Jean Currivan Trebek

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Full Name: Jean Currivan Trebek
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Place of Birth: United States of America
Country of Origin: United States of America
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Last Updated: 2018



The name Jean Currivan Trebek will get you thinking in the direction of Jeopardy Host ‘Alex Trebek’.

Well, if you thought that you’re absolutely correct as Jean happens to be the wife of Alex.


However, since we have established this fact, we have made adequate research to give you details about Jean.

This details contains secrets about Jean Currivan Trebek such as her career, age, height etc. Please read on.

Jean Currivan Trebek’s Bio/Career

Jean Currivan Trebek is a very reserved person. Although her husband is always in the camera, she isn’t.

Currivan Trebek grew up in Huntington, New York, United States of America.

The wife of Alex Trebek was once a real estate project manager before she left the job.

She has managed to keep her life off the press as Jean resides in California now with her loved ones.

Jean Currivan Trebek’s Kids, Husband: Alex Trebek

George Alexander Trebek is a popular American TV personality. He’s usually known as ‘Alex’.

Alex Trebek makes $10 million a year as his annual salary. This therefore shoots his net worth up to $50 million.

Trebek was born in Ontario, Canada. He found a strong connection with Television the moment he left school.

Alex began reporting news for a channel, CBC. He moved into hosting games which he did with ease.

Through the years, he has hosted a ton of shows such as ‘Battlestars’,”Double Dare’,”High Rollers’ and ‘Concentration’.

Once the nationwide syndicated variation of ‘Jeopardy!’ had beamed, he hosted it with remarkable elegance.

This incredible devotion shot him to popularity with his amazing work on the series.

Alex and Jean Currivan Trebek have two children, Matthew and Emily.

They have been together for the past 24 years.

Alex & Jean Kids, Wedding

She stated,”I had been afraid I had mispronounce my name! However, Alex is actually down to ground.

He is a whole lot more casual when he could be on the series,” She added,”He gave black velvet pants and a fitting coat, also I presumed that wasn’t it.

It took away my breath, ” I mean it was a rock “.

Alex bought a hill in Hollywood Hills before their wedding to construct their dream home.

Trebek said,”I really actually don’t understand yet exactly what style of house I shall build, We like modern designs and French chateaus, who knows?

However, it’ll soon be a collaborative endeavour along with my fiancee, Jean Currivan.


Jean Currivan Trebek made an investment into her kid’s Mexican restaurant at the big apple.

The restaurant known as ‘Oso’ at Harlem was opened with their own son, Matthew at New York. I’m not interested in television.

Matthew said in a meeting,”I am more like my own mom.

My mom and are a lot more shy and reserved, although my daddy and my sister really are slightly bit more outgoing.

Jean Currivan Trebek’s daughter, Emily Trebek graduated from Layola Marymount University in 2015.

Jean Currivan Trebek Religion, Secrets

Though very little is known concerning Jean Currivan Trebek, you will find a number of intriguing details about her* Jean Currivan is quite intent on her religion.

The church website connotes Jean as a practitioner. Decision Jean was only 26 years of age when Alex Trebek suggested for her.

Jean Currivan Social Media

Jean Currivan Trebek isn’t so comfortable being in the front of camera.

This is the reason why you can hardly spot her picture on any social media platform.

She stated,”I came to do something to get out of my comfort zone. Being in front of a camera definitely does that for me, And glam-ing up, having to put on make-up and having to focus on me is a challenge.”

The pretty Trebek doesn’t have photos of her Instagram either. Jean Currivan Trebek lived in Mulholland Drive in 1984 until he got married.



Jean would at certain times show up for events looking all amazing and off she goes till another one.

We can sure confirm that this couple are growing stronger as more than 25 years is a great testament.





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