Jaclyn Hill Net Worth 2018; YouTube Channel, Husband and House

Net Worth: $1.5 million
Age: 28
Full name: Jaclyn Roxanne Hill.
Born: 20 July, 1990
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Vlogger, Makeup Artist
Last Updated: 2018


Celebrity Vlogger Jaclyn Hill has accumulated wealth over the years by posting makeup tutorial videos on Youtube. Jaclyn Hill’s net worth is in millions of dollars this 2018.

We shall discuss Jaclyn Hill’s net worth and how it compares to other celebrity Vloggers like Jeffree Star.

What do you care to know about celebrity Vlogger, Jaclyn Hill? Are you curious about Jaclyn Hill’s net worth or Jaclyn’s Hill family?

How do you apply your make up? Who taught you the art of makeup? Did you learn from your mom or sis?

Did you learn the art of makeup from the best? How good is your makeup?

However good, you can still learn or improve on your makeup artistry from celebrity makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill.

Jaclyn Hill has taught millions of her YouTube subscribers the secret of a good makeup – How to achieve a smoky eye, how to achieve a perfect contouring etc.

Without question, she’s revealed all secrets in her makeup tutorials.

This article answers all your questions about Jaclyn Hill. Keep reading!

Who is Jaclyn Hill?

Jaclyn Roxanne Hill was born on July 20, 1990 in Illinois, USA. She is 28 years old.

The celebrity Vlogger was born and raised in a pig farm. Pig farming has been her family business for decades.

Jaclyn Hill is a popular American Beauty Vlogger. She is widely known for her association with popular cosmetics brands.

Jaclyn has collaborated with BECCA Cosmetics and Morphe Cosmetics. She posted her work with these brands on her YouTube channel.

For this reason, she is widely credited to be responsible for the popularity of BECCA cosmetics.

Jaclyn Hill’s Family

Jaclyn was born into a Christian family consisting of father, James, mother, Robin and siblings, Nicholas and Rachel.

Twenty years ago, Jaclyn Hill family relocated from Illinois to Tampa, Florida.

Jaclyn’s father was deeply rooted in Christianity and he claimed to have received a call from God to become a priest.

During the course of his missionary work, Jaclyn’s father moved the family a lot.

It meant, they moved and lived in countries like India and Honduras to do missionary.

However, her parents divorced in 2012 and the celebrity Vlogger is yet to see her father since then.

Jaclyn Hill’s Education

She was home-schooled as a child.

Her parents working in the farm had all the time to teach little Jaclyn together with her siblings.

Jaclyn had her college education at Sarasota, Florida. Hill studied Photography in college.

After schooling, Jaclyn pursued a career in the beauty sphere. She worked for Mac Cosmetics store

Jaclyn Hill’s Husband

Jaclyn got married very early when she was a teenager. She got married to Jon Hill in 2009.

Subsequently, Jon made a YouTube post in 2015. The post was a clip of his wedding with Jaclyn.

Before the YouTube video, fans had always imagined what Jon was to the beauty Vlogger.

Was he a boyfriend or Jacclyn Hill Husband?

The video cooled every question regarding Jon’s relationship status with Jaclyn. Jon captioned the video;

“Jaclyn and I got married August 29th 2009. It was one of the best days I have ever had and will ever have.”

Jaclyn’s YouTube channel was swarmed with exclamatory comments.

Some fans asked why they had kept their marriage secret while others congratulated them.

The wedding video revealed a very different Jaclyn. She wasn’t into makeup yet. Her hair was blonde.

Jaclyn was only 19 when she tied the nuptial knot with Jon. She looked 25 on her wedding dress, a fan commented.

The couple married so early and lived until 2018.

Jaclyn Hill’s Divorce

Jon posted on his Instagram few months ago that he and Jaclyn are getting a divorce.

He posted on his gram saying – “After nearly nine years of marriage, we have made the difficult decision to divorce”.

The post generated some sort of frenzy among Jaclyn’s fans. Her fans stormed Jon’s Instagram page with abusive words.

