James Hetfield Net Worth

Net Worth: $300 million
Age: 55
Full name: James Alan Hetfield
Born: August 3, 1963
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Musician
Last Updated: 2018


James Hetfield is no stranger to the spotlight, he is an artist, composer, guitarist, lead vocalist, and co-founder of the American heavy metal band, Metallica.

Due to his musical prowess, numerous recognitions and awards, many fans would be yearning to know “who is James Hetfield?”, “what is James Hetfield net worth?” Let’s take a brief walk through the early life, times and exploits of this musical genius.

James Hetfield’s Early Life and Education

James Alan Hetfield was born on August 3rd, 1963 in Downey, California. His parents are Virgil Lee Hetfield, a truck driver and Cynthia Bassett (nee Nourse), a light opera singer.

His mother was previously married and had two sons (older half-brothers to James) before meeting his father. James has a younger sister.

In 1976, James’ parents got divorced when he was just 13 years old. His parents were rigorous Christian scientists who following their beliefs, strongly disapproved of medicine, drugs or any form of medical treatment, remaining loyal to their faith for healing even when his mother Cynthia was dying, diagnosed of cancer.

This would later lead to the death of his mother in 1979 when Hetfield was 16 years old.

This upbringing would go ahead to inspire many of Hetfield’s lyrics in his career as we hear in songs such as “dryers eve” and “The God that failed”.

After the demise of his mother, Hetfield went to live with his older half-brother David.

He attended Downey high school for his fresh and sophomore years. His father Virgil passed on in 1996 while James was on Metallica’s’ “load” tour.

Hetfield began piano lessons at age nine, after which he started playing his half-brother David’s drum.

At age 14, James started playing the guitar with Robert Okner and also joined a few bands in his teenage years.

James says Aerosmith were the reason he wanted to play the guitar while growing up and identified them as his primary musical influence.

He would also list Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Misfits, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Rush, Van Halen, Blue Öyster Cult, Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Ramones, Motörhead, Sex Pistols, Venom, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, ZZ Top amongst others as influences.

James Hetfield’s Career

James Hetfield formed the heavy metal group, Metallica with drummer Lars Ulrich in October 1981; James found a heavy metal spirit in Ulrich who placed an ad on a newspaper seeking whom to play with.

Guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Cliff Burton later joined the duo.

In Metallica’s’ early days, they experimented with a few different vocals and guitar combinations, and basically created a structure similar to “diamond head”, the renowned British metal band.


After much rotations and trials, the finalized line up for the band would include Hetfield (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Dave Mustaine (lead guitar), Lars Ulrich (drummer), and Ron Mcgovney (bass).

Cliff Burton replaced Ron soon after as the bassist. Hetfield prefers referring to their early sound as “power metal”.

The group was rejected by various record labels for their aggressive sound which led to the launch of a record label courtesy their managers specifically for the release of their album.

Their debut album “kill em all” proved a success.

Between 1982 and 1983, Mustaine’s drinking problems coupled with his overly aggressive behavior led to increased tension in the band with a series of confrontations between him and Hetfield.

On April 11 1983, Hetfield and Ulrich officially fired Mustaine citing irreconcilable differences having already hired Kirk Hammett from the band “Exodus” some 10 days earlier.

Mustaine would go on to form his own heavy metal band “Megadeth”.

Hetfield practically recorded most rhythm, and harmony tracks up until the mid-90s’, he would also play the guitar solo, first and the second solo, first interlude solo and harmonized solo.

He also writes most of the guitar harmonies, lyrics, vocal melodies and co-arranged the songs with Ulrich.

Hetfield has been involved in some onstage accidents. Most notably, one from which he suffered second and third-degree burns on his hand, arm, eyebrows, face and hair.

He got back on stage in less than 3 weeks after the accident though he was relieved of his guitar duties which were then delegated to metal church guitarist John Marshall for four weeks while James made a full recovery.

Hetfield loved skateboarding and suffered series of broken arms at various points which prevented him from playing the guitar.

This led to his management company inserting a clause in his contract forbidding him to ride a skateboard while he was on tour with Metallica.

While working on the band’s eighth studio album “St. Anger” in 2001, Hetfield checked into rehab to address his alcohol issues.

He rejoined the band after eleven months. Jason Newsted exited the group during this period and was replaced by Roberto Trujillo who was formerly under Ozzy Osbourne.

Observers took this as a swap deal because Jason joined Osbourne just as Roberto joined Metallica.

