Glen Davis Net Worth

Net Worth: $12 million
Age: 32
Full name: Ronald Glen “Big Baby” Davis
Born: January 1, 1986
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Basketballer
Last Updated: 2018


Who is Glen Davis? What is Glen Davis’ net worth in 2018? Who is Glen Davis’s wife? These and many other questions are frequently asked about Glen Davis.

In response to the above questions, we have carefully documented the details about the life and career of Glen Davis.

Glen Davis is an American professional basketball player who has turned-out in the colours Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and Los Angeles Clippers throughout his career.

Glen Davis’ Age

Ronald Glen Davis was born on January 1, 1986 Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As at 2018, Glen Davis age stands at 32.

Glen Davis’ Bio

Glen Davis was born and raised in the neighbourhood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While growing up the pro basketball player lost both of his parents.

As a kid, Glen was bigger than his peers, earning him the Nick Name, ‘Big Baby’. He was not allowed to play with his age group because of his big stature.

He was drafted by his youth league basketball team coach to play with the senior boys and they were fond of bullying Glen because of his age.

At the age of 9 and standing at 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m), 160 lb (73 kg), he felt uncomfortable playing with the senior boys and even cried in some occasions.

His coach would always encourage him saying; why cry? Don’t you know you are a big baby? The nick stuck right away and he was called a big baby onward.

He first gained recognition across the States while in college, but his fame didn’t come from his exploits in Basketball.


In 2001, when Glen was only 15, he attended a basketball camp run by Louisiana State University alumnus, and guess who was in attendance?

Shaquille O’Neal, the 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m), 325 lb (147 kg; 23.2 st) professional basketball player challenged the young Glen Davis to a friendly wrestling fight.

Everyone there-in got the shock of their life when they saw the 15 year old Davis lifted and body-slammed the giant O’Neal.

The scene left an impressive opinion about the strength of Glen Davis and he was called up to join the Louisiana State University Basketball by the team coach.

Glen began to take basketball seriously while in college. He played in the college team and left with an impressive stats.

After participating actively in college basketball, Glen was picked by the Seattle SuperSonics with the 35th overall selection in the 2007 NBA draft.

Months later, he transferred to Boston Celtics where he would go on to win the 2008 NBA Championship.

That marked the beginning of Glen Davis’s career as a basketball player.

In 2016, after 8 years in the topflight, Davis took a hiatus from the sports to venture into movie production.

In early 2018, Glen was arrested for possession and distribution of hard drugs.

He was arrested in his hotel by police after a bag containing hard drugs and $91,000 was recovered from him.

Glen Davis’ Career

College Career

While in college, Davis displayed promising talent of becoming a pro basketball player. He wasn’t just gifted with size, he had promising skills.

In 2006, he was voted the SEC most valuable player by coaches in the South eastern Conference, also making the All-SEC first team of the year.

In his 2nd year in college, he attained another milestone when he guided the Tigers to their first semi-final finish since 1986.

Professional Career

In 2007, Glen Davis announced that he would enter into the NBA draft at the expense of his senior season at Louisiana State University.

On March 2007, the big baby signed with an agency company, Performance Sports Management to help him with proceedings in his NBA contract.

In mid-2007, Glen Davis was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics with the 35th overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft.

Seattle SuperSonics soon traded the right of Glen Davis to Boston Celtics for Delonte West.

He made the Celtic’s 2007 summer team. With some high profile key players leaving the team, Glen was destined to see a lot of playing time in his debut season in NBA.

He is naturally a power forward, but Davis also played as the team’s backup centre in the season.

Glen Made the first start of his professional career when his team pitched sides against Sacramento Kings on the 12th of Dec 2007.

Before then he had 19 starts from the bench.

During the match, Davis paired Kevin Garnett as a power forward scoring 16 points and pulling down 9 rebounds as Celtic defeated Sacramento Kings by 90-78.

His star performance would come the following year when Celtics played against the Detroit Pistons on the 5th of Jan 2008.

Glen Scored 16 of his 20 points in the last quarter, including the last point of the game. The game announced Davis to basketball fanatics.

He lifted the 2008 NBA trophy in his debut season when Celtic defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the final.

In 2009, he scored a career high of 24 points against Memphis Grizzlies when Celtics won 105-87 in an away match.

During the course of the season, Glen got himself in trouble in 2009 when he reportedly hauled a 12 year old boy while celebrating a shot.