Subsequently, Jon clapped back at some fans but eventually took down the post.

He tried to give reason why he was parting ways with celebrity Vlogger posting again on his Instagram page;

“We were very young and have since both changed and grown apart.”

Jon further stated that the problems in their marriage cannot be fixed but they still remain lovers.

It was Jaclyn’s turn to speak for the first time about the imminent collapse of their marriage.

She had kept cool since but was forced to tearfully confirm the purported divorce through her YouTube channel.

Jaclyn Hill and Jon Hill formally got divorced in May 2018.

Shortly after their separation, Jaclyn Hill’s Ex-husband posted a video of himself in a romantic mood with some woman.

The video didn’t go well with Jaclyn’s fans as they stormed Jon’s page with abusive and unkind comments.

This post was taken down shortly after but it didn’t stop Jaclyn’s fans.

They continued making unkind comments on Jon’s page.

Jon tried to defend himself saying – “You guys Jaclyn & I were not happy.”

Jaclyn Hill’s Youtube Career

Hill began a career as a Youtube personality when she created a YouTube channel in 2011.

She created the channel with the aim to teach the art of makeup.

Her first makeup tutorial post was on December 20, 2011. Jaclyn had little or no idea how big her YouTube channel would become.

Before signing up with YouTube, Jaclyn was already a makeup artist, but not as professional as she is today.

In spite of everything, she dedicated time to growing her YouTube channel, constantly posting makeup tutorial videos on her channel and also developing herself as a makeup artist.

Her hard word over the years began to yield dividends as her number of subscribers increased continuously.

Finally, Jaclyn was contacted by a beauty brand, BECCA Cosmetics for collaboration.

She created a highlighter named Champagne Pop and it sold out within an hour.

The success of her first work with the brand birthed Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection.

As predicted, The collection is a fast rising brand containing a lot including eye shadows and highlighters

Initially when Jaclyn started, she used to mimic the Kardashians.

Fast forward to 2018, Jaclyn posted a video of herself teaching Kim Kardashian the art of makeup.

She had since called the experience to work with Kim Kardashian, an amazing experience and a dream come through.

Jaclyn Hill is a leading makeup artist and has worked with popular brands like; BECCA, Morphe, Makeup Geek, Gerard Cosmetics, and Sigma.

How Jaclyn Hill Earns Her Money

Jaclyn Hill net worth is accumulated from two major sources;

To be apt, Jaclyn makes the majority of her earnings from YouTube. The popular YouTuber currently has over 5 million YouTube subscribers.

Jaclyn gets an average 400,000 views on YouTube for each post.


She currently earns over $1000 daily from Youtube AD.

Apart from YouTube, Jaclyn Hill’s net worth is also accumulated from her collaboration with popular brands.

To say the least, collaborations with BECCA cosmetics and Morphe Cosmetics also added to Jaclyn Hill net worth.

Jaclyn Hill’s Net Worth 2018

The Celebrity Vlogger, Jaclyn Hill’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5million as at 2018.

She is currently on a project to establish her cosmetics outfits.

When the cosmetic brand finally rolls out, it will increase her net worth to at least to match the number of her YouTube subscribers.

Jaclyn Hill’s House

In 2017, Jaclyn and her Ex bought a house at Tampa, Florida.

The property is a modest home with features for an average family size. This home is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom apartment

Jaclyn Hill house has patio and a garage. It has a spacious and beautiful terrain

However it is unknown If Jaclyn still lives in the property since she is divorced.

Jaclyn Hill’s Contact and Social Media

The celebrity Vlogger is a socialite and she is currently signed to a number of social media platforms.

You can contact or follow Jaclyn Hill through her various social media platforms.

Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube Channel

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Jaclyn Hill’s Twitter

Jaclyn Hill Official twitter handle;

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Jaclyn Hill’s Instagram

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Jaclyn Hill net worth is expected to hit $3 million by 2020 if the Vlogger continues with her current pace of work.

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