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You walk every day. While it is healthy and a means of exercising, you can also make some money from it. Yes! You can literally get paid to walk freely.

The platforms that pay you to walk freely all have their applications wherein you can interact with them in real-time.

We will carefully review these applications so you know how to utilize them.

Apps Where You Get Paid To Walk

In this section, we will outline some of the best apps that pay you to walk and get fit. These apps include;

1. MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness is an exceptional application for different levels of fitness training. You get every detail from heart rate, step pacing as well as the normal walking time.

This application doesn’t actually pay you in cash for walking. Instead, they give you certain bonuses which you can use on their application platform.

MapMyFitness has an exceptional feature; a GPS sensor that helps you track the progress of any workout despite your location.

2. Achievement

Achievement is an application that pays you after you complete a set of workouts which will include walking.

If you choose to exercise by running, biking or even soccer, you can get paid as well.

Every 10,000 points on this platform gives you $10 and you can only get a maximum of 80 points per day. So, this actually means about $30 a year.

This app has a smooth setup which makes the whole process easy and you can check their webpage to download it.

3. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an app wherein you can get paid to walk freely. However, they pay you in cryptocurrency instead of cash.

When you’re under the free membership, you earn 5 sweatcoins for every 5,000 setps you take in a day. However, with the upgraded membership, you earn 10 sweatcoins per day for 10,000 steps.

You can exchange these coins for cash once they reach about 20,000. At this point, you get $1,000 which you can redeem only once. It usually takes over 13 months to hit this goal.

4. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Walgreens Balance Rewards is a good way to get paid to walk.

To benefit from their offer, you have to shop at Walgreens. This way you become a customer which will make your signing up process easy on the Walgreens Balance Reward Website.

Immediately you complete the signup, you will need to sign in to the app. This app offers you a variety of fitness trackers to help you. You receive 20 balance reward points for every mile you walk as the monthly limit is 1,000.

5. StepBet

StepBet is quite a tricky app. However, they believe everyone needs the right motivation to achieve their goals.

When you use StepBet, you set fitness goals and bet on yourself. Generally, you get to bet about $40. When you fail to meet your goals, they take away your $40 but when you meet them, you get some extra money.

Indeed, it’s an app for motivated individuals.

6. Higi

Higi has a wide range of connections to diverse fitness trackers. More so, they have health tracking stations at different pharmacies across the U.S.

There are weekly challenges which you must complete in order to earn points for walking a mile. You can redeem your points for rewards which are usually discounts on items you purchase.

7. Fitpotato

Fitpotato is an app where you compete with other fitness lovers for weekly prizes.

You’ll undergo a range of activities which include running and walking. At the end of the activity, the winners share the prize money.

It’s such an interesting event where you get paid to walk.

8. FitFetti

FitFetti believes in the importance of fitness. So, they basically reward you for hitting your fitness goals.

FiftFetti collaborates with many companies that care about healthy living. These companies act as sponsors.

As you meet your weekly goals, you unlock sponsorship to get free stuff online.

9. Winwalk

For every 100 steps you take using Winwalk, you earn points. These coins can get you a free gift card which you can use for shopping on any of the famous online stores.

Every day, you can only make a maximum of 10,000 steps.

10. Charity Miles

Charity Rewards is an amazing platform. You get rewarded for walking but the money doesn’t come to you. Instead, it goes to charitable events.

Unlike other applications that use GPS, you need to keep the Charity Miles app open when doing your workout.

11. LifeCoin

Lifecoin is an application where you can get paid to walk or run. For every step you take, you receive Lifecoins.

You can use your Lifecoins to get free e-gift cards to shop in stores such as Amazon or iTunes.


You will agree with me that walking and getting paid simultaneously is not a bad idea. It can help you raise funds for your projects with putting too much pressure on you.

So, pick any of the above apps and start walking your way to money.

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