G Herbo Net Worth 2018; Career, Family and Controversy



Net Worth: $1 million
Age: 22
Full name: Herbert Wright III
Born: 8th October, 1995
Country of Origin: United States of America
Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter
Last Updated: 2018

Have you been asking who G. Herbo is? What is G.Herbo’s net worth in 2018? And many other questions?

Here is a documented article that tells you about the popular musician and secrets that have been hidden.

Herbo is an American rapper and songwriter who hails from Chicago, Illinois.

This black rapper and star have kept records rolling as well as entertaining rap fans through his numerous mind-blowing tracks and albums.

The rapper who currently goes by the stage name, G. Herbo, was formerly called Lil Herb.

He had released his debut Mixtape named welcome to Fazoland which made him famous in the industry.

The mixtape which was released on the seventeenth day of February 2014 had over 375,000 persons downloading it on Datpiff.

He is known for his flexibility in producing different genres of music which have kept his music lovers consistent in following his tracks.

His fans surely don’t lack any entertaining rap from him.

The musician has successfully listed many pieces of music that have kept music lovers in insatiable thirst for more.

“How old is G. Herbo?” is a favourite question among fans and critics who think the rapper is too young for fame.

Is anybody too young? Well, G. Herbo isn’t because his effort is worth a thousand rubies.

He is known to work tirelessly to ensure that he leaves a constant smile on the face of his fans.

If his fans love him so much because of his music and he is this famous, “Who then is G. Herbo?” What is G. Herbo’s Net Worth?

Before we move to expose G. Herbo’s net worth, let’s answer the previous question by taking a deep dive into G. Herbo’s early life, education, and career.

G. Herbo’s Early Life and Education

G. Herbo’s real name is Herbert Wright III, and he was born on the eighth day of October 1995.

He was born on the east side of Chicago which is where he had his early childhood.

Herbo whose birth sign is Libra is of the black race and is known for his thrilling black eye colour.

He had his early childhood in the streets East Side of Chicago, the so-called terror town usually known for its variety of gangs and bandits.

Interestingly, it Seems like he discovered his talent early enough to drop out of school at the age of 16.

Emulating the steps of renowned artists such as Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and many more of them, he started making bold steps to become a genius in the rap industry.

This guy is a well-known member of one of the most famous gangs in Chicago, NLMB which the rapper describes as a brotherhood instead of a gang.

He is close friends with his fellow rapper Lil Bibby which you might have seen on his numerous songs.

G. Herbo’s Career

The artist just like many other rappers like Joey Badass started his career with social media platforms like YouTube where he regularly posted his tracks.

He and his friend, Lil Bibby gained their first attention with their song “Kill Shit” which has been viewed over 15 million times on YouTube.

The turn up of his fans gave him more encouragement to continue in his works.

The duo again gained broader reach and popularity when Drake referred to them as the future due to their talent in the rap game.

With more hard work, the American rapper released his debut Mixtape named Welcome to Fazoland.

As expected, this made him more famous and recognized in the industry.

The mixtape which was released on the seventeenth day of February 2014 had over 375,000 persons downloading it on Datpiff.

According to him, he named the mixtape in honour of Fazon Robinson, one of the first of his friends to be killed by gun violence in the city of Chicago.

He said, “I am giving them where I came from and what is happening out there.”

In the mixtape, G. Herbo told a story of who he is, where he is from and how he got to his height now.

G Herbo’s Career Boost

In the April of 2014, he was to get another career boost when he collaborated with Nicki Minaj on “Chiraq.”

He also contributed to Common’s “The Neighbourhood” on his album, “Nobody’s Smiling”.

He also recorded “Fight or Flight (Remix)” with Chance The Rapper and Common.

On December 26th of the same year, he surprised the rap world with his second mixtape, Pistol P Project.

Subsequently, on April 2nd of the next year, he guest featured on Chief Keef’s “Faneto (Remix)” with fellow Chicago rappers King Louie and Lil Bibby.

On August of the same year, he released his third mixtape, Baling Like I’m Kobe, named after his fallen friend Jacobi D. Herring.

The rapper sure knows the value of brotherhood.

He signed on to Cinematic Music Group, an American record label, management, publishing and touring company under Sony Music Entertainment.

