Imogen China

Full Name: Imogen China
Date of Birth: 1971
Age: 47 years
Place of Birth: Norway
Country of Origin: Britain
Home Town: Norway
Education BI Norwegian Business School
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2019


Imogen China is the amazing wife of Wheeler Dealers host Edd China. She was Edd China’s long term girlfriend until they made a decision to get married.

Imogen was born and raised in Norway despite being British.

Imogen China’s Career

Just like er husband, Imogen herself is a workaholic and doesn’t live off his celebrity status.

After her graduation from school, Imogen China worked as a VIP Relations Manager for British Airways London Eye for almost two years.

After her time there, she also worked as the Head of External Relations for Madame Tussauds.

In the year 2011, Imogen China worked as the Director of Cummfy Banana Ltd. and also deputized in the same role in Grease Junkie.

The year 2017 marked another boost for her as she became the Director of China’s Republic of People in Bracknell, England.

Imogen China’s Social Media

Imogen China appears to dormant on social media. She has a Twitter account manufactured this season however, perhaps not functioned as 2012.

She’s tweeted eight times and seemingly has abandoned that stage altogether.

Imogen China Husband: Edd China

Anyway, Imogen China might most likely not require the social media because it was said she actually is at a joyful space today.

She loves the entire care given by her adoring husband. Throughout his spare time, Edd China is mostly with his spouse.


They couple have been seen attending events together. Edd China usually takes his wife shopping.

Imogen China is a lover of plants and nature and has been seen in plant nurseries within her town.

They spend their spare time seeing relatives, friends or chilling out together.

Imogen China additionally receives high priced gifts from her spouse and they’re living a joyful and relaxed life.

Imogen is actually kind and has great admiration for everybody.

It’s these inner, amazing qualities of Imogen China that Edd China admires. The couple don’t have children of their own yet.


Edd China has sure hit the jackpot with his wife Imogen China who has a track record of diligence.

We hope the couple begin to have children of their own and remain happy living together.

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