand named after him – Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Star switched social media platforms, from Myspace to YouTube. He began to make short videos to promote his business on YouTube.

As at August 2018, Jeffree star has 9.4million YouTube subscribers and more than 1 billion YouTube video views.

Jeffree Star’s Family

Jeffree Star was born into a small family. His parents are Laurie Steininger and Glen Steininger respectively.

It is not known if Star has siblings as nothing was ever published about his siblings.

When Star was 6 years old, his father killed himself.

When asked if he was told why his father took his life, Jeffree Star cited depression as the reason.

Little Star was groomed by his mother alone. His mother was a model and was always on the move for jobs.

Star always used his mom’s makeup, applying it on his face when he was little. He reportedly wore make up to an event in school while he in Junior High school.

After senior high school, Star began to pursue a career as a makeup artist. He left home to far away LA.

He searched for makeup and modelling jobs while in LA.

Star’s move to Los Angeles marked the beginning if the socialite the world knows today.

Jeffree Star’s Real Name

The real name of the make up artist is Jeffree Lynn Steininger.

Jeffree Star’s Age

For those who might have adjudged his age, Jeffree Star’s age is 32. He was born on November 15, 1985.

Jeffree Star’s Gender

Star’s gender is confusing for people seeing or learning about him for the first time. He should not be confused for a female.

Although a cross dresser, Star is a male. He is not a transgender but he is an advocate of LGBT.

When asked if would soon go under the knife for gender correction, Star replied, that he is okay the way he looks and doesn’t see himself getting a surgery.

Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend

Jeffree Star is known for his sexual orientation. Star has dated many guys in the past.

He came out publicly as a teenager to make anyone who cares to know that he is attracted to boys.

Jeffree Star’s boyfriend is currently Nathan Schwandt. Star and Instagram celebrity Nathan began dating in 2016.

The lovers are both socialite and social media personalities. Guess where the lovers met? Yeah, you are correct.

Nathan slid in into Star’s DM on Instagram and behold, Nathan has the qualities Star wants in a partner.

Jeffree Star’s boyfriend is from Michigan and he is 25 years old. Nathan currently supports Star in his cosmetics business.

Nathan is often criticised by his close associates for his sexual orientation. He was criticised for becoming a gay solely because of Star’s wealth.

The lovers have since turned deaf ears to detractors as they continue to build their relationship and the Jeffree Star cosmetics brand.

The two have been dating for two Years Now.

Jeffree Star’s Net Worth 2018

Jeffree Star is currently ranked among the richest makeup artists in the world.

Star recently confessed that he usually pinches himself back to reality whenever he imagines his past.

The male Barbie epitomizes the word ‘hustler’. Star has tried his luck in many fields just to make ends meet.

He started with music. Despite efforts to see him make a living out of music, music would fail him as it added little or nothing to Jeffree Star’s net worth.

Then Star decided to capitalize on his personality as a socialite, this time he made a good decision as his net worth increased remarkably.

Star Cosmetics is his major source of wealth.

Jeffree Star’s net worth is currently estimated to be in the region of $5 million in 2018.

Jeffree Star’s House

Myspace celebrity cum musician cum Cosmetics expert, Jeffree Star has a mansion located in Calabasas, California, United States.

The house is no secret to Star’s fans on social media as he frequently posts videos of his mansion on YouTube.

His mansion is a sight to behold, equipped with modern furniture. The house has a fire place, swimming pool etc.

Star’s house reportedly cost $3.6 million.

Jeffree Star’s Cars

Few months ago when the socialite added a luxury car to his fleet, he took to Instagram to reflect on his past.

He said he never imagined he would purchase a Lamborghini in his life time.

He recalled how the first car he own (Nissan 1991) disappointed him always.

Then he worked as a makeup artist at MAC and the car would always breakdown in the middle of road.

He encouraged his fans to stick to their goal, saying anything is possible.

Jeffree Star cars include;


The German Auto-company stopped manufacturing ‘BMW Z4’ 2016, but the German company were not fast enough as Star grabbed one for himself before the stop.

Star customised his BMW Z4. The car underwent body work and was sprayed with Star’s signature pink colour.

The car is fitted with black rim and tinted glass.


Jeffree Star’s car collection also contains the royal luxury car, Rolls Royce. Star owns the latest 2018 Rolls Royce Wraith.

Like all his cars, Star got car pimping company, West Coast Customs to make paint the car to his signature pink and black colours.

His Rolls Royce is styled differently to the other cars. The pink colour is by the sides allowing a black stripe to extend from front to black.

The luxury car is estimated to cost $317,700.


The all electric luxury car Tesla Model X is also in Jeffree Star car collection. Sticker City had the honour of customising Star’s Tesla.


In May 2018, Star took to Instagram to inspire his fans after he acquired the latest Lamborghini Huracan sports car.

The car is has 5.2-liter V10 engine and gives off 601 horsepower.

West Coast Customs were contracted to convert the car to his favourite pink and black colours.


The BMW I8 COUPE has the following features –

A 369-horsepower,

Goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

The car cost $147,500



Jeffree star plans on building his cosmetics business alongside his boyfriend.

We await to see if the two love birds tie the knot soon.




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