He released a collaborative single titled “Lord Knows” with Rapper, Joey Badass, a member of the Music Group.

Then In 2016, he released four single tracks titled “Pull Up,” “Drop,” “Yeah I Know” and “Ain’t Nothing to Me.”

Immediately the same year, Herbo also brought his fourth mixtape to his audience titled ‘Strictly 4 My Fans’.

Still improving his music career, he boldly unleashed his first EP which he titled “Welcome To Fazoland” in 2017 that featured unreleased songs from the mixtape “Welcome To Fazoland” which he had released earlier in his career.

That same year, the entertainer brought up his debut studio album ‘Humble Beast.’

As predicted, the album had a top and favourite track “Red Snow” which was released in March 2017.

The second song named “I Like” was produced in August 2017.

G. Herbo and his Best Friend, Lil Bibby

The two friends and Rappers, Lil Bibby and G. Herbo, met at a very tender age in a youth center in South Shore.

They grew together and made their first hit in 2012’s “Kill S” when they were teenagers.

Together they have kept their strong bond even as their solo careers are moving rapidly to heights.

They constantly perform together, and even collaborated on an album, “No Limitations,” which is due this year.

The two friends are alumni of XXL magazine’s vaunted Freshmen Class.

G. Herbo’s Controversies

In February 2018, G. Herbo and two other men were arrested after their limousine driver informed police that some of his passengers had weapons on them.

The rapper was observed in the rear driver side passenger seat holding a handgun loaded with rounds designed to penetrate body armor.

None of the three passengers including G. Herbo had firearm owner’s Identification cards, and all three were charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

G. Herbo’s Family

Little is known about G. Herbo’s immediate family but the little that is known, we’ll bring to you.

His late uncle was stated to be a musician, and his grandfather was a member of the band, The Radiants.

It may interest you to know that G. Herbo has a son.

Herbo’s son was given birth to by G.Herbo’s girlfriend, Ariana Fletcher.

G. Herbo’s Cars and Properties

The rapper has mind-blowing wealth and assets worth of value. Any man would be proud of what he has at his age.

He doesn’t move in cheap cars, and as expected of any celebrity, he flaunts the most expensive cars to shows, music displays, and entertainment to the amazing of his fans and critics.

The singer has a giant studio in which he does his music recording and for interested clients who are willing to pay.

Truly, not exempting his luxurious house situated in one of the big cities in Chicago.

The house in question has a perfect finish and fitting.

Herbo has a fleet of cars, making him one of the young and wealthy rappers in the United States.

His cars lie in the range of 5-10 in terms of quality and expensive cars.

G. Herbo’s Social Media Handles

Herbo’s Instagram Handle: You can connect with the rapper on Instagram through his handle, @nolimitherbo.

His Facebook: You can connect with the rapper on Facebook through his page, Herbert Wright (G Herbo)

Herbo’s Youtube Channel: You can check out some of the rapper’s videos on YouTube through any of these links.

How Does G. Herbo Make His Money?

Examining the rappers various sources of income, one can see that G. Herbo presents several sources and means from which his revenue comes.

Mighty sales of his several Mixtapes is a giant pillar to his revenue generation.

In other terms, he earns a lot of money from all the sales of his tracks and albums.

All the events, shows, tours, and concerts and displays which he makes either on demand by his clients or to please and entertain a group are also sources of his wealth.

He is estimated to make roughly $200,000 annually as a result of this, which is a boost to his worth.

Every click and view on his YouTube video channels are extra cash to him.

The singer has numerous followers and fans and has gotten over 67,500,000 YouTube views.

He is also known to have earned $15,200 from different endorsements, and sponsorship agreements both within and out of the country

G. Herbo’s Net Worth 2018

Owing to all his sources of income, G. Herbo’s net worth sits at $1 million in 2018.

This is amazing for his age as it is bound to rise if he remains focused on his career.



Conclusively, one can’t discuss modern American rap music without stumbling on the name, G. Herbo.

He has left footprints in the sands of time in the industry.

Herbo is doing great in the entertainment industry and is still persistent in leaving a memorable and commendable legacy.

With his young age and very fruitful career in front of him, we expect more from him in fame and fortune.

For celebrity net worth and latest events, we’re obligated to keep you updated every time.




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