The fan’s father lodged an official complaint to NBA and the management of Celtics, demanding an official apology from Davis.

In response, Davis made a public apology to the fan and his parents saying; I’m a big guy, sometimes when I’m wild and running, I don’t feel a thing.

He then said I learnt I hurt somebody, if I mistakenly hurt anybody during the games, I’m sorry my intentions were not to harm anybody.

Although his apology came late after the fan’s father had retracted his complaint, Glen’s gesture was highly applauded by fans.

In 2009, Glen signed an improved contract worth $6.5million (in two years) with Celtics.

A year later, he was a victim of severe concussion when he was at the receiving end of a Dwight Howard elbow during a match against Orlando Magic.

However, he bounced back to feature in the following game that made Celtic advanced to the 2010 NBA Finals, with Glen making 6 pointers and 7 rebounds.

In 2011, Glen transferred to Orlando Magic and the following year, he scored a then career high of 31 points, beating his previous best of 24 points in a game against Detroit Pistons.

Glen continued to improve in his new found home, Orlando Magic getting a lot of playing time and in 2013, he attained another career high.

In a match against the Philadelphia 76ers, Glen notched a career best of 33 points in a double-overtime loss.

In 2014, Glen signed with Los Angeles Clippers but his time with the club would turn out to be a pitfall in his career.

A month after signing with the Los Angeles outfit, Glen got into a war of words with his coach after he was pulled out from a game against Houston Rockets.

The Los Angeles Clippers coach ordered security to escort Glen to the locker room.

In 2015, Glen suffered an ankle injury that restricted him from the game for 4 months after undergoing a successful surgery.

In 2016, the basketball player took a break from the game to venture into film production.

But he returned in 2018 to help Power win the BIG3 championship.

Glen Davis Stats

A summary of Glen Davis stats in regular season and in playoffs is given below. Each stat represents a combined career total.


Regular season

Games Played (GP) = 514

Games started (GS) = 121

Minutes per game (MPG) = 21.2

Field goal percentage (FG%) = 447

3-pointsfield goal percentage (3P%) = 182

Free throw percentage (FT%) = 700

Rebounds per game (RPG) = 4.4

Assist per game (APG) =.9

Steals per game (SPG) = .7

Blocks per game (PPG) = .3

Pointers per game (PPG) = 8.0


Games Played (GP) = 96

Games started (GS) = 20

Minutes per game (MPG) = 18.9

Field goal percentage (FG%) = .042

3-pointsfield goal percentage (3P%) = .000

Free throw percentage (FT%) = .716

Rebounds per game (RPG) = 3.7

Assist per game (APG) =.6

Steals per game (SPG) = .46

Blocks per game (PPG) = .9

Glen Davis’ Contracts

Glen Davis signed five contracts in his 8 years as a professional basketball player. Details of most of his contracts were kept secret.

In 2007, he signed his first professional contract with Seattle SuperSonics.

In 2007, he was traded to Celtics for an undisclosed fee.

In 2009, he signed an improved two-year deal with Celtics worth $6.5 million

In 2011, He signed with Orlando Magic for an undisclosed fee.

In 2014, Glen signed with Los Angeles Lakers for an undisclosed fee.

Glen Davis’ Salary

Glen Davis salary before 2014 was between $3 million and $4 million per year.  As at 2018, we can’t confirm if the Basketball player makes $500,000 per year.

Glen Davis’ Net Worth 2018

Glen Davis Net worth has mostly been amassed from basketball contracts.

He has featured in four different basketball outfits and each has contributed greatly to Glen Davis net worth.

The pro basketball player also earns from endorsements. He has endorsed for sporting kits makers, but the terms of his contract was never revealed.

We know for sure that the basketball player ventured into film production but we can’t state with certainty how much it improved Glen Davis net worth.

Glen Davis’ net worth is estimated to be in the regions of $12 million in 2018.

Glen Davis’ House

In 2012, Glen Davis purchased his house in Orland, Florida. The house reportedly cost him $635,000.

Features of his Florida mansion is unknown as at 2018 as Glen has maintained strict privacy with his home affairs.


Date of Birth

Jan 1, 1986 (32 years old)


United States of America


6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)


289 lbs (131 kg)



While growing up Davis showed a lot of prospect that made people predict he would become one of the greatest Basketball player of his generation.

But seen how his career has spanned out, it is easy to conclude he hasn’t lived up the hype.