How To Detect An ATM Scam And Avoid It


How to detect an ATM scam and avoid it if you never want to lose your money. ATM scams have been happening for a long time and it does not seem like it would stop anytime soon.

As we keep finding ways to protect our savings and income from the hands of scammers, so also do these scammers find new ways to break it your account.

Even with a pin code to your ATM card, the chances you can get scammed is very high. So you need to look out for possible atm scams.

How To Detect An ATM Scam And Avoid It Revealed

How to detect an ATM scam and avoid it
How to detect an ATM scam

Here are the two main atm scams you should look out for.

1. Low-tech atm scams

Scammers have developed a simple way of gaining access to peoples atm card details.

They have devised a new means by putting a piece of plastic and glue into the atm card slot.

Putting glue into might make your ATM card get stuck and a piece of plastic in an ATM will cause the machine to keep asking for your pin repeatedly and if a scammer is right behind you, might be able to know your pin.

This is where the scammer strikes by offering to be of assistance. Telling you the atm is fond of doing that and telling you to punch in your pin three time.

This is to confirm if your pin is correct. Of course, what they tell you to do doesn’t work so they tell you to go get help while they watch over your card.

While you are away, the scammer brings out something to get your card out of the machine and disappears.

With your atm card and details to your atm card, they can withdraw all your money using another atm or keep swiping at malls even before you have the chance to block them from having access to your account.

2. High-tech ATM scams

Scammers who don’t have the time to wait at an ATM would rather steal and get the details of your bank account – the high-tech way which is called skimming.

Skimming is a way for scammers or identity thieves – get information from your atm card.

They put a device called a skimmer on the atm which cannot be spotted easily because it looks like part of the machine.

When you slot in your card, it passes through the skimmer. You do your transaction, get your card and you leave without suspecting anything.

The identity thief either goes back later to the machine to get the skimmer or if the skimmer has a bluetooth device can get to download all your account information.

Safety Tips For Your ATM

Here are ATM safety tips you can follow.

You need to be watchful when you are around an ATM. Don’t trust anyone, especially strangers with your card or card details.

If you have a problem with your ATM card or ATM, seek assistance from either a security guard or a bank official.

Try to use an ATM inside a banking hall. No scammer or identity thief would be bold enough to try it inside the banking hall.

If you have to use an ATM on the streets, look around for cameras. Scammers do not like to operate where cameras are.

Store the phone numbers of your bank on your phone. In case you fall victim of ATM scams.

This would make it easier for you to contact your bank immediately you are in distress.