In September 2008, Metallica released their ninth studio album “death magnetic”, which like “St. Anger” and every of their album of original material released since 1991 made it to number one on the Billboard charts in over 30 countries in its first week of release.

In April 2009, the band was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

The band is still on tour as tour dates and tickets could be gotten through the band’s official website www.metallica.com.

James Hetfield’s Awards and Achievements

Apart from being a composer and writer of many hit songs both for the band and others, he was also an outstanding lead vocalist, guitarist and a significant influence in the success of the band.

The band, Metallica has numerous singles and albums that have topped the charts. The group also has nine Grammy awards to its credit, five kerrang awards, five Billboard music awards, three MTV music video awards, American music awards, amongst other awards.

He and the band also received numerous nominations.

The group was nominated for the world music awards in 2008 and won the echo music prize in 2017.

In 2009, the band and its’ members were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

They have been listed severally as one of the greatest bands of all times by several organizations.

James has also featured in a couple of movies in the Hollywood movies industry. He had done voice-overs for a couple of animated films like the Simpsons.

His voice was also featured in “American Dad!” and “Skylanders academy”.

He will be making his professional acting debut in “Extremely wicked: shocking evil and vile” where he will be portraying a high way patrol veteran officer Bob Hayward.

James Hetfield’s Lifestyle and Controversies

Most Fans would like to take a peek into the daily life routine of their favorite star. Some may be asking “how did James Hetfield overcome his alcohol problem?”

To that, we can reliably inform you that he checked into rehab to address the issue.

He says his wife has been his strongest source of support and encouragement during his trying times and prefers spending most of his time with his family.

James has several tattoo markings on his body.

The most glaring being the range of four cards set in flames, a reminder or reference to the ugly accident that happened to him in 1992.

He stands 85m tall with blue eyes and engages in various activities like skiing, water skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, farming, hunting, customizing motorcycles and cars in his garage.

He loves watching the Oakland Raiders. At a time, he gave his Chevrolet to the hard rock café. He also has a beautiful collection of wonders on wheels.

James Hetfield’s Family

James Hetfield’s Wife

Followers of this icon especially females would by now be asking “Is James Hetfield married”, if yes, “who is James Hetfield’s wife?”

James is married to the Argentine beauty Francesca Tomasi now known as Francesca Hetfield.

They tied the knot on the 17th of August 1997 shattering the hearts of many female fans.

His wife is the inspiration for the letter “F” tattooed on his left hand. She worked with the Metallica security team before moving into the wardrobe department of the band.

Before marrying Francesca, James had a brief relationship with Leah Storkson and was in a two years relationship with Kristen.

James Hetfield’s Children

The couple had their first child Cali tee Hetfield on the 13th of June 1998.

Their second child castor Virgil Hetfield was born in May 2000, while their third child Marcella Francesca Hetfield was born in January 2002.

The couple have three children.

James Hetfield’s House

Curiosity may lead fans to ask “where does James Hetfield live” where his house is or what it looks like.

Well, our metallic star lives in Vail Colorado where he acquired an 11,509 sq ft. home at the tune of $23 million in 2017.

James cited a variety of reasons for obtaining the house including natural beauty, the quiet environment, and it is the childhood hometown of his dear wife.

He also has a residence in California and Maui, Hawaii.

James Hetfield’s Net Worth (2018)

Now to the big question on the mind of most fans “what is James Hetfield net worth”?

The metallic icon is estimated to be worth $300 million in 2018.

This doesn’t come as a surprise considering his huge reputation and numerous awards credited to him.

How Does James Hetfield Make His Money?

You may be wondering “how James Hetfield makes his money”, he made a huge chunk of his money as the singer, lead vocalist and co-founder of Metallica.

He also in recent times ventured into the Hollywood movie industry, and this is sure to see his net worth rise.

James Hetfield Social Media

Many fans would be eager to know what James has been up to if he was on social media, and what his social media pages were.

James Hetfield is active on his various social media handles. He can be found on Instagram via his verified handle @papa_het having 394,000+ followers with 375+ posts.


He can also be found on twitter @ papa_het (verified) with 31,000+ followers and just 78+ tweets. He’s not getting any younger though maybe that’s why.

His page on Facebook, James Hetfield is still also very much active, you can go check him out.



Though age may not be on the side of our favorite Metallica singer, James Hetfield still has a lot up his sleeves especially with his foray into the movie industry.

His biography “so let it be written” was published in April 2017 by Mark Eglinton.

We expect to see more of him in the spotlight, not forgetting his sold out concerts and tours with the band.